CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA - MAY 28: Michael Gordon of the Roosters makes a line break during the round 12 NRL match between the Canberra Raiders and the Sydney Roostrers at GIO Stadium on May 28, 2017 in Canberra, Australia. (Photo by Mark Nolan/Getty Images)

The player merry-go-round is likely to continue with Michael Gordon set to leave the Sydney Roosters to become the Gold Coast Titans new fullback.

The Titans released star fullback Jarryd Hayne from the final year of his contract last week, allowing the NSW Blues and Fijian international to return to Parramatta in 2018.

Hayne’s departure has left a gaping hole in their backline, with veteran fullback William Zillman not offered a new contract and utility Tyrone Roberts taking up a deal with the Warrington Wolves.

New head coach Garth Brennan has been quoted saying the club won’t be making any rash moves to fill the gap.

“It depends on what’s out there … we’re not going to rush panicking, a panic signing to fill Jarryd’s space just for the sake of filling it,” Brennan said.

“I said all along our strategy is going to be very selective, we’re going to make sure we bring the right people in, and if there’s a marquee out there that ticks the boxes then absolutely, we’re in a position we can speak to them.”

But it seems the club have found the right person already with Sydney Roosters fullback Michael Gordon poised to take up a two-year deal with the Gold Coast club.

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The 34-year-old was outstanding in 2017 for the Roosters but will lose the fullback role next season to new signing James Tedesco.

Despite that, Gordon re-signed with the Roosters on a one-year deal and was expected to fight it out for a spot on the wing.

Hayne’s departure from the Gold Coast though has opened up an opportunity for Gordon to play fullback and it’s expected that the Roosters will release him from his contract to take up the longer deal.

While Gordon might not be a marquee player, he is exactly the type of player the Titans need to rebuild their image after the disaster that was Hayne’s tenure with the club.

The Roosters announced the signing of former Broncos, Raiders and Eels outside back Reece Robinson yesterday in a move that now seems to be as cover for the departing Gordon.

The Roosters are also expected to announce the re-signing of five-eighth Luke Keary to a new deal soon that will keep the classy half with the club until the end of 2021.


  1. Good move by the Titans. Although he is in his mid thirties Gordon won’t let them down.
    He will offer them a lot more than princess did.

  2. Good move by the NRL to clear $1.2 mill off the Titans salary cap for an overpaid underperforming prima donna in exchange for a more consistent performer for half the $$’s. I still think the NRL has a massive conflict of interest in all of this and this has been driving the “dump Hayne quick sale”.

    • SSTI74 I can see your point mate but keep going on about it isnt gunna change the facts.I agree with you this is just another complete stuff up from the NRL but dont hold your breath expecting answers.In saying that i disagree with you about parra picking up Hayne for unders as the only other club i could of seen making a play might of been roosters months ago but that boat had sailed once they got Tedesco.I think most ppl know Hayne is a huge risk an Parra prob his only hope.All honesty not that Parra needed another back but id buy Gordon over Hayne any day but im only a mug watching on.Simple fact is the whole saga is just another NRL stuff up an we will never get answers

      • Fine but you do understand it is hard to see other teams allowed to do worse than Souths were accused of with Burgess. The Rabbits lost 2 important players because of the NRL’s last minute intervention and they have not done the same since. It seems that it is too much to ask for consistency from the NRL.

        To keep you you and pedro happy then I will try to let it go but it grates on me pedro, ParraMatt. It grates on me!

    • Maye, give it a rest it is now beyond boring. I haven’t commented in this story since the weekend because nothing has changed. You still have your opinion and Mighty and myself have ours. It is clear none of us are changing so let’s move on hey?

      • Fine but would all your opinions be any different if this involved a team other than the Eels, say Manly perhaps?

        Just remember if we are all to respect that we have differing opinions on this I tried to voice mine and was met by a Groundhog Day tag team debate-athon by the “3 Amigos” who would not back down.

        • No tag teaming mate, i was just giving my opinion on the matter, the fact that i happened to agree with mighty had nothing to do with him or with you. You didn’t back down either don’t forget.

      • c’mon mate, you are getting your panties in a bunch for no good reason. Quite often I can agree with what you say but on this one you are way over the top and carrying on like a pork chop over something where your definition of fair market value is vastly different to reality.
        So maybe time to move on and carry out your crusade on another topic – I thought you were smarter to believe what two-bit hack journo who changes his tune depending on the barrow he is trying to push.

        • SSTID, I assume Eels47 and billy are my fellow “amigos”, and if so, now you’ve got the completed “set” of comments.

          Change of subject completely, but it would appear you sneaky little bunnies have extended the contracts of the baggage twins (damn AC), and big brother Sam for another year some time ago, and you call us the “3 amigos”.

          I can’t help but think there’s your weakest link again, for another 2 years now, and that’s obviously excluding Sam.

