ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA - JANUARY 30: Anthony Mundine speaks to media after a Public Workout ahead of the Anthony Mundine and Danny Green fight night on January 30, 2017 in Adelaide, Australia. (Photo by Morne de Klerk/Getty Images)

Mundine talks the talk, but can he walk the walk?

One of Australia’s most divisive figures Anthony Mundine has a history of making outlandish statements but can he really deliver on his claim to return to the NRL?

Turning 42 years old, Anthony Mundine surely must be kidding when he says he wants to return.

It’s hard to believe this from the outside looking in, and you never want to underestimate what this man can do. Having scored 59 tries in 134 games in the NRL is a significant tally. Mundine has played rep footy as well so it wouldn’t be unfamiliar territory.

So what drives Mundine? There’s no doubt it’s his competitive nature and will to win. He has been on the international boxing stage for over a decade and understands what it takes to succeed.

More often than not, you’d always find him winning events and showing the boxing world how much he really wants it because that’s who he is.

A lot of public perception of Mundine is the notion he is full of talk to the point of arrogance and obnoxiousness but rest assured if you’ve met the man outside of the sport, it’s a completely different man that you will come across puts on.

The hard work and dedication he puts towards boxing, family and his community is something that needs to be seen to be believed.

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Having been involved with a club in his local community you guarantee that on any given day he’ll volunteer to come and support his family playing sport no matter when in his schedule.

He always makes time for people whether it’s taking photos or, organising to speak to kids about the important life lessons and most importantly, he shares an unbridled enthusiasm with a large smile on his face doing it.

Commitment, dedication and the will to succeed is what sums up Mundine.

He looks after his body and maintains his physical condition for peak performance.

There’s no doubt he is strong enough to match it with some of the game’s best.

Training regimes would be different but he could adapt to the rigorous training programs.

You’d be stupid to think the game hasn’t changed since he last laced up the boots, but if you want it bad enough you have to get with the times. From a backs perspective, players are a lot faster and agiler which may entice Mundine to approach his training differently.

He already has some of the agility aspects down pat but is he still quick enough to compete? Time will tell.


Boxing and rugby league are two very different sports but there’s no doubt that there would be similarities in some of the training methods. A boxer’s body is leaner than the average football player and that would mean a different diet is needed to put on some extra weight.

NRL clubs will get this professionalism from him if they decide to take the gamble. He would be a perfect fit for a utility option, coming on the field to be a game changer.

It would be hard to imagine which team would take up the services of a 42-year-old, but you’d have to suggest he would be on a trial basis first, a bit like David Taylor at the Raiders and then go from there.

The amount the salary cap will be down the track is still in talks, and this gives the man a bit more time to think about coming back. A minimal contract would be the idea until he can prove himself in the game.

What’s crazy to some may not be a bad idea at all if Mundine is prepared to return to rugby league and light up the NRL once again.


  1. Happy for Mundine to come back in the nines comp. He would generate a lot of interest from a minority of people who want to see if he’s still got the magic or from a majority of people who want to see him run at Dylan Napa.

    Any recruitment guy who wants to sign Mundine to play in the actual NRL needs to get their head read. He was a liability in defence when he last played 17 years ago.

  2. When Mundine is mentioned, I flash back to Glen Lazarus doing cartwheels after Storm beat the Dragons in the GF. Mundine wasn’t that good, even in his prime.

    • Yeah keep telling yourself that, he was a freak on his day. He might not have been consistent but when he was on he was unstoppable. Crazy good footwork.

  3. AM: The selectors wont pick me cos I’m black.
    EVERYONE ELSE : No, they won’t pick you cos you’re sh!t.

  4. Got to love the irony of a man telling Laurie Daley that he is running on old legs when Daley was 27 years old, then wanting to come back into the game at the age of 42.

    • When i was 35 i came back playing RU in the middle east – i could still bolt as quick as i was at 25 yrs of age, by the time i was 40 playing consistently for 5 years i reckon i lost 10 yards over the hundred…
      I dont see it.. at 42 he will get smashed in country rugby but hey any publicity for him is good publicity – right>?

      • Normally I cut choc some slack for saying outrageous things as he’s trying to get some publicity for an upcoming fight. Plenty of boxers have done the same in the past.

        However, without an upcoming fight it’s pretty sad.

  5. Why give this grub oxygen, please, can the press stop writing about this bloke, who is the biggest racist in Australia by a long way.

  6. Good on the bloke at 42 for wanting to have a crack. Not many armchair warriors would get in the ring at that age and handle themselves as well as he did in a lop sided weight challenge. Get away from the persona and understand the person behind it. At 42 I wish I have the drive and passion he has.

  7. Choc, at 42? No way! In the words of Darryl Kerrigan, “Tell ‘im he’s dreamin'”. I’m a Saints supporter, he certainly had his moments and could certainly lpay, but IMO he was a legend in his own mind. Even at his prime he was still behind 5/8s like Daley, Lyons, Fittler, M Johns, Barrett, and certainly Lockyer. I agree that 9s should be about it for him.

  8. One too many blows to the noggin?
    Perhaps, but would love to see him have a go. I bet everyone on this site would too.
    And if he was to play, reckon you’d all be glued to your numb-boxes willing him on or wanting to see him get knocked into next year.
    Come on, admit it!

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