Manly's crucial win over the Raiders has come at a cost, with an arm break putting second row player Joel Thompson's season in doubt.

The 31-year-old faces a race against the clock to feature in his side's finals campaign, with the club's website reporting that he is expected to be sidelined for four to six weeks.

In better news for Manly, centre Moses Suli is expected to miss only one week, with the club website reporting that the 21-year-old has escaped a serious syndesmosis injury after initial fears were dire.

The Sea Eagles, currently in fourth place, are locked in a heated battle with the Raiders, Rabbitohs and Eels for a double chance in the finals.

The Sea Eagles will face a stern test on Saturday when they host the top-of-the-table Storm at Lottoland.


  1. I’ll be disappointed if Joels injury means he can’t jog around the oval with the trophy aloft after the GF.

  2. He’ll be there if we make the GF. Although he may need to borrow Mal Meningas arm brace- the one he used after breaking his arm on the goal post.

  3. He was throwing a big swinging arm into the body of the player he was tacking. Happens to hit the players elbow, who put his arm up for protection. So I guess Thompson got what he deserved from that hit.
    No swinging arm & no injury .

  4. @eastofreason, in no way was there anything illegal about that tackle.
    Go back to netball with your gender neutral friends and leave the footy to the men.

  5. You wouldn’t think so. As you’re looking through Eagle eyes. Go & take another look at the tackle & try to say his arm isn’t swinging into the tackle from a long way away. I was having a good laugh. Swinging arm & he Broke his own arm. Did it himself … Karma.

  6. By the way . Pretty pathetic attempt at an insult Screaming. Did you hear that puerile retort from your grandad?

  7. Me, the raiders players, the ref, the commentators and everyone else who saw that tackle know there was nothing wrong with it.
    May I suggest perhaps you start following ballet or something a bit more gentle. 🧚‍♀️

  8. Nothing needed to be said. As the idiot throwing in the swinging arm, broke his own arm. Needed to swing his arm in with some force to break it. Or does he just suffer from brittle bone syndrome? Yeah, you go with that..
    Someone laughing in the background would have been appropriate though. 👍

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