Canberra Raiders assistant coach Michael Maguire has defended the big hit put on by Joseph Tapine on Reece Walsh in the dying second of last week's game.

The hit, which was loved by fans, saw some NRL critics divided on whether the shot should have carried a penalty for Tapine and seen him charged by the match review committee. It would also create an all-in melee between the Broncos and Raiders to end the game.

Speaking on SEN 1170 Afternoons, Michael Maguire has delivered his take on the incident whilst praising the Broncos fullback, Reece Walsh.

“He's one hell of a player Reece Walsh, he's going to learn some lessons as he goes, I guess when you're young you learn your way,” Maguire told SEN 1170 Afternoons.

Reece Walsh, when we played them the first time, he pulled up on a play then he took off and nearly scored, I'm sure that would've been in the memory of Joe (Tapine).

“Joe came through and cleaned him up, it was one hell of a hit.”

“He bounced straight up and there was a little push and shove after but I think they got together after that."

“It's all part of the game.”

Brisbane Broncos head coach Kevin Walters also defended Tapine's hit on his star fullback, echoing Maguire's words.

“Reece was half mucking around on the field so he got a little bit of medicine there,” Walters said.

“We've got to get that stuff at the back end of his game, out of his game.”