SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 04: Panthers coach Anthony Griffin speaks to the media during the post match press conference after the round one NRL match between the St George Illawarra Dragons and the Penrith Panthers at UOW Jubilee Oval on March 4, 2017 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

Michael Ennis has declared that the Sharks should sign up ex-Penrith coach Anthony Griffin to replace the outgoing Shane Flanagan.

Caretaker coach John Morris is considered the front-runner to land the top job as the club prepares to announce their decision over the next week or so.

Ennis, a 2016 premiership Shark under Flanagan, believes Griffin and former Cowboys and Titans coach Neil Henry are the ideal candidates.

“I would probably lean towards Anthony Griffin to be honest,” Ennis told Fox Sports.

“Only for the sheer fact that he was doing a tremendous job at Penrith last year. They were in the top four for the majority of the season before he got the sack.

“You put someone with a bit of youth and enthusiasm next to him as an assistant and they could do some damage with this roster.”

Ennis said Cronulla’s ideal coach needed to be authoritative and bold with strong leadership skills.

“I’ve been really strong on this – that this playing group at Cronulla needs an experienced coach,” he continued.

“They need someone who is an instructor, who is also a dictator, and has that really good balance of being able to listen to the playing group but being able to put his authority on the group.”


  1. Seriously SSTD?
    I hate the Dogs and Ennis was always my most hated player but to call him an average player shows you have NFI about anything rugby league related.
    As much as I hated him on the field he is probably one of the best commentators going around to.

  2. i mentioned this last week … Old Hook would suit the Sharkies i reckon.
    What do the Shark fans>? yah or yeh nah>

  3. Wasn’t “Hook” a major reason why Moylan left the Panthers in the first place? As far as Ennis being an average player, I thought he was pretty darn good in his prime and I don’t mind him as a commentator too.

  4. He’s one of the better commentators on FOX – i hated him as a player yet was happy for him in the GF.

  5. Johnny got the job anyway.
    Ennis the menace.
    Top bloke and a champion.
    Coffs Harbour born, started at the knights, 5 clubs 250+ games and 5 years of origin.
    Anything but average

  6. I’m sure Ennis was a good player. Yet the Sharks would only create more trouble within the club by hiring Griffin. He’s a dividing figure, who won’t listen to assistant coaches or anyone else. Wants everything done his way only. Doesn’t Ennis remember the rediculous 20 word , photocopied game plan Hook gave his players , before the thrashing they suffered against Brisbane last year? Where he & he alone took the team to the Gold Coast to train, before the Broncos game & refused to take other coaches with them.
    It’s correct that he drove players away from the club including Moylan & Peachey. Peachey then wanted to stay , after he heard Griffin was sacked.
    So if Cronulla wants to have players & other coaches leaving the club as they can’t work with Griffin, go ahead & hire him.
    Former Brisbane players who were coached by Griffin also thought he was a terrible coach.

  7. Yep, I would definitely put Griffdog ahead of some of the other candidates. He & morris as assistant would be a good combo I reckon.

  8. Griffin will be coaching Parramatta in 2020, if by round 6 of 2019, parra don’t have 60% win rate he is will takeover! Its a done deal! This is why he has not moved back to Brisbane!

  9. Agree, Ennis was a great player, his analysis of the game as a commentator is better than that of Fittler or Johns I reckon, Sterling’s read on the game is awesome and Ennis isn’t far behind him. He would have made a great Tiger if we didn’t have Robbie back then.

  10. Absolutely clueless stuff champ. One of the best commentators around, cluey and well spoken guy who gave 101% as a player. The menace was a key figure in Cronulla’s 2016 premiership and was as loyal and skillful as they come. His advice should be respected even if not acted on in this instance.

  11. For sure. That little bit of mongrel and hard edge needed and a disciplinarian that would suit the situation at the club. Might be a good time to introduce someone with no history at the sharks with John Morris to work along side him. Respect for Ennis’ opinion as he knows the workings of the club.

  12. A basket case with a playing roster that will school Penrith yet again this year. That 50 year plan of Gould’s must soon begin to show something but one senses another disappointing year of underachievement at the foot of the mountains.

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