South Sydney veteran John Sutton has announced his retirement from the NRL.

The 34-year-old has played 329 games for the Rabbitohs, and has scored 60 tries over his 16-year career.

Sutton captained the Bunnies to their premiership win in 2014, and is the club's most capped player.

“I absolutely love this Club and everything it stands for. It’s stood by me for about 20 years and I know within myself that I have given everything possible to pay the Club back over the years,” Sutton told the club's website.

“2019 will be my final year and I’ve been lucky enough to play alongside some wonderful players, be coached by some of the best coaches in the history of the game, and I’ve been able to represent the best Club and its Members in the world.

“We’ve made some great memories together here including the 2014 Grand Final win, the World Club Challenge win in 2015, and countless other times on the field in front of the Members and sitting in the dressing rooms with my team mates after a win.

“I want to thank all of the players, coaches, Richo (Shane Richardson), Blake (Solly) and the staff over the years who have helped me during my career. You all mean a lot to me. I want to thank the Board and investors of the Rabbitohs for helping turn this Club into what it deserves to be.

“I’m finishing up playing this year but it won’t be the end of my association with Rugby League. I’ll be involved with the Rabbitohs and I’ll be helping this Club stay at the top where it should be.

“We also haven’t finished the job this year yet. My full focus is on getting the best out of every player in our team and giving ourselves every opportunity to win the comp again this year, and it starts with the Bulldogs this Saturday.”


  1. Back2back19 is there any need for that comment???? Sutton has been a very good player regardless of which club he plays for.
    Maybe Latrell could look at his own clubs fans when talking about internet trolls.

  2. Hey Woody you forgot to add the wooden spoon in 2009 and the grand final pumping that he received in 2010. You’re welcome stain 👍🏻👍🏻

  3. A real journeyman, all those years winning only ONE flag…. Still, the Zimmer frame man needs to clear the decks for Darius who has reached Souffs entry age.
    Hey redv13, rumour abounds there is one more merge left in the Dragqueens… “… Up, up the Dragqueens”… a bit of baby powder blue & black mixed into the jersey.
    Jubalee down to Bega Showground

  4. The envy on here speaks for itself.
    Well done Johnny on a great career and holding the honor of captaining your club to a premiership as a grass roots junior and retiring with dignity unlike the mentioned above nobody Aubussun became a laughing stock by declaring himself available for origin this year.
    Now he’s that desperate to get 1 more year at the sombreros he’s willing to sign for $50k but still no takers LOL

  5. Grass roots juniors like legend Johnny Sutton is one of the reasons Souths have boasted the highest memberships of ALL Sydney based nrl clubs unlike the low integrity roosters who have less members this year than last despite fluking a premiership.
    Last rooster home game had to close the members bar because there was no one in it like all rooster home games where the majority crowd is opposition.

  6. TwitONE you’re funny… You (Souffs) don’t have a home ground, do you?

    You don’t have a club/drinking hole to celebrate your ONE flag since the introduction of colour TV in Australia.

  7. chookstirfry talk around it as much as you like.
    The roosters are the only club where the members bar is empty at home games full stop.
    That’s embarrassing in anyone’s eyes.
    Where were they?
    Funnier than Stitch Aubassun sitting outside Nick Politis office every morning waiting for Nick to beg him for another year for $50k I hear.
    No John Sutton that’s for sure.

  8. Another thing chookstirfry, South Sydney District Rugby League Football Club has proudly held this name with honor and fame since 1908 unlike the current sydney roosters who have comically changed their name 3 times out of embarrassment and desperation in trying to attract more followers but as all can see has been a continued failure.
    It’s not s jame that attracts following its integrity and dignity which explains the massive Souths following and the dribble rooster wannabes.

  9. Ohh Twat… Change your nic to “Just the ONE” , that better reflects Souffs achievements after the NRLs over generous allowance to join the first grade competition.
    Your measure as to how many people in the bar after the game is a strange way to judge the success of a footy club.
    When you go missing are you in rehab.?
    Your crazy rants and constant references to long necks suggests to me that, you’re a drunk.
    See your Doctor, have a chat.

  10. Come on guys credit where credit is due. I dont follow souths but he is one of only 14 players in the games history to have played 300 at the one club. Well done John Sutton.

  11. I notice there is no topic on here on Stitch Aubussun’s eminent retirement as yet.
    Obviously a subject of no interest.
    In other words who cares?

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