        • There is no fair market value mate. Clubs back end deals and top up “unders” with TPA’s on the quiet. It’s a joke and I am still pissed that Souths were the only ones that got a wrap on the knuckles when there was no scam involved in re-signing Burgess for the same money he was on (as damaged goods). In the end (as far as his 2016 form was concerned) $500K would have been too much. Let’s move on.

          The “3 Amigos” = mighty, billy and eels47. You guys went quiet on the whole “3 Stooges” concept which I thought was funny! Tough crowd! Anyway, you guys are the eels version of a flock of seagulls so I was just trying to be creative. 😉

          Souths Sydney’s “3 amigos” will prove themselves in 2018, you “3 amigos” still have that ahead of you. Don’t all try to squeeze through the door at the same time and start calling each other “wise guy!” and “you knuckle head!” Bahahahahahahahahahaha

        • The “3 amigos” is closer than the “3 stooges”, but I think the analogy you’re looking for is the “3 wise men”, especially given it’s getting close to Xmas.

        • “3 wise men”

          That made me laugh mighty! Now my turn… If you can call “Lloyd Christmas, Harry Dunne and Brick Tamland” wise then yes you are the “3 wise men”. Bahahahahahahahahaha

        • Oh No. I can handle people taking the, and I’d even go so far as encouraging it, but Jim Carey?

          I had to look up your reference, but when I did, Jim Carey? I’m so sorry for whatever I’ve done, and if it was that bad I’ll support Manly for a week to make up for it (in the off season), but a Jim Carey movie! There are no words.

        • “There are no words”

          Yet you found 68! 😂

          So you’re not a fan of Jim Carey? “Alllllrighty then!” – Ace Ventura

          Not serious, just meant in humour. Do you remember the old Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts? Like that. To be fair they were all loveable characters that made people laugh so I thought it would be a backhanded compliment at the very least.

          No need to be offended, I took you for more of a Brick Tamland (Steve Carell’s character) in any case. Always serious when I’m trying to be funny. “I don’t know what we’re yelling about!” 😂

          So are we good or do you want to throw a few cream pies of your own?

        • And you don’t need to go for Manly, that would be classed as cruel and unusual punishment… unless you were hoping to turn your wooden spoons into silver ones? 😉

        • No offence taken, it’s all in jest, but no, I’m not a Jim Carey fan, but I am a wise man of course (that part wasn’t in jest).

          And thank god. I didn’t actually think “being a Manly supporter” through until I sent that post, but in all honesty, I couldn’t have pulled it off, not even for a minute in the off season.

          I’ll stick with our wooden spoons, and the Manly supporter can keep his silver SPOONS.

    • How typical of Parra fans to tell everyone get over the Hayne debacle , of course you would say that, your so used to mediocre off and on the field you just accept it , don’t you guys sook when NRL comes knocking , your not clean skins , SSTID don’t worry history shows even when Parra rort the cap there prize is the spoon 😂😂😂

      • How typical of MW47 to come in with an attack on Eels fans when talking with SSTID 😉

        For the record please let me know when i have whinged about the NRL knocking on the eels door too? If you are referring to the salary cap drama, my general response was if true then they, as in club and directors, deserved to be punished. Then when they were i was ok with it. Don’t let the facts get in the way if your narrative though.

      • Parra fans , collective , didn’t single you out , but once again 😂 fact , Parra over cap , fact Hayne has 2 spoons , fact he was at Parra , fiction (for now) he has returned so as he can achieve a third , how many DM recipients have also achieved wooden spoon status ? 😂 Hayne like Parra fans (including E47) are special lot aie

        • 😂😂your club was guilty of salary cap breaches , there are management that are in court relating to serious financial irregularities, what don’t you understand 😂😂😂😂😂

        • Read again mate. I meant that was my opinion BEFORE they were found guilty as well as after. Of course i am aware of the breaches and the court proceedings, and i have never suggested none of it was true.

        • MW, all of that is true, to one extent or another, but we have something you can only dream about; being loyal supporters / members, and we have them (us) in there droves.

          No matter how well Manly perform they can’t / won’t ever match that, and if you get a spoon you’ll be able to hold your AGM’s in a Mini, even if all of your members are Sumo’s.

        • Blind loyalty is nothing to be proud of , genuine fans , those who live the club should be filthy at your last 30 years on and off the field , your just happy with average ,

  3. Way better value for money and doesn’t bring the ego/selfishness/attitude/media circus (god this list could go on forever)/devisivness/bad influence on younger players. Titans way better off.

  4. While I like Gordon as a player, he would be yet another New South Welshman in the squad. The Titans are simply not getting the reality that if they want to be a popular Queensland based NRL team they need to recruit predominately Queensland born players with only a scattering of player born outside the state. The Titans haven’t got the balance right on that front and I think the club is diminishing its Queensland fan base as a consequence.

  5. To the Titans supporters, and in all honesty, this is a WIN/WIN.

    He’s a great player, a great man, and a genuine mentor for your young players.

    Giving him another 2 years to see out his career is obviously a WIN for him (and well deserved), but will pay off in spades for the Titans. He’ll give you 100%, no grief, no excuses, and he’s a very talented player.

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