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Parramatta have released a statement regarding an incident involving young five-eighth Jaeman Salmon.

Salmon was charged with drink driving during an incident last year, with the NRL Integrity Unit now informed about the charge.

The full statement can be seen below.

Parramatta Eels Club player Jaeman Salmon has been charged with low range drink driving in a traffic incident that took place in October this year.

The NRL Integrity Unit has been informed as per our normal process and Jaeman will face court in January 2019.

Jaeman has already completed a safe driving course, however, once the legal process has been finalised, the Club will take the relevant next steps.

In the meantime, the Club is working with Jaeman to ensure a clear understanding of road safety matters and that all key lessons have been learned and embedded for future application.

The Club will not make any further comment until the legal proceedings are concluded.


  1. I’d hate to be a parra fan with the amount of stuff their players do that is just pure stupid. Their fans deserve better. I wonder how much of a no nonsense attitude the senior staff really take. I guess its not much. They really should just start telling their players to fall in or f&^% off.

  2. Oh Parra. It hurts the game to have them such a shambles of a team. Salmon was one of the few shining lights for them last season. This won’t hurt his career too badly, but it’s a bad look for player and club. Who’d want to be at Parra right now?

    • Would be ever so sad if your walking stick slipped and u broke a leg on your walk to centre link next week….don’t spam too many emojis mate, ya might get arthritis in those worn out fingers

    • I’m sure you did something similar when you were young and foolish Woody, long before you were old and foolish. 🤪

      I bet you used to have a few too many drinks and then ride the horse and buggy home. You were just fortunate that your horse “Lucky” knew the way home and that RBT technology had not been invented yet Along with the radio, television, talking pictures, automobiles, aqueducts and plumbing… I think those last two were from “Life of Brian”.

    • Oh, the penny just dropped. You mean Brad Fittler of course. The recruitment manager media consultant and public relations officer for Nick Politis and the Roosters.

      Most people just know him as “Freddie” these days so your post may have gone over their heads.

    • And Nat Myles (then a Rooster) and two other players defecated in hotel hallways or on tables in their rooms. They should have spread out newspaper before these fowl acts occured. You know chickens talk sh!t and then eat their own droppings! 😂😂😂

  3. So much for Marty wanting out
    To bad uncle Nik the Manly ship is steady now and if Des can continue the way he started it will be another 10 years of very good football coming from the Northern Beach
    You can hate us now
    Even more

    • I can confirm that you did and I am sure I posted it here sonewhere? Perhaps I left it in my other pants?

      • Apologies for previous malfunction.

        I was in the process of reminding you that you told us all you took a screenshot of that comment of your special friend & then made 2 copies: one for your lower garments & another for under your pillow.

        Quite touching, really.

        • @ eels47

          See. I TOLD YOU SO! And it didn’t even take 24 hours for Alex Forrest from “Fatal Attraction” to break the truce you asked for and I agree to.

          Lock up your bunnies, they could end up boiling in pots on her stove!

        • FTS!!! 👍🏻📲📱

          So why then eels47 do you think that Zer0 T@ckle allow one of their employees (or unpaid volunteer writers) to continue to harass regular regular contributors to their site without putting them on a short leash? 🔗📿🐩

          It seems a little counterproductive to undermine stakeholders who are seeking to contribute something positive to their enterprise don’t you think? A simple “Thank You” would have sufficed. 🤝 🤜🤛

        • Just need to learn to let it go mate. It really isn’t worth all of the effort.

          For the record, I think the name is a coincidence, the danielle that writes stories I think is a different person.

        • reg just sing yourself the song from frozen……..let it go, let it go, let it goooooo.
          you’re doing yourself no favours.

        • billy you need to sing that song to “Alex Forrest” not me. Remember when she followed us to that other site billy and then back here again and posts continually under me or in reference to me.

          She’s a hemorrhoid billy. A pain in the a$$ that never goes away. Get me a proctologist billy, please, and let’s have her removed!

        • @eels47 – she is.
          @screamingeagle – I didn’t know she is a Storm fan & you are most certainly right about me.
          @reg – your persistent tr0lling of this journalist is just pure nasty.

        • And you have proven “Alex Forrest” that nothing you say can be believed and you can’t be trusted. The most infamous tr0ll on this site trying to label me with the same brush is a bit too much, even for you. Contribute something positive or crawl back into your dark little hole you Mexic@n M0le Rat (ala Sand Puppy). Google it. It will be like looking in a mirror.

        • Blah blah blah. How many more bizarre insults can you throw at me in a day? Isn’t that what tr0lls do?

