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Dragons young gun Zac Lomax has recommitted his future to the club.

The 18-year old was set to come out of contract at the end of the 2019 season, but is now locked away until at least the end of 2020.

“It’s definitely a good decision I’ve made to extend my stay at the Dragons,” Lomax told

“My family and I are very happy to stay at the club. To come through the junior reps to now with the first grade squad, I can’t thank the Dragons enough.

“The goal for me is to earn a spot in the first grade side and hopefully I’ll play a few more before the season is out. It was a dream come true making my NRL debut so I’m looking forward to what’s ahead.”

Lomax made his debut for the Dragons in round 10 this season against the Rabbitohs, but has since been hampered with a hand injury.

Dragons list manager Ian Millward was thrilled to secure the highly-touted youngster’s future at the club.

“Zac is one of the most promising players to come through our ranks in many years,” Millward told

“He’s a player we look at building this team around in the long-term because we think he has all the attributes to be an outstanding NRL player.

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“We do look at him as a long-term centre and we don’t hide that fact at all. Although this is just an extension to 2020, we look at Zac as if he’ll be a 10-year player for the Dragons and challenge for higher representatives.



  1. Great another gun player McGregor will let rot in reserves like Jai Field whilst keeping duds in the team like Lafai, and Hunt.

  2. I think you’re being a bit harsh on McGregor daffy. Jai Field is not ready for first grade yet. Given he has scored some great tries in the NSW Cup, he was a turnstile in defence when playing fullback. As for Lafai and Hunt….they were playing well when then team was going well, and I don’t blame them for the capitulation of the side. I think Zac Lomax will get his chance in first grade next season, and remember he’s only 18, so why rush him?

    • I agree that Field may struggle defensively but if he’s not given a go … you’ll never know. The longest he’s got was 45-50 minutes last year when an injury happened and my memory says he did ok.
      What’s not sitting right with me is why play a bloke ( Mann ) at 5/8 ,who’s played bench second row or wing all year when the reserve grade 5/8 is there ? I do notice that Jai Field isn’t named in ISP…. maybe he’s a shot ?? Lomax is going to be good. I hope he gets a shot next year.

      • Couple of things We heard this about other players will get their turn, but when. Leilua took forever to get to play first grade, Mary refuses to drop poorly performing players. Dropping Hunt will either make him or break him, and if it breaks him, show him the door. $1.2 million for Intrust Cup quality at best for much of this season. Lafai had a great burst of form last year until he resigned and has been playing average since then. At least he seems to have reduced the number of crap passes, but is not making enough breaks for us. Compare him to a gun like Mitchell. I’d let him go at years end.

        Jai Filed has to have a run, Mann has failed every time he’s been at 5/8, but that is also due to not getting long enough in the position to get it to work. Mann at centre for Lafai, Hunt only gets to stay since Widdop is gone, but Field as 5/8 for next 3 games.

        Also whatever happened to Shaun Nona, big wraps on him, never heard from him again after we signed him. Other clubs blood young players, if you don’t do it it’ll bite you in the a$$ down the track when you have injuries and suspensions.

  3. With all this hype about Zac Lomax and blaming Ben Hunt and Tim Lafai it all boils down to the coach McGregor who has no idea how to coach and motivate his players. The Dragons on current form would get beaten by most reserve grade teams in the ISP. Now what does that tell you about McGregor ??
    Their is only one way to go now for McGregor and that’s out the door IMMEDIATELY if the Dragons are any hope to win another game this season.

  4. My hope is that he firstly slots into Nightingales spot from Round 1 next year.

    After a few games he shines all over Lafai & ends up shifting to the centres meaning Lafai is punted from first grade.

    My fear is as per daffy above re: McGregor

  5. Hopefully Phoenix your fears about McGregor will all be gone next year as McGregor will be gone as coach in 2019.

    • I pray that you are right, but sadly I think he will be there.

      Doust is too busy taking 6 months to retire to worry about anyone else’s future………

  6. Seibold to Broncos is a done deal they reckon, so that most likely means Bennett to dragons. Not sure how I feel about that, but he did a lot better in his 3 years than McGregor has done in his 4 years, barring a miracle.

  7. McGregor was the runner on the field to give instructions to the players when Wayne Bennett was with the Dragons from 2009 – 2011. It seems McGregor has learnt nothing from those days.

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