SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JULY 22: Tyrone Peachey of the Panthers looks on during the round 20 NRL match between the Penrith Panthers and the Gold Coast Titans at Pepper Stadium on July 22, 2017 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

Panthers utility Tyrone Peachey may back out of his deal with the Titans and remain in Penrith because his partner is uncertain about relocating their young family, as reported by The Daily Telegraph.

Peachey’s manager Sam Ayoub confirmed that the flyer may backflip on his three-year contract with the Gold Coast worth $1.5 million, who are reportedly confident he could work through his family issue.

“I’m reasonably confident, but I can’t commit to it 100 per cent,” Ayoub told The Daily Telegraph.

“Tyrone’s wife is a bit concerned. A few of the other boys that have gone up to the Gold Coast and their partners haven’t settled in being away from family.

“They are looking to have a second kid and she is worried that it will be difficult for her.

“It is human nature to have second thoughts about things that could have a dramatic bearing on your family situation.

“But we are working through it and it doesn’t mean he is not going to be at the Titans.

“Families have issues from time-to-time that they have to weigh up.

“He (Tyrone) has signed a contract and that is the intent. We are working through a situation there.

“The first thing I did was speak to the Titans to let them know that there is an issue at home, so we could work through it.

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“The Titans have been great since I alerted them about the potential issue.”

Titans coach Gareth Brennan has labelled Peachey as an “honourable man” and does not think he could backlfip on his deal with the Titans like Manly star Daly Cherry-Evans did in 2015.

“One thing I will say about Tyrone Peachey is he is a good man. He is an honourable man,” Brennan told The Daily Telegraph. 

“He is committed to us. I’d be very surprised if anything changes.”

But the round 13 rule which allowed Cherry-Evans to back out of his deal with the Titans has since been removed, meaning Peachey would have to be officially released by Gold Coast to stay at the Panthers.

Titans skipper Ryan James became closer with Peachey through their experiences at the indigenous All Stars camp and the NSW Origin squad, and said that he had spoken about buying a property on the Gold Coast.

“We were talking about where he was looking for houses,” James told The Daily Telegraph. 

“He has been up and started looking. He was asking and probing where to buy.

“I probably would be (surprised if he backflipped). He seemed keen at the time but I haven’t talked to him in the past six weeks.”


  1. if he wants to backflip, make him buy out his contract from his own pocket!. that will give him 1.5M reasons to honor his deal!

    • Well said, or make him sit out the 3 years and people will forget him, Titans should stand strong, Daisy Cherry Evans did it to them, Don’t let another dictate to a whole club…..

  2. I’m getting so tired of players, coaches and clubs signing contracts then backing out, changing their mind or whatever. Why bother evening signing one in the first place. As usual, the NRL does nothing.

    • The NRL doesn’t do anything unless it involves the Storm, Roosters or Broncos.
      If it involved any of those three you would see them come running.

  3. the game should just bring in a blanket rule to clubs, players and coaches. if you back out of a contract, you are up for 50% of the contract value. If a club wants to move on a player, they must pay 50% to the player and similar for coaches. This allows there to be a trade/draft market but everyone is compensated.

  4. Parra are never going to get a go in this game.
    Possession is 90% to the Cows with a load of BS penalties in there favour.
    Moses taken out after kicking it but no penalty.
    This shows how rigged this pathetic comp is.
    Can’t send precious JT out a loser.

      • Where were your comments when we thumped you a couple of weeks ago redv90?
        We maybe bottom of the table but we didn’t have to merge to survive like st merge did.
        We will be around long after your club either merges again or folds.
        St merge doing their usual end of season fade out and will only be making up the numbers in the finals.
        Will fade out early again.

        • Kev, this fool gives us all a bad name.

          Please don’t paint us all with his ugly brush – your boys wiped the floor with us. Unequivocally.

        • You enjoy that 40 point hammering Kevie because that is the best thing that has happened to your stain of a club in the last 30 years. Eels fans have nothing to look forward to.

          Forever a bottom 4 team haha

        • & that woman has achieved more in life than you ever have & ever will. That’s painfully obvious from the persistently negative nature of your posts.

          So, I’ll take your insult as an overwhelming compliment.

  5. Not a Parramatta supporter, but think they have lots to look forward to next year. Add Paulo, Lane, Ferguson, Sivo etc.
    Played a lot better in the latter half of the season & conceded less points per game than any other team since about round 13. Last night would not have helped that , but put in good efforts for a lot of games.
    Can see why Parramatta supporters would be upset with some decisions last night. Like penalised for falling over after playing the ball? What’s that about?
    Saying Parramatta will be down the bottom forever & the like, will just come back to bite those writing the rubbish insults. Why bother?

    • None of this players you named will turn them into a top 8 side. Their spine is easily the worst in the comp. parramatta have been pathetic on and off the field for the last 30+ years.

      I remember this time last year when I said eels will be bottom 4 in 2018 and stupid eels fans laughed and said they would be top 4 hahaha I suppose they do have something to look forward to because they can’t drop any lower.

      • Think you will find Ferguson is one of the Roostets top metre makers & try scorers for the year. Sivo is a top try scorer in ISP for Penrith & Lane is the top try scorer for the Sea Eagles.
        They came from the top four last year . A new season, a change of attitude & a top eight finish is easily achievable . Add some more good defence as they have had later in this season ( besides last night ). Anything is possible.
        I will look forward to watching their new wingers go to work against St.George next year.

      • “this players”

        Gotta love it when a fool makes a fool of himself.

        You picked someone up the other day on their avoidance of commas – you were WRONG. Their post was perfectly expressed. Yet, in your criticism of this person, you neglected to punctuate a question you posed.

        It was just perfect! You are just a gift that keeps giving. Keep up with the English grammar stuff, please (did you notice the comma – coz that’s your thing?) – it truly is a great source of amusement.

        • Judging by the times of your comments, you sit at home so lonely nobody will even look at you. Then you have to drink a bottle of confidence before you can reply. You are a embarrassment to all women.

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