TOWNSVILLE, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 24: Corey Norman of the Eels looks on during the round 24 NRL match between the North Queensland Cowboys and the Parramatta Eels at 1300SMILES Stadium on August 24, 2018 in Townsville, Australia. (Photo by Ian Hitchcock/Getty Images)

Playmaker Corey Norman’s move to the St George Illawarra Dragons on a three-year deal has been held up, according to a report by Fairfax Media.

The Sydney Morning Herald is reporting that the Parramatta Eels are standing firm with how much of his contract they are willing to pay, which is currently $20,0000 short of getting the deal finalised.

Norman wanted the Eels to pay $300,000 for him to play elsewhere in 2019, claiming it to be a fair figure given the club had shopped him around for months.

Parramatta compromised with Norman and were happy to pay $250,000 while Norman is demanding they surrender $270,000. And until those finances are sorted out, Norman’s move to the Red V cannot go through.

Parramatta head of football Mark O’Neill was not willing to disclose specific salary figures, but told the Sydney Morning Herald: “As we speak right now, Corey Norman remains contracted to Parramatta.”

The Dragons refused to comment on the matter due to their lack of involvement.

Norman said farewell to his Eels teammates and coaches on Friday, and mentor Brad Arthur has already signalled Mitchell Moses to be his preferred playmaker next season.

Should the deal go through, the Dragons will look to pair Norman with halfback Ben Hunt, while skipper Gareth Widdop will move to fullback.,


    • The dragons should say they want parra to pay more of his contract now, parra need him gone more than the dragons need him.

      • Haha, maybe they can get Brad Arthur to pay the rest. I’m sure he won’t be sad to see Norman gone. If ever there was a player in need of a change of club and coach this is it. Tonnes of talent and no motivation.

        • They should definitely say because you tried playing hardball with a drug addicted wooden spoon 5/8 you have to pay half his wage for 2019 or they can have 800k playing second grade

        • @brissydragon yes he has loads of talent but motivation has nothing to do with it.
          He acts like a petulant child and needs to grow up.
          Drags problem now.

        • So you decided to create a secondary new profile “Back2back19” for backup “prissy-drag-queen”? That’s a pretty weak move for a self-professed “tough guy” isn’t it?

          brissydragon December 15, 2018 at 1:50 pm
          I went to a private school so no tax payer dollars spent there (so more for your parents dole money)

          And I had a public school education but I can still clearly run ringings around you Priscilla. So clearly that was money well spent by your parents. I won’t take a cheap shot at your parents though like you have at mine because I have class and you don’t and I clearly have a better education.

          “your girlfriend manlove78”

          As I said, “I have class and you don’t and I clearly have a better education”. Are you projecting your personal fantasies onto others? Some would consider that a Freudian slip but if you are asking, sorry I don’t swing that way. But hey, it’s legal now so no need to hide in the closet anymore.

          “I’m from Sydney, not redneck hill”

          So brissydragon further proof you ARE lost! LOL So funny you pretending to make a worthwhile contribution to the site when everyone here knows you are really just a tr0ll trying to regain a smattering of credibility after having half the site turn on you.

        • brissydragon December 13, 2018 at 8:41 pm
          Ha! Bring it on champ

          You are too stupid to realise you are standing in a pool of piranhas being slowly eaten alive and shouting “Bring it!”. Soon there will be nothing left but the lips from your big mouth! LOL

        • Wow Nero that’s a lot of tapping away on your phone to say very little. Running rings around me? Keep trying little fella, your nowhere near. And no I don’t do the fake profile thing, got better things to do with my time. Don’t believe me email ZT and have them check the IP address, or didn’t you have the brains to figure that out in your own. Keep bringing it on princess, I enjoy playing with the low hanging fruit.

          @kev, yeah you’re right, he’s had (hopefully gotten rid off) a crappy petulant attitude. And what back2back said about the drugs is worrying as well, as plenty of people, myself included, slayed him over that in this site (justifiably so). You’d want to think that there would be something written into his contract about behaviour and that the senior guys in the team (now minus De Belin of course) would keep him in line. Maybe the change of clubs can do that – maybe not. It didn’t work so well with Dugan. Hopefully it can with Norman.

        • Reggie/Nero calm down Little fella or this account will be banned like your first one, nobody wants to read your endless paragraphs of garbage.

      • Parra don’t need him gone.
        They want him gone but don’t need him gone.
        It’s not like they have another player lined up to replace him.
        If anything he should be walking away without anything after all of his off field antics.
        The drugs, the bad elements. He is a wannabe gangster.
        If he wants to sook over 20 grand that he isn’t entitled to he can stay at Parra and play reserve grade for the year.
        No skin of our nose.
        With his poor behaviour off field he will be a perfect fit at the Drags.
        They can shack him up with De Belin.

  1. $20k! Norman is a joke, maybe if he concentrated on playing league instead of the crap he has dished up at the eels OFF the field he should take the $250k and walk away

  2. Dumb signing for the Dragons- this guy is bad news. Had the potential to be a regular origin player, but selectors won’t touch him anymore – too many chances, most of which never made the papers.

        • Back2back19…. cant argue with that 😉 though we all cant just buy other teams star players every year since 2013.

          Who will replace cronk?

        • Yeah and didn’t hunt get us to the finals (a place you won’t be for a while). Where did DCE get you this year? Ouch indeed.

        • Hunt is a hooker pretending to be a halfback. That makes the price tag the mergers paid even more ludicrous. His last tackle option to help get the drag queens rightly eliminated from the finals was as tragic as it was funny. Can’t wait to see what he comes up with this year.

        • No one actually cares what you think champ. You support a team that’s going to need a new coach and probably a new home location (Perth sounds good to most people) as well as the fact your mob still have to answer for salary cap irregularities. Probably not the greatest time to throw shade princess. Especially when you just shelled out similar cash for a guy the Warriors didn’t even want. You still haven’t figured out this debating adults have you?

        • Keep at it pal. Your’e getting there. Just a little bit more and your removal from this site must surely come….

        • Based on what genius? Is what I said to you in any way offensive. Once again your mental faculties fail you. Must be depressing not being able to form a coherent argument, but being a sharks supporter you’d obviously have nothing to ever back any argument up.

        • Well done manlove78, it’s good to see like your mate bbbj you excel at forming a decent argument (yes that is sarcasm in case you missed it – which in your case is highly likely). So like I pointed out originally, how well did DCE go getting you to the finals?

  3. Corey would drop about 20k in the pokies every 30 minutes. For his prior indiscretions he’s lucky to be still playing first grade and receiving a wage. A heap of talent…but sadly wasted. I hope he turns into the footballer he could have been at The Dragons.

    • Hahaha, sure it’s not the ponies? Just read somewhere that 20k is only 8 days pay for Norman. The way he played last season I’d be chewing that and moving on. The fact that he doesn’t shows a lot about his character (or lack of) and is leading me more and more to think this is a bad idea.

  4. Let him stay until January. They are mostly only doing fitness work. Doens’t make much difference if he is doing it at St George or Parramatta. Then it will cost the Eels more than 20k.

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