SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MAY 31: Sam Burgess of the Rabbitohs looks on prior to the round 12 NRL match between the Parramatta Eels and the South Sydney Rabbitohs at Bankwest Stadium on May 31, 2019 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Jason McCawley/Getty Images)

Sam Burgess is out indefinitely following complications that have risen from his latest shoulder surgery.

The Rabbitohs star forward has had a drip inserted into his heart to control an infection that is suspected to be a result of his two previous shoulder reconstructions.

In June, South Sydney captain Sam Burgess underwent surgery for a shoulder injury he had been carrying from earlier this season. Burgess has had previous surgeries on his shoulder back in 2010 and 2011.

During his most recent surgery, doctors discovered an infection that they believe to have been there from one of Burgess’ previous surgeries.

As a result, a drip has been inserted in an attempt to control the infection. Burgess is also required to make daily hospital visits in order for doctors to monitor his recovery and tend to the drip.

Burgess was hoping to return this weekend for his side’s clash against the Cowboys, but due to this unforeseen issue, the Bunnies forward now hopes to recover and be fit to return in round 19.


  1. That’s awesome news 🤦‍♂️. Loan Knight out for 2 weeks, George out and Tom out. Need bodies only got rookies and second rowers.

  2. Heard the Pommie has HIV, not sure how true it is.

    Rabbitohs17 maybe Souths can transit lounge a big rooster from the pet shop for a replacement. Call him Russell and the next morning early, you should hear Russell Crowe.

  3. Very interest HarryButtler.
    That’s a very serious accusation and if you are making it up like several of your other posts it’s not nice and I wish to point out Harry is not representative of us rooster supporters.
    Where did you hear that?

  4. My concern Edwoodwoodwood1 is not crowds made up of opposition fans but why we struggle for membership.
    Your focus on crowd numbers is just a diversion from the real problem with our club.
    What’s wrong with us that makes us struggle behind Souths?

  5. Anyway, best wishes to Sam Burgess for a speedy recovery.
    A true champion and the best forward in the world who I wish played for the roosters.

  6. Lets hope Sam Burgess gets better… My beloved South Sydney Rabbitohs….. better known as the “T.ransit L.ounge” are unassailabley equipped to replace him and his grub brother George.

    If Sam is unable to recover for some unforeseen reason before the semis….I’m apodicticvley positive that…. Crowe and Bennett will transit someone, somehow into the lounge of cardinal and myrtle.

  7. Steve.syd alias Woodchoock….. great to be back on our Beloved South Sydney Rabbitohs cardinal and myrtle T.ransit L.ounge.

    Lets hope our Burgess grubby brothers recover so they can get back onto Sams Facebook account before the semis…..and post some more butt naked Clownwit photos.

    Anyway Steve.syd just got back on here to let you know that the World Champion Sydney Roosters and current Premiers home crowd average after each playing 8 of our 12 home games each is……

    Transit Lounge Rabbitohs 15.1k to our magnificent arch rivals the Sydney Roosters 19.9k……we are still trailing the Premiers by 4.8k in everyone of our 8 home games.🤣😁😂🤣😂😁🤣😂🤣🐓

  8. S O U T H S H A V E W O N 7 M O R E P R E M I E R S H I P S T H A N. T H E R O R T E R S… L. O. L @ R O R T E R S.
    F O R E V E R I N. O U R. S H A D O W. ..

  9. shaddowSHADOW go back to pre school …..undoubtedly they may be able to teach you how to write….1D10T, Eddy above has already told you but I will just pass on this for your 1 brain cell peanut🥜

    July 17, 2019 at 7:47 pm
    S O U F F S…. 1 Premiership under the 6 tackle rule
    S Y D N E Y…. 5



  10. RustyRabbi, regarding the facebook saga of last year do you know if the AFP has caught up with the female rooster supporter that was uncovered as being behind this in an attempt by someone allegedly at the roosters to unsettle Souths before the semis?
    Has she returned to Australia or still hiding I heard in a kibbutz in Israel?

  11. Whats the latest on Luke Keary’s TRANSIT.LOUNGE situation with Maroons and Blues status?
    He’s sitting in the Origin TRANSIT.LOUNGE at the moment and hopefully soon we will know which plain he is catching.

  12. Is this bloke really talking to himself? He sounds like he has massive problems, in need of help fast!

  13. I hope Sam Burgess gets well soon.

    Chalky its obvious to everyone on here that Wodchoock is Steve Syd answering Rusty. Unless of coarse Steve Syd is Rusty also.

  14. Choyky you’re not making sense.
    You , RustiRabbi and Woodwoodwoodwood1
    All have the same ISP address.
    Who’s talking to themselves?

  15. Chalky just refer to Woodchoock by his real name Steve Syd. Like Russell-Crower when he was on here, would call this 1MBEC1LE Steve Syd a clown wit.

  16. Back to the footy, at the business end of the season.
    Our roosters at full strength looking good.
    Cant blame the venue this week.
    Coach Cronk very confident.

  17. Saw Sam at the Malaya today (18/7 2019) at Darling Harbour having lunch with 2 other guys. Not a drop of grog passed anyone’s lips at that table – not the case at my table I can assure you.

  18. That’s good the beast.
    Contrary to some hoping the worst on here Sam is as actually going great and hopefully back next week.
    Arguably the best forward in the world.
    If not who is?

  19. Howdy TwentyOne. I am a rooster supporter but call it as it is.
    Jason Tomilaulo is up there for me but a close call. Unfortunately at the roosters there’s no one anywhere near the caliber of these 2.

  20. Taukeaiho goes all right but not much after that in my opinion.
    Cant see the roosters forwards matching the storm, raiders and souths at full strength.

  21. EdwoodWoodWoodd1 i am talking about full strength line ups.
    These wins were against busted teams and you seem to have omitted what happened in R1 this year when the roosters were exposed as lucky premiers after a thrashing from Souths.
    Time will tell as we head towards Sept and lets see what happens provided it is an even playing field.
    At full strength FORWARDS can’t see any teams other than Souths, Storm and Raiders as serious contenders.

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