GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 07: Jarryd Hayne of the Titans greets fans before entering the field of play for the warm-ups before the round 22 NRL match between the Gold Coast Titans and the New Zealand Warriors at Cbus Super Stadium on August 7, 2016 in Gold Coast, Australia. (Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images)

The Gold Coast Titans confirm that Jarryd Hayne and the club have mutually agreed to a release from the final year of Jarryd’s contract.

Jarryd has expressed his gratitude for the opportunity the Titans provided him during his time with the club.

“The last 16 months have been testing and joyful all wrapped up into one. I thank the Titans members, fans, Board, staff and players for what they have done for me and my family over that time, with special mention Rebecca Frizelle, Graham Annesley and Anthony Laffranchi,” Hayne said today.

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time on the coast, I love the community and the laid-back lifestyle. I thank every person, fan and sponsor that I ‘ve met during my time here and wish the Titans all the best in 2018.”

Titans Chief Executive, Graham Annesley, said that Jarryd is one of the biggest names in the game and recruiting him last year had demonstrated the Titans can compete with any other club in the game for marquee players.

“There is no doubt his signing was the biggest coup in the Titans short history, and although it hasn’t worked out as everyone had hoped, including Jarryd, the club has benefited in many ways from his presence. We wish Jarryd nothing but the best for his future both on and off the field,” Annesley concluded.


  1. This is a good thing for or the Titans, Hayne was an overpayed crap player. Good bye Jarrad and there are no regrets

  2. So many dreams… too many nightmares.

    I think hayne is bailing as the ego battles would be high with the new coach.

    I know a few parra fans and they said they dont want him back but i think hayne would be the most settled there

  3. He will need to get fit and have a dig for Parra fans to embrace him. Titans players would be filthy – and the poor ex-coach!

    • You really have to feel for Neil Henry. He did 90% of the work to get the Cowboys to their maiden 2015 premiership and gets punted and then has a “Hayne spanner” in the works at his next club that lead to an “either he goes or I go” situation. Then Hayne goes anyway! Henry is a decent coach and deserves better IMO.

    • Good. Just like your announcement that Cronk was coming to Souths in 7 days so he is probably coaching the West Coast Eagles then! Bahahahahahahahaha

      Seriously, if true it would be revolutionary for the game to finally have a coach having input into this process. The refs have never seemed to have a clue about the game from a playing or coaching perspective (Henry Marinara not withstanding). I was dreading the thought of Madge coaching another side to be honest. I’m just waiting for the obvious and obligatory wise cracks to start rolling in about how Souths will now get all the decisions to go their way and that Madge will clear a way for the Rabbitohs to another GF. Conspiracy theorists, Pffffft! 😉

      • I know mate , however I can assure you Cronk was very close , $$$$ wins , il wear it broad shoulders , and I was wrong , could be on this one , I have been right in the past though

        • To be fair he may have been keen but Richo said there was no room in the cap and I can only hope that was because they were holding back serious coin to keep Crichton.

    • Madge has been offered the role, doesn’t mean he is going to take it.
      He has also been offered asssitant coach role under BA as well.

      • billy, do you think BA would like to go back to being an assistant coach after winning a premiership and having a team that was in the top 3 several years back to back? I think Madge, Hasler and Toovey all deserve better than to be some other coaches assistant. Jason Taylor on the other hand, well he was born to be an assistant coach.

        • BA won’t be assistant – its Madge we’re talking about
          Have look around the comp and comeback with a different answer.
          Think Furner, Cartwright, Price, Henry and so on – didn’t win prem’s but still head coaches and are now assistants.
          I’m not making outlandish claims like others that claim they know what certain ones are doing but it’s not out of the realms of possibility.
          Still need to earn an income.

        • Billy you’ve missed SSTID point , he is referring to Madge when he says going to assistant after winning Prem not BA , all good , you need to eat a bucket of fried chicken , good fat is good for the brain

        • silly billy! I’m talking about premiership winning coaches: Madge, Hasler and Toovey. Has BA won a premiership yet?

          “do you think BA would like to go back to being an assistant coach”

          NOT so that Madge can the the Eels coach but IF the situation was REVERSED. Come one billy, keep up mate. Don’t fall behind and start relying on Wikipedia for your inspiration! Bahahahahahahahaha

        • Come on billy… Aaaargh! I was on a phone call as I was typing so I was only using half my brain I guess. Here fishy, fishy? 😉

        • What difference would Madge make as head ref, given every game is predetermined anyway? I DON’T believe that, it’s called sarcasm. SSTID and/or MW, take a free shot or two, and I’ll try not to bite back, but either way I think we know each other’s positions on this one.

