SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 15: Pauli Pauli of the Eels in action during the round 23 NRL match between the Parramatta Eels and the Canterbury Bulldogs at ANZ Stadium on August 15, 2014 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Renee McKay/Getty Images)

The Newcastle Knights and young forward Pauli Pauli have agreed to terms on a two-year contract, following a release from the Parramatta Eels.

Pauli made his NRL debut in 2014 and has played 33 NRL games to date with Parramatta.

“This is great news for the Club because Pauli certainly improves our squad,” coach Nathan Brown said.

“Pauli is a young forward and will continue to develop and improve his game at the Knights.

“He immediately adds good size to our forward pack and we look forward to welcoming him to the Club.”


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  1. eels losing all these players now due to there so called big name signings … this will bite them in the ass.. believe that

  2. Good signing.
    1. Mamo/Feeny
    3.S Mata’utai
    4. C. Mata’utai/Ross/McManus
    5. Uate
    6. Mullen (c)
    7. Hodkinson
    8. Snowden
    11.T. Sims
    12. Pauli
    13. Smith

    14. Rochow
    15. Bhana
    16. K.Sims
    17. Stockwell

    18. Tapine
    20. B. Lamb
    21. Cogger
    22. Koopu
    23. Pearsall
    24. Fitzgibbon

    • Gagai on the wing?? Wtf!!
      Korbin Sims will either be starting prop or starting lock!!
      Paea or Smith to the bench.
      Feeney is a must at Fullback with Mamo to NSW cup and Chanel on the wing. The wingers at the club are all 6ft or smaller so power is the best option.
      Uate and Chanel are both very powerful runners and will eat meters at the start of each set. Feeney is a pretty big guy and very quick with plenty of junior footy at fullback and a solid half as well… He could be a fantastic fullback.

        • McManus retired to….thank god

          2.Chanel Mata’utia/Pat
          6.Mullen (c)

          17.Pauli Pauli

          Very happy with that line up bit short up front at the moment tho need to add Second Rows,Props and maybe a hooker depend how Levi and Randall go this season.

        • Randell/Levi is a good combo. So is the Feeney/Mamo. Mamo doesn’t look like he’s a hobo any more with that hair he had, and just hope he’s reigned in his behaviour so he doesn’t get punched in the back of the head like last year.

  3. Was an absolute BEAST in u/20. But has failed so far in the NRL. No work ethic. No mongrel. Lazy defender. Poor handling

    • agreed 100% and more proof again now

      CORDNER has agreed to 3 -4 yr deal extension with ROOSTERS and will be captain

      will be signed by end of FEB !!

    • Well that’s a glowing resume. My wish for the Dragons to sign him has just been retracted so I guess I should be glad.
      Dragons do need another seasoned 1st grade big bopper in their ranks.

    • I thought I was still in the Robbie Rochow article and your comments were about him. I was dumbfounded hahaha. I think that’s enough internet for one day. Pr0n being the exception. As always.

  4. If he keeps playing like he has the past 12mths… He’ll never play first grade!!!
    If he sees this as a kick in the arose?? He could be a very handy player!
    Time will tell :/

  5. Sorry and even though I love Pauli he is lazy and has lapses in his game where he just disappears. This is not going to effect our squad as he wouldn’t have been in our starting 13 or on the bench. Goodluck to him and the Knights but to their fans, you’re going to be so frustrated with his laziness.

  6. Not rumours, I heard he has already done a handshake deal for 2017 before Christmas. Hope it is a myth! His definitely staying for this year though

    • Yeah done deal wanted a early release to play this year, but it was declined. Raiders offer was to good to refuse.

      Really like this signing hopefully moving away from his family and friends will help him grow up and wake up. Don’t see too much risk with this signing. I’m more concerned about rumours of maybe losing Tapine, we need to make sure we lock this kid up.

      • Yeah taping has a real big future would be a shame to loose him, one of a few shining lights at Newcastle!

