BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - MAY 24: Coach Wayne Bennett of the Broncos talks at a press conference after the round 12 NRL match between the Brisbane Broncos and the Parramatta Eels at Suncorp Stadium on May 24, 2018 in Brisbane, Australia. (Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images)

Brisbane Broncos coach Wayne Bennett has revealed he will remain at the club in 2019 after calling a press conference today.

Bennett sensationally signed with the Rabbitohs despite having a year to run on his deal at Red Hill, effectively switching places with incoming Souths coach Anthony Seibold.

“I’ve spoken to South Sydney … I have a responsibility here,” Bennett said.

“Players, staff that I work with, the fans, I felt I’d be letting them down if I went a year before I should.

“There’s a lot of things going on behind the scenes there.”

Bennett said his contract situation was not causing dramas at the club.

“The drama hasn’t been me. The drama has been everybody else. It’s never come from me.

“Today the deadline for me was because the speculation was mounting and I was going back to training on Monday.”

The seven-time premiership coach also praised South Sydney for orchestrating the deal and is keen to take over their top job in 2020.

“They’ve been outstanding South Sydney. Richo came to England to see me to talk about the contract … I’m disappointed for them but I’ll be there in 2020

“I have no problems about next year and how I’ll handle it. It’s not an issue for me.”

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“I did it here in 2008 … I’m ready to coach.”

The clubs have set themselves a deadline until 5pm today for the coaches to swap places, and with a deal not being reached, Broncos powerbrokers will now decide whether to sack Bennett.


  1. Just in…. AGAIN! As we already knew and Bennett has constantly stated repeatedly. That is “unless the Broncos tell him otherwise” which is a euphemism for terminate his contract which they are clearly too scared or too cheap to do!

    It is clearly the media and the on going speculation of fans that are driving these stories not the facts or any change in the status quo.

    Unless the FACTS change can we now finally move on from this?

  2. I am over Bennett but this has no been his doing. He was told he was not required after 2019 and found a job for 2020. Paul White needs to accept the blame for this one.

  3. Skeletor has always been about money.
    He doesn’t care about clubs, it’s all about him.
    He will try and bring down the broncos as punishment for sacking / moving him on.
    God when we talk about players breaking contracts, we have this fine example leading the way.

  4. Uncle Wayne wants his $2m 2019 deal…$1m termination from the Broncos and his $1m contract to coach the bunnies…..good on him!…and he’ll get it!

  5. Good god, enough of this media BS please FFS. There is all the chatter on this forum about who’s fault this mess lies with, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but truth is none of us really know exactly what has gone on, only our own interpretation from media reports and rose tinted glasses. The only thing that I know for certain is if the status quo (I know, they are not relevant anymore and are only good enough for Coles ads 😀😀) the media will not leave it alone and will make next season almost impossible for both the Bunnies and Broncos. Yes I know that will wonderful for some other teams supporters………………………………………..

  6. I’m a Broncos fan and I say,
    SACK HIM 2day .
    Brisbane be professional and move on , we don’t need this old Muppet.

  7. Bennett should go to Rabbits now and sebold should stay at rabbits.
    Having 2 head coaches is all the rage atm.

    • or Broncs should send Demetriou off to Souths now, do a Barrett to Bennett and make him sit out a year and bring in Seibold. Force the old goose to move on.

      • I like your way of thinking. Happy for Demetriou to head off to the Bunnies, he deserves a shot at a head coaching position. Souths should then renege on Benny ever coming to coach them!!😀😀😀

        • You only solved a third of the Bunny/Bronco puzzle box though screaming by moving Seibold to Brisbane (remember the Bennett piece does not fit into the 2019 slot just into the 2020 one).

          Ned then solved amother third with his suggestion to move Demetriou to Souths (NOT Bemnett as you suggested).

          Finally dreaglor completed the final third piece in the puzzle by suggesting Souths make Papa Smurf’s contract disappear leaving Demetriou as Souths permanent head coach and Papa Smurf in forced retirement without his life-sized bronze statue.

          So we have an answer to the riddle; “How many ZT profiles does it take to change a Broncos coach” the answer is 3!

