Warriors forward Adam Blair (R) consoles tearful Brisbane Broncos captain Alex Glenn after Brisbane slumped to their sixth-straight loss.

NRL legend Laurie Daly has called out the Broncos after suffering their sixth straight loss at the hands of the Warriors on the weekend.

Skipper Alex Glenn and halfback Brodie Croft were in tears after the Broncos surrendered a 10-0 lead to lose to their fellow strugglers.

However, Daly wasn’t sold on their post-game emotions given the club was laughing and joking around following their loss to the Titans two weeks ago.

Speaking on Big Sports Breakfast, Daly was asked whether he thought it was at all coincidental given last week’s criticisms.

“A couple of blokes asked me the same question yesterday. I don’t think you can stage it but I did think the same way,” Daley said.

“I thought, oh, I wonder whether they’re serious or not. I wonder whether they’re crocodile tears. My initial reaction was that.

“I haven’t seen anyone cry like that after eight weeks of footy,” Daley added.

“If you were coaching under 8s or under 7s … and your kids were crying after they lost their fifth game in a row what would you say? Wouldn’t you say ‘boys it’s OK, why do you feel like you have to have tears?’

“I can understand if it’s a grand final. Yes you haven’t won for six weeks … I thought oh jeez, is that the right thing to be doing after six weeks (of losing), is that the reaction I want from my playing group?