Aaron Woods would like to play for the Cronulla Sharks if the Bulldogs decide to release him from his deal, according to a report by Buzz Rothfield from The Daily Telegraph.

The Bulldogs have already released Moses Mbye from the remainder of his deal to allow him to take up a long-term contract with the Wests Tigers starting next season.

It’s believed Canterbury are also considering dumping Woods’ hefty $800,0000 contract to further relieve salary cap pressure after taking on too many back-ended deals.

The Knights have shown interest in the 27-year old prop, but it is believed that he does not want to play for Newcastle.

Woods has also signalled a desire to return to the Wests Tigers, but it seems unlikely that they would take on his mega pay packet.


  1. Ummmm…I just wanna play finals footy….and…ummm…will go wherever my missus tells me….

  2. Woods would be good for Newcastle, but no, he wants to go to Cronulla and try and win a comp, best of luck with that, not sure what he see’s in that club, probably about has much as footy fans see his ability , nothing!

  3. He doesn’t want to play for Newcastle? Maybe he doesn’t want to play professional footy then.

    I know it’s not his fault he is in this situation but if someone wants to pay you to play a sport for a living you you should be grateful regardless of who or where it comes from.

  4. Should be grateful clubs are even interested! But we won’t welcome you back Woodsy, after all you did leave us to play “finals footy” .. how’s that turning out to be?

  5. When the Sharkies signed Ennius from the Doggies, they won a premiership. Now they look to do same with Woods.

    Also where would you rather live Cronulla or Newcastle

      • Newcastle “full of bogans”? (A verb would’ve been helpful there but who cares in your own bogan world?)

        The term was invented for those of The Shire.

        & they just LOVE being patriotic bogans.

        You obviously don’t live anywhere near Sydney to make such a moronic & so very poorly informed comment like that.

        • …& does YOUR husband know that you don’t know the difference betwen your & you’re?

          You truly do bring shame on all us Dragons fans.

          What a colossal fool you are to post a comment like that.

          Idiot to the core! A total embarrassment to the rest of us Dragons fans.

  6. Hey man your bunnies outgunned the sharks in fine style tonight.
    Far kurnell they are playing good.
    The twins and the old boys aiming up and that young gun at the back coming through.. great footy !

    • Thanks Panthers3, yeah blew me away with that performance, for the first time i’m thinking we can win this thing!!

  7. Makes sense, rubbish players usually end up at rubbish teams. Funny how when the gummies finally play a decent team (minus their origin stars) they get shown up for nuffies they are and their “glorious” winning streak comes to a grinding halt.

  8. Yuck. I would never want to live in that whole called Newcastle. Give me Cronulla every day

  9. Hahahahaha bbbj. Couldent even beat half a Rabbitohs sides. I guess you won’t be commenting for a bit

    • Haha, little butt boy is probably figuring out how big a pack of pretenders his team is. He’ll probably get on here though telling us how awesome Sharon Woods is and that will make them a premiership force for years to come hahaha.

  10. Another day goes by and Parra arnt being linked to the big phoney thank god.We have enough issues without that skirt

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