BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - JULY 11: Tom Trbojevic of the Blues runs the ball during game three of the State of Origin series between the Queensland Maroons and the New South Wales Blues at Suncorp Stadium on July 11, 2018 in Brisbane, Australia. (Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images)

Has Tom Trbojevic played enough this year to warrant selection? Who are the halves? Do you reward last year's Origin heroes with Origin selection this year, or is it time to replace form over incumbents?

NSW selectors will have their work cut out for them this year with decisions in key positions to be made that will either raise eyebrows over current form, or justify a player's current standing in the game.

Maloney or Keary?

Sure, James Maloney did it well for NSW last year and isn’t tracking too bad this year, but could the selectors possibly ignore Luke Keary’s performance so far this year? Keary has been outstanding and is easily the most potent asset in an already formidable Roosters line up, an interchange position for NSW certainly shouldn’t be an option for Keary. Based on form alone it’s Maloney out, Keary in.

Cleary or A. Reynolds/C.Walker?

Nathan Cleary seems to be having a standard season, solid, but he’s certainly not having the impact Adam Reynolds is having with Souths at the moment. A firm goal kicking option and a form number seven who is a proven performer under pressure makes Reynolds my choice over Cleary this year. Cody Walker to be in the extended squad.

Trbojevic or Ferguson?

Has Tom Trbojevic played enough football this year to warrant selection, or is it time to bring Blake Ferguson back from Origin exile? Based on consistent form this year you would have to pick Ferguson, however, Trbojevic has been sensational when fit. This could be a null question come Origin time as both players are battling to be fit by selection. Adversely, both could fit in the team at the expense of James Roberts who is battling fitness issues in a lagging Broncos outfit.

Jack de Belin is an obvious out freeing up another bench spot and Tyrone Peachey just hasn’t done enough this year to retain selection, with the Titans off to a slow start in 2019.  Jake Trbojevic, Matt Lodge, Tevita Pangai Jr and Cameron Murray are my pick on the interchange for 2019 with Victor Radley moving into the starting side at lock.

My other selections with an outlook to the future of Origin would also include Matt Lodge, Tevita Pangai Jr and Cameron Murray.

My pick for NSW Origin selection for 2019:

1) James Tedesco
2) Tom Trbojevic
3) Latrell Mitchell
4) Blake Ferguson
5) Josh Addo-Carr
6) Luke Keary
7) Adam Reynolds
8) David Klemmer
9) Damien Cook
10) Reagan Campbell-Gillard
11) Boyd Cordner
12) Tyson Frizell
13) Victor Radley
14) Matt Lodge
15) Tevita Pangai Jr
16) Cameron Murray
17) Jake Trbojevic

Let’s see what the selectors do this year.


  1. I would think there’s a couple problems,
    If ferguson and turbo both play, turbo be centre as Ferguson is an out and out winger and that’s it. He doesn’t deserve to be picked on his past troubles and turning his back on nsw. If you were prepared to pick him you should be adding fifita to starting prop.
    Matt lodge will never be picked and will never deserve to be showcased on our biggest stage of league.
    Also would think Murray has jinped ahead of Radley die to Radley playing too much hooker this year.
    But Jake has the same impact in the 79th minute as he does in the 3rd so should start and play 80 and give more rotations to tpj and the other props

  2. Nathan Cleary should be selected. Luke Keary stated that his heart belongs to Queensland, so no he shouldn’t be selected.

  3. Current form,
    Ferguson is only a winger, Tommy T needs more game time to register a thought.
    Maloney or Cleary survive and partner Keary, Reynolds is too fragile, and doesn’t have mental resolve of JT, to survive origin
    Lodge is struggling in the Brisbane pack, won’t play origin this year, TPJ, Raddley or Murray, not all 3 can be there. Haas may be a bolter.
    Jake T starts in any team he is eligible for, no current better 13.
    The jet is grounded, Jack bird is going ok in a poor side, Jarod Croker can’t do any more to deserve a go. (Latrell is talented enough to switch sides of field)
    RCG is a bench prop. Finucane has better starting impact.
    My team on form
    1 Tedesco
    2 Ferguson
    3 Mitchell
    4 Croker over Bird
    5 Addo Car
    6 Keary
    7 Maloney just over Cleary
    8 Klemmer
    9 Cook
    10 Finucane
    11 Cordner
    12 Frizell
    13 Jake T

    Sims, RCG, Vaughn, Bird just a little more useful than Raddley.

