SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 03: Australian Rugby League Commission Chairman Peter V'landys and National Rugby League Acting Chief Executive Andrew Abdo arrive a NRL press conference at Rugby League Central on September 03, 2020 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)

The NRL are expected to announce the winning bid for the 17th competition licence in the coming days, with the Redcliffe Dolphins all but assured of being over the line.

The Dolphins have long been thought of as the preferred bid by the NRL. They currently have a team playing in the Queensland Cup, and have their own stadium in Redcliffe.

The Moreton Daily Stadium, as it's currently known, played a large role in hosting games during the back end of the NRL season after the competition relocated to Queensland.

Triple M's Ben Dobbin said the Dolphins were all but over the line.

The Dolphins are said to have a net asset base of $59.1 million, according to a Courier Mail report. While the Brisbane Firehawks are actually rumoured to be in a stronger financial position than the Dolphins, however, the Dolphins are still reported as the NRL's preferred bid, with their own acquatic centre and gymnasium playing a role.

It's understood both the Brisbane Firehawks and Jets are at the last-chance saloon and will likely need fresh evidence as to why they should become the NRL's 17th club.

While the Jets and Firehawks have used Brisbane as part of their name, and including it as part of their proposal, the Dolphins are yet to commit to a name.

Redcliffe reportedly is almost out of the question, despite the fact that is where the team will be based. Other options raised include the Sunshine State Dolphins or the North Brisbane Dolphins.

The NRL reportedly would like Brisbane included in the name for the rivalry that would invoke against the Broncos. However, bid chief Terry Reader said the club were aware of their duties to not alienate fans to the north.

“The honest truth is Redcliffe will be to us what Red Hill is to the Broncos – that is our base,” Reader told the publication.

“Brisbane is bigger than the Brisbane CBD now. We have a massive corridor, especially in the north where we are.

“We want to let our city take ownership of the team. We’re in as just the Dolphins – it is not Redcliffe, it is the Dolphins at the moment.

“We want our city to take ownership and let us know how they want us to be referenced preceding the Dolphins. We will do that in consultation with the NRL.”