Laurie Daley has issued an apology to Penrith for comments he made towards their team culture and community on Wednesday.

Following the Panthers' latest sex tape scandal that resulted in Tyrone May being stood down by the NRL, Daley did not hold back in his thoughts on the club.

“If I’m a parent, which I am, at the moment if I have a son good enough to play and if Penrith were in discussions with my son I wouldn’t want my son to go and play at Penrith,” Daley told Big Sports Breakfast on Wednesday.

“And I wouldn’t want my daughter to go out with any Penrith player.”

The former NSW coach has expressed regret over his comments in a message to all representatives of the club and the wider Penrith community.

"If I've offended anyone in the Penrith area I certainly apologise," Daley told Big Sports Breakfast on Thursday.

"It wasn't my intention to cause that angst, but I would like to clarify some of my comments. I made a number of generalised statements in the heat of the moment that were offensive to many people involved with the Panthers and the Penrith community.

"For that I am sorry, but I was speaking as a father and as a commentator. But (it wasn't a representation of) the entire club and community based on the actions of one individual. I will apologise for that.

"I know a lot of the current and former players at Penrith who I have the upmost respect for and I also heard that multiple players were charged when only one player has been charged. He is due to presumption of innocence until he has his day in court."


  1. How do you work that out? It was a stupid comment.
    A player, or even a few players, at XYZ club did something wrong, urgo, the whole club/every player/everyone involved at said club should be avoided at all costs. Really?
    If that was the case his son would never play sport, and his daughter could only date someone who worked for a small business who’s never had an employee that has ever done anything wrong, to date.
    But obviously I digress. Where exactly does he sit re discrimination, bigger picture, and what did he just do (pot/kettle etc)?
    If I said something even remotely as “macro” discrimitory as that in another context, against a race for example, where do you think I’d be right now?

  2. I don’t take Daley’s comments all that badly, it’s a case of “opened mouth before engaging brain”. Daley has a bit of form for hyperbole like this, like when he joined Superleague claiming “the ARL treated us like dogs” – not long after the ARL had flown him business class to England for the 1994 Kangaroo tour. Of course, Arko replied “well, if that’s how we treat dogs I wouldn’t being a dog”.
    I’m glad Lozza has apologised. Let’s forget it and move on.
    Like Mighty says, it’s a stupid comment. It should be ignored.

  3. Where are the real men gone!
    Good on him and on that note how about we put some onus on the 5lu75 in these videos , Coked off their heads and looking for fame, everyone wants to defend them like their all angels.

  4. He was just waiting for some bad behaviour from Penrith. So he could attack the club . It was Gould who heavily criticised the NSW teams culture , when Daley was the coach. The late night drinking during Origin time etc.
    Daley got the sack after that series. Notice Daley used the word Culture as well.
    As two of the players who are supposed to be mixed up with these tapes didn’t even come from Penrith. How is it all to do with a bad culture at Penrith. Phillips ( from the Bulldogs ) given a second chance at Penrith , after being flicked from that club for bad behaviour . Ditto for Coleman ( from Souths ).
    Didn’t see any comment from Daley about the fine upstanding young Raiders , like Wighton . Or former Raider Carney. Wighton should be in Prison.
    Don’t agree with what May supposedly did. Or with what the others may have done?
    Still don’t think I’d have to look to hard to find problem children at every club.

  5. Are t you a Parramatta supporter Kev?
    If you are & the ‘Culture’ at Penrith is supposedly bad, as Daley stated. Than you should be more worried than most supporters. Every club just about can’t wait to sign players out of the Penrith system. Parramatta has more than most. Sivo was in the system, the Jennings brothers & so many more. Just about half of every grade there came from the Penrith system. As did the Coach.
    Oh no, that Penrith culture is well & truly part of Parramatta . 👍

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