NRL Rd 9 - Raiders v Dolphins
WAGGA WAGGA, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 29: Jack Wighton of the Raiders in action during the round nine NRL match between the Canberra Raiders and Dolphins at McDonalds Park on April 29, 2023 in Wagga Wagga, Australia. (Photo by Mark Nolan/Getty Images)

Jack Wighton has been found guilty of biting the arm of Tyson Gamble during the Canberra Raiders' elimination final loss on Sunday afternoon.

The judiciary panel - chaired by Justice Geoffrey Bellew and with former player Tony Puletua and referee Paul Simpkins - considered evidence over a lengthy deliberation following an hour-long hearing at NRL HQ on Tuesday night to return the verdict.

The panel then confirmed that Wighton would be suspended for three matches, with the NRL's prosecution requesting a four-match ban, and Wighton's lawyer reccomending just a two-match suspension.

Nick Ghabar, who was representing Wighton, pointed to the extenuating circumstances which were used as the key defence during the hearing to point to a two-match ban, while the NRL's prosecution also conceded Gamble's arm was in the wrong spot to begin with, making the bite not as serious.

However, given Wighton's long judiciary record, he still requested a four-match ban.

Prior to that and after the verdict, Wighton was provided a character reference to the hearing by coach Mal Meninga.

Earlier in the hearing, with Tyson Gamble not electing to proceed with giving evidence, Wighton defended the incident, claiming there was never a bite and that the teeth marks on Gamble's arm were a result of the pressure being forced on his head against the arm.

“It was a normal tackle and as I was going to the ground his forearm wrapped around my moth with extreme pressure," Wighton said per

"He squeezed my head really hard. That explains why there were teeth marks but there was definitely no bite.

"His forearm actually fell into my mouth before I could shut it. He has his whole forearm in my mouth applying extreme pressure.

"There is full body weight and full pressure. That explains why there is teeth marks because my mouth is jammed fully open but at no time did I clench one bit."

The NRL's prosection, led by Patrick Knowles, used Ashley Klein's referees report, which confirmed a mark consistent with what one row of teeth would look like was seen on Gamble's arm as well as saliva.

Wighton's ban means he will miss the opening weeks of the 2024 NRL season for his new club, the South Sydney Rabbitohs.