        • If South’s were going to get Demetriou as a coach, they could have just signed him as the full time coach. Probably cheaper & now a better coach than Bennett any way.
          That would have stopped them suffering much of this current grief.
          Broncos , stop the penny pinching & pay up Bennett . Just move on.

        • @ EastOfDivide

          I think a Broncos fan (I forget who) advised that Demetriou has already commented that he is not interested in taking over a head coaching role in the NRL at this stage of his coaching development. I guess he saw what can happen when you jump into that arena too soon (*cough* Trent Barrett *cough*). Perhaps the person who posted this recently could confirm this again?

          Personally, like chalky, I would have much preferred Demetriou instead of Bennett but perhaps Souths don’t want to risk giving yet another ambitious rookie coach an opportunity only to see them either jump ship or start interviewing for another role BEFORE their current contract expires. Ironically Souths have hired a coach who could actually expire before his contract!

          In any case, Souths won’t need to worry about Bennett breaking his contract and leaving early. Instead, the problem will be finding a way to get rid of him before then if things don’t work out. If that happens he will be like a haemorrhoid, stuck on their a$$ and giving them constant discomfort and concern… just ask the Broncos who have already stocked up on Preparation H Cream for the next 12 months!

  8. There is a story on Nine WWOS which explains what has been going on behind the scenes and still leaves the door open for a coaching swap ahead of 2019 based on the Broncos “owners” stepping in…


    Yet Bennett admitted he could still be sacked by the NRL club.

    If Bennett is shown the door, it is believed the call will come from Broncos owners News Corp and not the Brisbane club’s hierarchy.

    “There is a possibility. There is always a possibility. I am in that type of game – I don’t know, ask them,” Bennett said.

    Hello! I didn’t know that News Corp, who run “FIX Sports”, owned the Broncos. Interesting that they have now owned BOTH teams north and south of the NSW border in an effort to expand their market share and profit… did I say just that out loud? I meant expand the game of course. 😉

    • You know News have not owned Melbourne since 2013.

      Yeah and James Packer does not care about profit owns Souths for the free Sausage sizzle and tickets to Rusty’s latest blockbuster.

    • Reg, well I’ll hand you Ned, just because I know how much you enjoy his pedantic nature, and last minute ambushes.
      News Corp doesn’t actually own the Broncos.
      The Broncos are a publically listed company (BBL.ASX is their code), however News Corp does own around 70% of the shares on issue.

    • @ tommy

      “You know News have not owned Melbourne since 2013.”

      THAT recently? I had no idea that they had held onto the Storm for THAT long tommy. Do you think that the shares and market value of the Broncos were cheaper and that was the reason that they cashed in on the Storm? I mean considering the Broncos haven’t won a premiership in 12 years their share price must have been a real bargain. Good time to sell too now that they have offloaded the albatross around their necks and hired the South Sydney developed “2018 Coach of the Year”.

      I mean it’s a classic investment strategy, isn’t it? Buy low, sell high. The Storm shares must have been worth quite a bit considering they have at least won 2 premierships in the last 12 years. Well, 4 “technically” speaking. Mate, even Souths have won ONE in the last 4 years. Well, actually it was 4 years 1 month and 27 days ago (given we have just passed midnight) but who’s counting. 😂😂😂 And that was without “Rookie sensation soon to suffer from second-year syndrome and be heard of no more” Seibold. That must take up a lot of space on a resume mate, don’t you think?

      Btw tommy, that is why I said; “Interesting that they have now owned”. “Owned” past tense, so I had an inkling that News Corp had severed the umbilical cord since they first birthed the Storm into the NRL. I did read it once upon a time but I try not to read too many facts tommy. You know they only confuse me. 😉

      “Yeah and James Packer does not care about profit owns Souths for the free Sausage sizzle and tickets to Rusty’s latest blockbuster.”