          & yes, good idea, Reg. You should definitely see a GP very soon about your unpleasant condition.

      • Welcome back AE47, and I hope you’re right, especially if Taupau isn’t totally happy.
        You’ve obviously got some very good players in your squad, incl. Taupau, but too much average.
        From what I understand Taupau is on $800k or $900k, because it was a backended deal, and I’d argue 2018 was a standout year, probably because he wanted out.
        Releasing him would have freed up some badly needed cap space.

        • Mighty you know our biggest problem was appointing a bloke who has no idea as coach and he proved that
          Des will bring the best out of our roster and he has already begun with the next gen
          Many say Des didn’t do so well at dogs but I beg to differ it wasn’t all his fault
          Parra mmmm I really feel for you blokes ( nahhh) but you must throw out the current lot (coaching) look to the past and start again there is massive potential but not whilst the current group are there
          I’m just looking forward to a return of the Manly that always came to play as Donnie said it’s not about winning it’s about turning up and there wasn’t much of that over the past 3 years one more thing to all you “Manly” fans
          I TOLD YOU SO

        • I agree Barrett was a big part of the problem at Manly, and with that resolved, it’s now looking like depth is your biggest problem.

          I don’t your squad that well, but from a quick glance at your player list your bench looks to be amongst the weakest, assuming you start your experienced forwards.
          If Hodkinson can find some form, and stay injury free, your spine looks good, but Elgey?
          I’m sure Des will get to stamp his mark for 2020 with all your off contract players, but 2019 is looking average.

          I won’t argue with your comments re coaching/B.A, because part of me sees I could be doing a “Holmsey” on this one, but I’m still backing him, but not beyond 2019 IF it doesn’t work this year.

    • Des will turn Marty into a weapon. I think he is about to play his best football of his career in 2019.

      Wild World of Sports 3rd December 2018
      Des Hasler has put on his diplomat’s hat and may well have saved Manly in its bid to keep Kiwi international Marty Taupau.
      The fiery forward has been desperate to get out of Brookvale for the past year, but much has changed since Hasler took over at Manly a few short weeks ago.
      Hasler sat Taupau down one-on-one last week and showed the big fella some love – and word is it may have just done the trick.

      eagleeye47 December 1, 2018 at 1:15 pm
      Des taking over the coaching, particularly Donny Singe (kiwi Stenghth and conditioning Master) will make Marty want to stay. Marty never looked comfortable under the previous structure. Des will bring out the mongrel in him.

    • Jiminy? Surely YOU aren’t behind this fake profile? Surely? By the way, numbnuts “claimed the story” referred to NO ONE posting on the story either as a reply or stand-alone comment.

      “Makinson rumours squashed”


      Reg Reagan December 5, 2018 at 4:23 pm

      sydneyroosta December 5, 2018 at 7:40 pm

      Reg Reagan December 5, 2018 at 7:51 pm

      You are a total loser “TheFakeEagle” just like the harpy that rides on top of you!

    • Now I know why you posted human sapien. Any attempted correction gets blocked because censorship and political correctness trumps knowledge and scientific accuracy. It’s a bit of an oxymoron that this site is living in the “electronic dark ages”!

  4. I’m sure the media must pay our players to go out do something wrong just to sell some papers. When’s it going to end, we need to come down hard from now on and put a stop to this crap. No matter who it is, instant dismissal.

    • You’d break the contract of a player over ‘low range’ drink driving charge? That’s harsh. Not only will it deter potential recruits, but it’ll only create more instability within the club. That’s not the way forward for a club like Parramatta

      • Probably not something like this charge, it would be way over the top. Agree with what you are saying, really over the Parra boys putting themselves in the spotlight especially after the year they just had. They should be busting there backsides and doing everything possible to bring no negative to the club. Other players should of been moved on after swapping drug test and getting caught with drugs though.

  5. Certain clubs sell papers and i know Parra are one but is this for real?This isnt because im a Eels fan but this is ridiculous.His most likely a P plater so the fact it was low range means it could of been from the night before or a beer at lunch.This highlights more our stupid road rules more than a player doing the wrong.Feel so sorry for a kids today.Watched my son for years work his butt of in his apprenticeship and couldnt have a few after work incase he got tested next day or even worse on a weekend if he wanted to use his car the next day he couldnt drink

    • Honestly, I don’t see your point of woe is me for the children not being able to drink on a night out in case they are still over the limit the next day.

      If they need to drive the next day, they should use some self control and not go on a bender. Pretty simple stuff.
      And to say that you feel sorry for Salmon getting done for low range drink driving when it could have been a case of him being over from the night before, he reportedly crashed into 3 parked cars before flipping onto the roof of his Cherokee.