  4. The team I would have penciled in right now is

    1 Tedesco
    2 Fergo
    3 tom Turbo/Leilua
    4 Mitchell
    5 Addo Carr
    6 Keary
    7 Cleary
    13 Pangai Jn
    12 Crichton
    11 T Sims
    10 Klemmer
    9 Cook
    8 Fonua Blake

    14 Gutherson
    15 Frizell
    16 Vaughan
    17 Haas/Jake Turbo

  5. 1. Tedesco
    2. Ferguson
    3. Mitchell
    4. Tom Trbojevic
    5. Ado Carr
    6. Keary
    7. Reynold
    8. Klemmer
    9. D.Cook
    10. Vaughan
    11. Cordner (c)
    12. Frizzel
    13. Jake Trbojevic

    14. Crichton
    15. Pangai Junior
    16. Cam Murray
    17. Campbell Gillard

    If Tom Turbo can make it, I reckon he should be promoted to the centre position especially with Fergo being more of an out and out winger. Everyone is sleeping on Vaughan, imo the form prop so far this season so definielty deserves the starting spot. Halves are solid although replacing last years’ winning halves pairing is something I don’t see Freddy doing although Keary and Reynolds based on form should be there. Jake Trbjoevic starting lock, no questions. Was close last year for who got the lock position between him and JDB but now he’s gone there is no questions he deserves it, 80 minute solid player, he’s born for origin. Bench can vary, I think Murray and Pangai deserve the call up based on how good they playing especially before Pangai got injured.

  6. Do you watch much footy??
    Jake turbo just falling into your team??? He’s the first picked behind cordner…
    Gutherson is not a utility so why have him on the bench..
    Fonua Blake isn’t eligible he’s a Tongan player. Crichton not sims deserve to be starting, frizell and cordner with loyalty and form…

  7. All great players. The best thing about Origin is you can only pick the 17 and there’s so many to chose from. Always a great debate every year and let’s see who runs out onto the field come game time. Good luck to us all.

  8. 1. Tedesco
    2. Addo-Carr
    3. Mitchell
    4. Trbojevic
    5. Ferguson
    6. Keary
    7. Cleary
    8. Klemmer
    9. Cook
    10. Vaughan
    11. Cordner
    12. Frizell
    13. Trbojevic

    14. Radley
    15. Campbell-Gillard
    16. Crichton
    17. Pangai Jr

    18. Walker
    19. T Sims
    20. Scott

    Let’s Start with the backs. Ferguson isis an out and out wing who will you good metres to start a set, he’s no longer a centre at all. Trbojevic has played centres before and will benefit from getting the ball ealier with more room. The halves for me are automatic. As The forwards I would say to start with experience and have size and impact off the bench. Vaughan is more of a play the platform prop that you want to start a game rather than come off the bench. Trbojevic is a starter, he’s a tackling machine and will always offer you a run ever set if you need one. Off the bench you have size and impact. Campbell-Gillard could start but provides more impact than Vaughan and Vaughan probably lays a better platform without being amazing. Crichton is the third best second rower in the state so he’s automatic. Radley and Pangai Jr are the fresh face forwards. Both will tackle really hard and run really hard. Made for origin and will be awesome for there impact. Radley gets the “utility bench role” cause he can play hooker if you need.

    Cody’s Walker 18th man, can play a few positions and captained indigenous side, earned this spot. Sims extra forward, goodnight impact off bench, not the best last year but not bad.
    Curtis Scott probably the next best centre available and he’s young and has that origin mentality.

  9. You don’t even have the captain Cordner. Mitchell played 3 last year and smoked Chambers for 3 games he’s not moving. And then As Mr Fulton said, Trbojevic definitely starting lock. Works hard both in attack and defense and can play big minutes. Fonnua-Blake isn’t even a NSW player. Gutho is a fullback who was thrown into 6 and centres but he doesn’t play those positions well. Haas has played maybe 4 NRL games and AT THIS STAGE just hype.

  10. Yeo. That’s one eyed at it’s best haha .

    T Sims

    There’s 9 100% in front

  11. I would have Sims there ahead of Cordner. I pick a team and then pick the captain. I think Sims is better than Cordner.

    Gutho can play anywhere from 1 to 6 and has played all of those positions in first grade.

    Fonua Blake grew up in Sydney. He is eligible for NSW and will be playing for us sooner rather than later.

    Haas could be one of the best props to have played the game over the next 10 years.

    Jake Turbo is a good player, but I would be looking for more power and punch from my forward pack.

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