      • ickon81 where do you get your info from as it is wrong.
        Pualo hasn’t signed anything yet. Pricky Stuart has offered him about $300k more than he is worth and chances are he will take it but as it stands He is contracted to Parra for this year and has not signed with the Raiders or asked for an early release.

        • I’m extended family. Was with his uncle in the weekend. Yes there is a chance for Parra to counter, but he’s informed his immediate family that he’s decided to take it as it will take care of his family financially.

  7. This guy has not been played at eels and he’s pissed off and left. He has huge potential and could be an absolute gun very soon.
    Seriously good signing Knights..
    Parra, why would you lose this bloke?
    He had a contract for another two years and we could of seen what he can do by then,, Idiots again…
    Piss off Kelepi, Tautai and the like.

    • Hasn’t played for the eels as you say, well thats understandable. Thats about all thats right in your post. parra have obviously thought otherwise on your comments and given him the flick, as they should do. Nearly every other post so far, even from parra fans, has stated that he is LAZY. Yes a huge man and when I first saw him in a game I thought so too, when you concentrate on watching his game, what commitment he has and his involvement in his SHORT time on the field, you quickly lose attention on him and read the signs on the side of the field. A good loss for Parra and definitely a big loss for the knights.

      • Yes he is lazy but he’s young, still growing and learning. I bet he does some amazing things with the Knights. Most Parra fans bagging are just cut we lost him. He could become great or not, worth a shot from what Ive seen…

      • I’d rather Gagai at centre to be honest. He is very dangerous with the ball out wide. So id rather Newcastle either buy a new fullback or work on Mamo/Feeney to become long term fullbacks I have all my faith in Feeney to be honest he was very good in the halves last season in NSW cup and he can pass he has a lot of pace the thing I notice let him down in the NSW cup was his kicking wasn’t up to par. So if he plays fullback he rarely has to kick a ball it would be smart putting him back there I feel.

  8. Pauli has so much potential to be a game breaker – his size and speed alone should put him up there, he has the ability to throw outrageous passes like old johnny cartwright but always finds a way to screw up his good work with lapses in concentration – like dropping the ball or missing tackles.
    I thought he was starting to get it together towards the end but has not yet lived up to any of the expectation.
    good luck to knights – at least he didn’t go to moanly

  9. They have no clue…Really mate?? And u are? Done what? Heaps of nothing I’d assume!!!
    Although I agree Dane would be the best fullback at the club if he was to train and play there full time!! Though with minimal options to play centre at the club… He’s best spot for the teams sake is centre.

    • He is on $180,000 Knights paying $130,000 Parramatta making up the other $50,000 per season. I think that is a pretty good deal, adds depth and he does have potential hopefully browny can crack the whip to get him to realise it.

  10. I’m disappointed to lose him, he’s a good fit for knights though in my opinion. Knights should see nice improvement this year.

  11. i see a lot of potential in Pauli too. It will be interesting to see if Browny can develop and get the best out of him week in week out. If he can, Pauli will prove to be a top buy.

  12. A fat heap and lazy. A waste of space in the salary cap. Not a good start to Nathan Brown’s career at the Knights this blob.

  13. Haha Panthersman. Have you seen what Griffin is doing Moylan Captain?! What’s going on there. Hiku is one of the most overrated players I have seen I remember they were like he will replace Brett Stewart haha that went well 😐
    Im happy we signed Browny he is a top coach who loves youth and that’s what Newcastle have very good youth coming threw we might not kill it this season but we will be up there in the future if we can keep all these star youth players. Watch out for the Knights!

  14. 1. Mamo
    2. C Matautia
    3. Gagai
    4. S Matautia
    5. Uate
    6. Mullen
    7. Hodkinson
    8. Snowden
    9. Levi
    10. K Sims
    11. T Sims
    12. Rochow
    13. Smith

    14. Randell
    15. Pauli
    16. Tapine
    17. Stockwell

    Looks pretty good. Maybe sign a new winger and a new prop but looking like on the rise

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