during the round three NRL match between the Bulldogs and the Panthers at ANZ Stadium on March 23, 2018 in Sydney, Australia.

A knee injury to Nathan Cleary has further soured a disappointing 20-18 defeat for the Panthers against the Bulldogs at ANZ Stadium on Friday.

Cleary did not return to the field after halftime and sat with ice strapped to his knee.

Early reports suggest a medial ligament injury which could see the 20-year-old sidelined somewhere between one to four weeks.

Cleary will now go for scans to confirm the extent of the injury.


  1. That sucks honestly. I hope he gets better soon, on the other hand, great win for the boys today! Builds lots of confidence for the big Good Friday match against Souths

  2. Penrith keep giving the opposition a 14 point lead & trying to run it down. Can’t keep doing that & hope to win.
    Won’t be any more even possible wins for them without Cleary.
    Every team goes the same way to score against Penrith. Out to the Whare or Peachey & Mansour side. Mansour may have scored a good try against the Dogs. He’s still overrated , pretty slow & a poor defender. Maybe end of year , Mansour can add his poor wing defence to some other teams backline. Whether Peachey, Whare in the centres that side? Both are mostly poor in defence & Whare is slow. One possible solution is to try Tyrone May out in the centres on his return . He played there at times in ISP . At least he will try hard & is not slow.
    Of course, they could try actually buying a decent centre & winger for that left side . You know, use a bit of that unused salary cap money, from all of the players who have left.

  3. Tigers should be livid with that penalty. He was square.
    Broncos are still getting match wining ref decisions.
    That was a blatant forward pass 5 meters from the touch judge to win the game against the cowboys last week.

  4. I agree. Wests tried their hearts out against another highly rated team. Done so three weeks in a row. Only to have at least a point stolen away from them by a penalty. Don’t see referees penalising not square markers often.

  5. Can’t believe the officiating in the panthers- donkeys game. So it’s not ok for the Penrith markers to be fractionally, marginally not square but the broncos markers can be pretty much standing shoulder to shoulder when Brooks goes for field goal. Should have been tigers penalty, no extra time, 8-7 tigers.

  6. So I guess you’re saying 12-7 penalties to the dogs & a try from running interference was just not enough for the Bulldogs?
    Penrith penalised for running interference, but it’s fine when the Dogs do it & score a try?
    I think they had plenty their way.

  7. I agree WestTigersNation. Luckily the Panthers have options in the halves. It will be good to see Jerome Luai get a run. Its almost a shame to have a player of his quality stuck in the lower grades.

    So close for you last night WTN. It is shaping up to be a good year in Balmain.

    • I’ve always said that if Luai was at any other club he’d be playing FG by now, the panthers are very lucky to have him, May and even young Dean Blore on their books. But yeah mate can’t win them all such a shame we were robbed! hopefully we can get our attack together and we’ll do something this year with our great defence.

      • Funny you say that WTN bcoz we’ve got WoodChook on the othe Nathan Cleary article bragging about how Penrith have no depth in the halves now and how excited he is to watch them struggle now with no options.
        I’m glad you mentioned those players and I hope he reads this so he can keep his mouth shut

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