MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 16: Cameron Munster of the Storm runs the ball during the round six NRL match between the Melbourne Storm and the Sydney Roosters at AAMI Park on April 16, 2021, in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)

The NRL are preparing for possible relocation with the growing COVID situation in Sydney.

A move is growing more likely after NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian's forecast that she "will be shocked" if Sydney records less than 100 active COVID-19 cases on Monday.

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A third week of lockdown for the Greater Sydney area means another week of no fans at games in the locked down regions. NRL CEO Andrew Abdo revealed that a relocation may be needed to see the season move forward.

"We've been preparing for multiple scenarios and one of them is relocation," Abdo said onĀ The Sunday Footy Show.

Abdo said that the nine NSW based teams may need to be moved even if it is just for a shirt period of time.

"In this particular case we have nine Sydney-based teams and so it's very much on the cards that we may need to for a short period of time relocate them to somewhere where there's a much lower risk of infection," said Abdo.

"It's real time. We've been working on it for a number of weeks in terms of preparation, now it becomes the practical elements that ... we'll have a discussion with our board this evening and then we'll start communicating plans through to our different stakeholders."

It isn't known yet whether the Knights or Raiders would be forced to relocate given they are not a part of the current lockdown, it is expected that the Central Coast based New Zealand Warriors would be moved.

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Abdo said that the travel restrictions and border closures could make the decision to relocate a very simple one.

"It's obviously a risk for us because at the moment we're operating on exemptions which allow teams to travel in and out on chartered [flights] under strict conditions," Abdo said.

"We can only operate and play games across borders if we have that exemption. We're in ongoing dialogue with all the state governments.

"Whether or not we get an exemption from the Queensland government to travel for round 18 is one factor. But another factor is just us proactively making the call to stay ahead of this, reduce the risk and make sure that we keep everyone safe and keep playing."