      Not exactly a player doing no wrong.

    • Sorry Parramatt, but I cannot agree with you on this. The problem is not the road rules, it is the people on the roads. There is no excuse for drink driving, whether it be low, medium or high range. As Beastie stated, in this case it wasn’t just the drink driving, but the resulting accident. What if someone had been hurt, or worse, killed as a result. That is why the rules are in place.

      • When i had commented the full story hadnt come out.Lot different to just having a drink.If parras recruitment for footy players was as good as it is for idiots

  6. @ Woody, sydneyroosta and all Roosters fans

    I have the link and answer as promised confirming HOW MUCH Angus Crichton is actually being paid by the ROosters posted on the “Cook recommits to Rabbitohs” story: Reg Reagan December 6, 2018 at 10:34 am

  7. @ Reg Rogan

    Instead of looking at your team in rose colour glasses take take the bias out of what you preach. The stats you point out are from years back. Go back and watch the film from this year. Starting off with Rn1 Perth, South Vs Warriors. Nth Qld when AJ went off injured at half time, Souths wouldn’t have never been close enough to win by a penalty goal if not for G.I going back to fullback. South in the nations capital where AJ fluffed a bomb in goal that was going over the dead ball line. This game was a classic of how AJ absolutely refuses to tackle. Sam Burgess look in response was epic. Even Ben Hunts try in the semi final, AJ was in complete no mans land. Please watch the film. It was a fantastic result for Souths to offload Jason Clarke who was an absolute fumble numpty. It will happen AJ won’t be at Souths by 2020 if not sooner.

      • This isn’t the “The Joe Rogan Experience” it is “The Reg Reagan Transcendence”. Details matter, like WHICH TEAM you support and your absence of a statistically proven argument or sound technical premise to support your blind shots in the dark. Come on. By my “rose coloured glasses” and my “cardinal and myrtle glasses” are off. Convince me, with FACTS and a clearly articulated argument but FIRST, if you want me to read it, confirm WHICH TEAM you support. No more games.

    • AJ is NOT a FB hence his stats for this year are irrelevant and stats as a winger for previous years are.

      If you want me to reply to future posts be upfront about which team you support and stop hiding in the shadows taking cheap shots like a tr0ll.

  8. Bennett and Siebold had been busy this past couple of weeks.
    Liam Knight has become a Nomad…especially after spraying bug repellant in his mouth when he went DUI when at Manly.
    He had so much potential…..

    SMH 3rd December
    The Canberra Raiders have silenced speculation Liam Knight is headed to the South Sydney Rabbitohs after the young prop was dragged into the Wayne Bennett-Anthony Seibold saga.
    Knight’s name was mentioned in bombshell email allegedly sent by then Souths coach Seibold to Rabbitohs chief executive Blake Solly last week. Seibold claimed Raiders recruitment boss Peter Mulholland contacted now Souths coach Bennett and the club’s list manager Ben Rogers to discuss signing Knight. But the Raiders told The Canberra Times on Monday the 23-year-old would be playing in the capital next season.

  9. Demetriou paid out final year of his contract by Brisbane. Now I would say that Souths can can try and get him as they have no assistant as yet. Hope so for Demetriou’s sake, nice guy and would be insurance for the Bunnies if Wayne does not work out.

    • Let’s hope dreaglor. Souths need a succession plan and someone to clear up the mess from the Bennett Bunny era down the track. I have a feeling that the Sharks might be going hard for Demetriou if the stories I am hearing are true. I just hope both Souths and Bennett convince Demetriou to come to the Rabbitohs to be their long-term coach before the Sharks get a chance to make a play. It will make the Bennett acquisition worth all the pain and heartache in the end if Demetriou is involved at the club as Bennett’s assistant from 2019 and the clubs’ head coach after Bennett.

      • So my opinion is simply classed as being cheap shots but your opinion is classed as gospel? So according to you absolutely every player on Souths list are outstanding 1st grade footballers? Tell me as a Souths fan did you feel Jason Clarke had terrible ball security? The rhetoric that fuels your biast is all the that’s wrong with “ZEROTACKLE”.

        • Bias AND hypocrite thank you very much.
          You and the woodster have some very good insights Mr Walker 👍👍👏👏
          Woody may be the elder here but he’s on the ball and has great wit. 🤓🤓

        • @‘WOWO’ & Panthers3, fellow labelled tr0lls – he’s losing the plot yet again.