      You could be right there tommy but I think there is a bit of a bromance and hero worship going on there, to be honest. If truth be told I think Jimmy boy would rather see Rusty’s Sausage sizzle on the big screen in his latest blockbuster. It looks bigger that way. 😂😂😂

      mighty, I applaud your research once again. Such a relief to know that News Corp don’t have 100% control of the Broncos. That means that News Corp only have a 70% share in NO premierships in the last 12 years! 😂😂😂😂

      • @ tommyknocker

        I see that your “tommy gun” is out of bullets for a targeted response to the above post unlike your validation of mighty’s “2 cents worth” elsewhere. Or are you too busy rushing to cash in your Broncos shares with the fear that the bottom will fall out of the share price out Red Hill way with the news that Papa Smurf will be slowly dismantling your club in 2019 to take the best pieces to Redfern with him in 2020? 😂😂😂😂

    • Fake enough , if Demetriou wasn’t available ? I was just commenting on the comment above mine. About getting Demetriou for a fill in year.
      Demetriou may not be available until someone asks him to coach a first grade side though? I mean, do we believe all statements from teams, coaches & players? I think not.
      South’s could show some faith in the new coach idea. It worked very well for one year. They can’t help it if that one stabbed them in the back.

      • Mate if Souths could get Demetriou for 2019 he could keep the position as far as I am concerned and make Bennett Football Manager or some other token position where he could collect his pension in peace and sleep peacefully through most of the matches with his warm milk and blanket comforter. Fake enough? 😂😂😂 Fair enough, I got it. AC gets me as well every time.

  9. Wayne may well be getting some Xmas cards/presents from unusual people this year, like:
    “Merry Xmas, Wayne”, the Cleary’s.
    “Dido”, Gus
    “Double dido”, Manly, “and don’t forget me”, Barrett.

    • I agree with that. It’s taken the spotlight off of all of those other coaching dealings. Let those clubs get to work for next year.
      You forgot one thing they may have added to the card? ‘Keep Up The Fight Wayne’.

  10. @ Woody and coastal01

    danielle November 30, 2018 at 12:48 am
    Now, let’s get back to those treasured women in your life…
    Have they spent all night in the bathroom plucking themselves to your satisfaction?

    danielle November 30, 2018 at 12:48 am
    unlike him…STD_1970

    Is THIS the sort of person that you really want to associate yourself with? You don’t want to catch the disease she is carrying believe me. It will eat you alive from the inside and make you too a social outcast just like she is.

  11. I’m a very passionate bunnies fan but this is complete BS . The NRL is a joke. How can players and coaches sign with a club and a season to run on their contracts .
    I don’t care how it works, it has to change.
    As for the South’s board they need a rocket up themselves. Like Crichton , if Cook wants to play elsewhere let him go now . If Selbold is coaching the Broncos next year let him go now . I’d rather watch a team winning or losing with the passion for its fans . Loyalty has gone , let them go .
    Why the clowns signed Bennett has got me stuffed , everyone has a used by date and his has expired . He revolutionised the game using his wingers as an eight man pack but that was long ago . The only thing he brings is maybe the prized signing of a superstar in the making of Pangai Jr . Other than that it brings no joy to the majority of Bunnies fans .
    I waited 40 years for another premiership and don’t mind waiting another 40 if the players are passionate about the red n green and us fans .

        • Reg Reagan December 1, 2018 at 11:28 am
          Your comment is awaiting m0derati0n

          Reg Reagan December 1, 2018 at 11:31 am
          Your comment is awaiting m0derati0n

          Third try!!

          Don’t worry chalky, it’s clearly a Typ0. Fortunately, because you write your posts on a bl@ckb0ard you are immune to the “ReD Pen$” on this site who seem to ONLY c0rrect min0r mist@ke$ or Typ0$ on MY p0st$ al0ne.

    • This issue is being talked about and a Media release was written on this a couple of weeks ago.
      2 Trade Periods, one before the June 30 and one after the Grand Final is being discussed.

    • @ jtraynor67

      I completely agree with your first 5 sentences up to…. “they need a rocket up themselves.” As for letting Crichton and Cook go a year early, that would be a recipe for disaster IMO. BOTH are in-C-U-M-bent NSW rep players and Cook is the Australian hooker. Such a hole CANNOT quickly, or easily be filled at short notice with little significant depth and a depleted junior talent pool in terms of outstanding talent based on form.