          Back to the real world. Madge would only do a year, 2 max, as an assistant coach, if he was to do that at all, to fill the “necessary” gap away from head coach (at an NRL club anyway), otherwise he’d be off to SL, for his gap year/s. He’d be great for Parra, or anyone else for that matter, and once he’s done his time, he’ll be a great NRL head coach again.

          Madge as head ref, bring it on if that’s what he wants to do medium/long term, otherwise it won’t achieve anything. That said (dig no 2) but if the role is simply to explain to us “Lemmings” why the refs made the “correct” decision when they “threw” the game to ensure the final outcome was in line with the “NRL game plan”, then what does it matter who the spokesperson is?

        • “given every game is predetermined anyway?”

          It’s called plausible deniability. 😉

          “Smile and wave boys! Smile and Wave!” – Skipper (Madagascar)

          I would like to think he could direct the referees interpretations of the rules that would be helpful for Souths… sorry, helpful for coaches, to feel there is consistency and common sense in the application of the rules.

          “Pardon me but is my Freudian slip showing, I feel so exposed!” – King Julien (Madagascar)

        • Makes sense, except the Bunnies sacked him. Not to worry, Rusty will invite him to the “farm” for a little pep talk, and that should clear that up (Keary style).

        • i’m glad you guys are on the ball with everything and know what people (that you dont know personally) are thinking and what they want to do!!
          Not many of them have been right of late have they?
          All I said was that he has been offered a role as assistant – but you suggested that you knew what Madge was thinking…
          Also glad that only you and MW47 can read each others minds too – i only have the ability to read what is front of me….

        • It is irrelevant if he deserves better than being an assistant coach because, as it stands now, there are no head coaching jobs available, so an assistant role at least keeps him in the game. Plus, if he does take the role, I am sure there will be a clause in his contract to get out if a head coach role is offered.

          I think he should be wary about taking the ref job, as Archer will still be there, so how much power will he actually have to make changes. On top of that, if things don’t improve under him, what will it do for his reputation?

        • @ eels47

          “aaah a wise guy! Why I outta…”

          Chill, all I was saying is that few NRL head coaches with premiership winning credentials would take on a role as an assistant coach. Can you imagine Bennett, Bellamy, Toovey or Hasler taking an assistant coach role? Pappa Smurf’s stint with the Kiwi’s doesn’t count because everyone knows Bennett was actually running the show.

          I was not aware that Madge would be reporting to Archer though. That would not work. If he is not running the show then he could easily find a gig as head coach in SL. Now breathe! and… “spread out!” 😉

        • billy, billy, billy…

          Is it the heat or do you genuinely have a case of the “Angry Anderson’s”? Why are you swinging at me billy. I don’t understand.

          “but you suggested that you knew what Madge was thinking…”

          NO! I did NOT suggest I KNEW what Madge was thinking. I was only asking how YOU and OTHERS here would feel in similar circumstances.

          Let’s break my original post down…

          “do you think BA would like to go back to being an assistant coach after winning a premiership and having a team that was in the top 3 several years back to back?”

          Do YOU think… did you answer the question? It requires the use of imagination billy, stay with me, we aren’t talking about unicorns just about empathy and a little bit of imagination. It’s called putting yourself in someone else’s shoes billy.

          “I think Madge, Hasler and Toovey all deserve better than to be some other coaches assistant.”

          I THINK… ME billy, NOT Madge, ME! WHAT do YOU think billy? Do you think Wayne Bennett or Craig Bellamy could go from being a premiership winning coach to an assistant coach at club level? How about Des Hasler or Geoff Toovey? Now how about Madge?

          billy, relax and take a chill pill son and for goodness sake get in out of the heat and turn on the air-conditioning because you are overheating something chronic.

  4. Great news for the Titans. Hopefully the club with go after Carlin Anderson from the Cowboys to fill the fullback role next season. Would also love to see the club replace Peats with Matt Parcell at hooker too.

  5. I don’t know if they could secure a release for him but Brenko Lee would be awesome addition to the Titan’s backline. He and Hurrell in the centres would be excellent.

  6. BA has taking on two big gambles in Hayne and tony Williams
    This will either make or break him
    I really hope he can get the best out of them!!
    I think Hayne will play Centre
    And Takairangi will play 2nd row

    • Hayne maybe, Williams no. Williams is a depth signing, if it doesn’t work out no harm done. Hayne, it depends on how he is used and what influence he has over the team. I agree with your positional switches though, but I would play Taka from the bench with Ma’u and Moreoa starting.

  7. I thought he said that he hadn’t instructed his manager to talk to other clubs & was staying put.

    First his dream to Fiji Rugby to get out of the NFL……..the lies just keep rolling out

    This guy is in a permanent dream – has lost all respect from all I suspect..

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