          Im applying the upper-case usage measure to his increasingly excitable responses…he’s getting close to another complete breakdown with so many challenges to his self-perceived ownership of this website’s comments section.

          …same ol’ same ol’.

        • Clearly you are part of a multi-headed beast but we will dismantle and take you apart one head at a time.

          And Rick with a silent “P” show a little wit and imagination of your own and come up with your own name for Woodchook just as I did for Woody and the “Angry Eagle” which your crude consortium also tried to misappropriate.

        • Only a truly sick mind would go to the extreme lengths you do danielle. Create all the multiple profiles you like to feign some small degree of social acceptance but you will always be a social pariah in desperate need of validation.

          I’m not playing your childish, psychotic game any more. You and your kind have already been voted off the island. It’s time for you to go.

        • Reg, I actually think you know I don’t use multiple profiles – I’ve ALWAYS been me & no-one else. You know that. You’d like to convince other readers otherwise.

          These other contributors aren’t me & you know that.

          Same ol’ same ol’ nonsense from you, Reg.

          My unfallen username is my ZT pride, Reg! What happened to yours????

          Your pathetic reliance on pop-culture reality TV amuses me no end, BTW. You & your mates’ votes add up to…well, no siginificance to anyone but yourselves.

      • I would think that Benny will be pushing to get Demetriou to Souths, which would be beneficial as they are familiar with each other’s styles, so fingers crossed for all Bunnies supporters.😊😊

        • But given the accelerated coaching merry go round in recent years, why would he sign a medium/long term assistant role (and stick to it), in the hope of taking over from a newly appointed head coach on a 3 year contract?
          The way I see it, the “Bennett transition plan” is now a distant memory.

        • Hey mighty, word up here has it that he does not want a head coaching role just yet, coupled with the fact that this 3 year contract is realistically Benny’s last as he will be 71 by the end of it, so Demetriou could succeed him then. Mind you what would I know, I didn’t think Seibs would leave Souths and I actually thought/wanted the Broncos to sign Madge, Doh!!!😜😜😜

        • Fingers crossed that is the p lkan and Demetriou will join Bennett at Redfern shortly with the promise of taking over as head coach after Bennett.

          You do realise that it would greatly strengthen Bennett’s hand and the appeal for young Broncos players to make the move to Redfern in 2020 with both Bennett and Demetriou at the club?

        • If players want to go from Broncos to the Bunnies to play under Bennett so be it. No point in them hanging around if they don’t want to and no point in Brisbane hanging on to Bennett just to keep players when his time was truly up in Brisbane. Besides, the players may just like Seibs ‘techno beats’ at training!😜😜

  10. @Reg GROGAN

    You say I don’t have any stats to represent the fact that Alex Johnston is not a first grader. Tell me, aren’t stats the thing that got Ruan Sims in trouble early this year? When she gave Apisai Koroisau Daly M points having never watched the game. It turned out that Ruan went of the stats sheet in the paper and in reality Koroisau actually had a terrible game. Having a look at the stats from this years Qualifying Final between Melbourne Vs Souths you would think Sam Burgess had a good game yet in fact he had a poor game and tried way to hard. The point is, that stats can be quite misleading and in your case manipulated to represent your biased. Look at Robert Jennings try scoring tally this year, on paper it’s impressive but in reality 3/4 of these try’s were scored with no effort or skill required, all that was needed was for Jennings to waddle a few meters and place the ball down. I’m sure no one plays for stats, the game is played to win and Alex Johnston is simply not a winner just like how Anthony Seibold is not a winner. When the crunch came and the chips were on the table Seibold didn’t have a plan B. Souths would not have one a premiership with that game plan and with Seibold as coach. You’re probably one of these South supporters that would like to see G.I offered another million dollar contract.

    • In a sea of nearly indecipherable words I don’t see any mention of which team you support. Until I do I won’t be discussing or debating any points with you.

      And get your ENTER key fixed. A few paragraphs might improve the chances of people trying to make sense of your poorly constructed and confused thoughts.

  11. Clearly the tr0lls have taken over the zoo yet again and clearly ZT are enabling this. No new story for over 32 hours and a nothing story saturated and stagnant with over 70 comments many of which stem from the one sick psychotic mind, danielle.

    I guess ZT would prefer a return to the dark days when only half a dozen profiles posted on this site and comments for each story were generally limited to single figures. ZT can very easily become a ghost town once again filled with nothing but tr0ll ghosts. 👻👻👻👻

    • Yes, it’s a ZT conspiracy, I tell ya!

      I LIKE THIS WEBSITE!!! Always have.

