Eels halfback Mitch Moses believes captains will exploit the NRL's new challenge rule in 2020.

The introduction of the rule was was ticked off by the ARLC last week, with each team reportedly set to be given one challenge per game that they can retain it is successful.

But Moses is worried it will bring more unnecessary pressure onto referees.

“I think we put so much pressure on the referees already and then to go over their ruling, it’s a bit hard,” he told Fox Sports.

“If it’s their call, it’s their call.

“It’s almost giving the player a bit of a chance to go back at the ref after we get taught so much not to bite at the ref.”

While nothing is yet set in stone, the new rules will be made clear in February.

Moses believes smart coaches and captains will look to tactically use the challenges to their advantage.

“I guess that could come into it 100 per cent. You’ve got smart captains and coaches. You never know,” he said.

“We’re going to have to see what happens and how it’s trialled.”


  1. I wish Mitch Moses would just stay out of the news and media and concentrate on his pre season, he was very vocal in the 2018 pre season and look how that turned for Parra.

  2. Kev, maybe just get a few good games under your belt in 2020 and then be vocal as to how much Joey Johns has improved your game etc.
    2018 he talked himself up and played like a busted!

  3. I don’t see the problem. He was asked some questions and he answered them. What would you prefer? He doesn’t answer and s blasted in the media for that. You are making something of nothing.

  4. There’s enough clangers in every game that it should not be an issue using their captains challenge multiple time’s a game

  5. Redv, I was just about to say the same thing.

    I think that the Captains challenge might just stop the outrageous stuff with the refs and help to keep them clean. It is going to be much harder for them to decide the outcome of a game when their decision can be challenged. I do hope that this challenge is not abused but then again if it can prevent the sort of debacle we got in the finals last year with Melbourne and Canberra then I can stand a bit of abuse by captains/coaches.

  6. I’m not sure whether multiple challenges will be a problem, it’ll depend on how the system works. If it’s like in cricket, a captain would be mad to make a silly challenge because that would be the end of his challenges and could ultimately cost his team the game, like in the Ashes cricket test that Ben Stokes won for the Poms.
    When captain’s challenge was trialled in a Saints-Newcastle game at the end of the 2016 season there were something like 9 tries scored and not one challenge.
    There are certain to be shortcomings in captain’s challenge but anything is better than the current incessant video referrals and wasting of time.

  7. That means the more favoured teams will never make a challenge. As they have nothing to challenge?
    Where as the teams from Sydney’s west & the Warriors will be trying to challenge all soughts of poor rulings. The only problem with that ? The ones who rule on if a challenge should be accepted or not also favour the same teams.

  8. For the most part I don’t mind the idea, because at the end of the day it could/should lead to some incorrect decisions being reversed, and whilst that does slow the game, it’s offset by a (probably only slightly) fairer game, and better yet, could save a really influential wrong call from affecting an outcome to a game.
    Again, for the most part, the max. amount of time lost on wrong calls per game (1 each side) should be limited to a minute or 2. Another advantage, and a big one in my book is, the refs can probably save some time by telling the captain “call it or move on”, instead of rah, rah, rah which won’t/can’t change anything anyway.
    Of course it will also be used (late in games if it’s still available to that side and/or at critical points in games, for a breather etc.) as a tactic. On top of that not every call can be proven right/wrong from a replay.
    But all that said, those that “blame the refs” will continue to blame the refs, because they can always sight hundreds of cases, and there will only be a 1 wrong call option, that probably “wasn’t wrong” anyway.

  9. Are there any limits on what can and cannot be challenged and when? or is it open slather?

    Also there needs to be an independent person/persons (and not another referee or ex referee- at least not on his own) to rule on the challenge itself. We all know that referees will always stick solid together no matter what, so if there is the slightest bit of grey the refs will always back each other just to foil the teams captains and erode any further challenge opportunities.

  10. I agree with Moses 100%.

    Also, are there limits on the challenge? can you challenge why someone isn’t sent to the bin? Can you challenge when the other team is setting up for the match winning field goal so you can set the defence?

    Coach’s and team’s will use this to exploit, just like blood bin, unlimited interchange, trainer’s on field etc…

    Just let the ref’s ref and live with it…ebs and flows

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