      To show how poorly Souths’ lower grades are performing (via the Bears, who are now the Roosters problem), just look at the results in 2018 for the Bears Intrust Super Premiership NSW and Jersey Flegg Cup sides. In the Intrust Super Premiership NSW in 2018 the Bears finished 11th (2nd last!) with just 7 wins from 24 games! While in the Jersey Flegg Cup the Bears again finished 11th (2nd last!) with just only 4 wins from 20 games! In the past, the Rabbitohs lower grades used to dominate these competitions but now it seems that either the junior talent pool or junior development and recruitment has hit a brick wall.

      In 2018 the Rabbitohs had no team of their own in either the Intrust Super Premiership NSW or the Jersey Flegg Cup 2018 and relied on the Bears to represent them and provide a pathway for promoting junior talent to their 30 man NRL squad. Although this will all change from next year it would not do Souths any good for 2019. Matt McIlwrick is well suited to the Intrust Super Premiership NSW but not as Souths first choice hooker in the NRL. I don’t rate him at all and he couldn’t even earn a regular starting position at the struggling Tigers outfit over Jacob Liddle who IMO shows much more talent and potential.

      Also, Billy Brittain is in no way ready to be the full-time replacement for Damien Cook at hooker and dummy half and there are no quality hookers currently available on the market either. If he is thrown into this position too early not only will it severely hurt his confidence and undermine his development going forward but it will be the beginning of a complete breakdown around the dummy half area that will stop Souths attack and forward momentum in the middle third and derail the Bunny’s chances for 2019 entirely.

      Finally, tell me WHERE is the sense in letting Seibold go now when it is clear that Bennett has dug in his heels and wants to hang on in Red Hill for one more year to spite the Broncos management that has humiliated him by showing him the door. When even Demetriou is not a replacement option for Seibold and Don Furner, the Bunnies former assistant coach, is now (thankfully) coaching overseas SOuths’ options seem pretty limited. Perhaps you were thinking of Greg Inglis as captain and coach of the side or chalky doing us a favour and take over as caretaker coach for 2019. Will you step up 3hats? As you seem to be at all the training sessions and have studied Seibold’s methods for some time now. 😉

      Hopefully, in such an eventuality Souths would not be crazy enough to throw Trent Barrett a lifeline or offer to take Brad Arthur off the Eels hands. I understand that BA is next in line to be pawned off after Mitchell Moses and Corey Norman.
      Sorry, but I don’t see ANY other viable options for Souths to replace Seibold for 2019 and I don’t want to see Souths at the bottom of the NRL ladder because of a decision made on pride and not common sense. Souths MUST be professional and despite the fears of many of the Souths faithful here I believe that Seibold can perform his role professionally for the 2019 season. The caveat for this though is that there is no truth in the reported loss of confidence in the South Sydney locker room and that the players have no problems with Seibold as coach. This is something that none of us can truly be sure of but it will be apparent over the first few rounds of 2019 IF this IS the case.

      jtraynor67, I may have some strong disagreements with you on this occasion but despite the adversarial tone of much of this post I do respect your opinions which are always informed and well thought out but I cannot agree with you in this instance mate. Sorry.

  12. From day-1, Bennett always said that he is going to honour his contract for 2019 with Broncos. He always said that he will coach Souths in 2020. The media circus, the Broncos management and others are a disgrace for playing mind games, and victimizing Bennett for simply trying to do the honorable thing and stick to his contract. No matter what the circus clowns say, Bennett is the victim here.

    • To quote Gus…… no no no no!. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I respect that, so here is mine. There is no way that Bennett is the victim here. He is playing the media to suit his own agenda, which is it’s all about Wayne. To come out and state the following, ‘Players, staff that I work with, the fans, I felt I’d be letting them down if I went a year before I should’, just shows it is all about Wayne. How he cannot see that staying will be detrimental not only to the Broncos, but to his future club South Sydney is beyond me. The media will have a field day all of next season at the expense of the Broncos and Bunnies, and realistically there is no way this will not have a negative impact on both clubs!!!

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