St George Illawarra NRLW playmaker Tyla Nathan-Wong has been cleared of neck damage after being released from the hospital.

On Saturday night against the Brisbane Broncos NRLW, Nathan-Wong was stretchered from the football field in a neck brace after attempting a tackle.

In what would be the club's last game of the season as they have failed to make the finals, it was a sad end to their campaign with the 29-year-old taking no longer part in the game.

After being forced to wait in the changerooms nearly an hour after full-time, she was finally taken to the hospital in an ambulance. However, it has since been confirmed she has been cleared of any serious injury and has been released from hospital.

"We were going downhill before that happened, and on seeing that we all dropped our heads," captain Racene McGregor said via AAP.

"Being such a young side, it didn't matter what was said out there. We couldn't come back from that."

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