      YOU do nothing but trash it…like you have some sort of ownership over it.

      So, move on. & take all your sycophants with you. Go create your own blog so you exercise the dictatorship you lust for around here.

      It’s NOT your website, Reg! You’ve said you earn a 6 figure salary & this place is a complete joke…so go set yourself up & leave this place to what it used to be before YOUR many aliases arrived here!

      • Here’s a thought. If you want this place back to what it used to be, how about you start commenting on footy instead of just trying to call out Reg on everything.

        Everything that you accuse him of, whether you are right or wrong, you do yourself. Yes, he tales over articles at times, but so do you with your constant comments calling him out on it. You tell him this sin’t his website, well it isn’t yours either, so who are you to constantly try and police his comments?

        Seriously, enough is enough. Both of you need to just ignore each other and move on from this rubbish. Reg agreed with this and tried to, but you continued your crusade against him, so he has bitten back. Give it a rest and we can all enjoy the site again.

        • 👍🏻

          I’m game eels47 if danielle and her “multi-headed beast” will just stay on THEIR side of the ZT wall and stop tunneling under to our side like a Mexic@n m0le rat.

          But she and her “7 Faces of Dr. Lao” are not allowed ON the “Banter Train”. But they can stand in front of it if they want.
          👻👹👽👺💩 🚂🚃🚃🚃🚃

        • Update: Breaking News on the “Cronk will play in 2019” story.

          Reg Reagan December 7, 2018 at 11:34 pm
          Breaking News: PEACE IN OUR TIME!! eels47 brokers historic ceasefire and truce!

    • ….. as well as jail time if required.
      He has become really high maintenance without producing anything on the field.

    • There needs to be consistency though screaming. Remember what happened to “snake” and Ben T’eo who were both tried and found guilty in the court of public opinion only to be later proven innocent of all charges after fabrications to discredit them were thrown out of court?

      What about numerous assaults against women by James Roberts and Matt Lodge? Yet they are still playing the game. Hayne is yet another example. If the evidence against a player is sufficient to have them arrested and jailed then a ban from the game is a no brainer. But if there are allegations without supporting evidence clearly there should be no presumption of guilt or innocence either way for either party.

      Unlike Lodge and Roberts, Dylan Walker doesn’t have a history of assault of violence against women that I am aware of. His troubles at Souths stemmed from using drugs so I can’t see how he can technically be called a repeat offender.

      If found guilty however, beyond facing jail time, he should face a lengthy ban from the game if not a life ban.

    • Interesting point about DV not being a “one-way street”. Although that doesn’t justify violence and isn’t saying that “they deserve it” it is true that there are always two sides to every story and it is dangerous and inappropriate to make sweeping judgements without first knowing ALL the facts.

  12. It looks like a hot summer ahead with so much hot air blowing from down south. Small spot fires are already breaking out all over the place threatening a fire that will burn out of control and result in ZT burning to the ground once again.

    Individual sticks that are easily broken believe that together they can be strong but in reality just become more fuel for an all consuming fire that will devour them all.

    ZT should be more diligent putting out these spot fires before they start an inferno that will burn out of control.

    • Don’t fuel them then mate. Leave them alone to burn out. If someone wants to talk footy, then great, let’s talk. But if they are only trying to stir up sh!t then leave it be. Remember on of your old mates favourite quotes “Smile and wave boys, smile and wave.”

      • @ eels47

        I only wish I could mate but if I am provoked my reflex is to stand my ground and fight back. It’s a Redfern thing.

        Look at my history and that of SSTID-1970 and see if there is a reputation there for starting or finishing fights.

        At your request I will not attack or reference danielle from this point as long as she stays on her side of the fence and does not post under me or in reference to me or to AE47 (which he has asked in the past). This includes siding with any tr0lls that attack either myself or AE47 fair enough? I’m betting the truce will be broken not long after the sun goes down tonight, but not by me.

        • I was right, she did not wait long to break the truce. But she chose to attack around 11pm in the shadow of midnight when ghosts and wraiths are most active. The truce has been broken, the ceasefire has ended.

  13. The NRL want all clubs to take a game to the bush, which is a fantastic idea. Therefor the NRL should be fighting this on behalf of the Raiders, and if they can’t get the fine lifted, then they should pay it for them.

    • Sounds like a fair solution IF the NRL are serious about taking the game to the bush and respecting regional Australia. 👍🏻

  14. @Angryeagle47

    It’s actually got nothing to do with Dylan Walker.

    It was Nathan Brown yelling out Walkers On Walkers On in Origin years ago.

    You dunce

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