during game two of the State of Origin series between the New South Wales Blues and the Queensland Maroons at ANZ Stadium on June 24, 2018 in Sydney, Australia.

NRL legend and Immortal Andrew Johns believes the League should become a 12-team competition, in order to strengthen the quality of the NRL.

Johns believes the talent pool in the NRL is stretched too thin as it is, and wonders if a 12-team League would be of benefit to rugby league fans around the country.

Johns unveiled his idea on Channel 9’s Immortal Behaviour on Thursday.

“I think we should go down to 12 teams, play each other twice, with semi-finals,” Johns said.

“You see some of the games now, and I don’t think there’s enough talent to go around.

“I think the ideal number is 12.”

Johns went on to admit he didn’t think it would ever happen, but that didn’t stop him from merging team in order to come up with his magical number.

The former Newcastle halfback says a team in western Sydney was a must, and also decided to merge the Dragons and the Sharks together in order to represent south Sydney.

“The ideal thing would be we have a team at Western Sydney, an inner-city team, maybe one in Northern Sydney or the Central Coast and we have a team in Southern Sydney which would be St. George and Cronulla combined,” Johns added.

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“I think we need another team in Queensland whether it be in Brisbane or it’s a team up near Rockhampton.

“We need another team in Queensland definitely.”

Johns also suggested another team in New Zealand could help “grow the game.”


  1. What an immortal idiot. Another clown who loves the one horse town teams that wants to destroy teams with success like the Roosters, Souths, Penrith Canterbury who just happened to beat a lone capital city team in Brisbane last night and all the other wonderful clubs in Sydney. Johns pull ya head in mate and get off those substances that make you think up dumb strategies. Uncle Nick the sooner we disassociate our club from this mug the better. 💋

  2. Roosters n Souths = Roobits or Rabsters 🤔 Both clubs vote for a new name.
    Saints n Sharks = go with Dragons due to seniority?
    Bulldogs n Tigers = ? Fans to vote for new name
    Parra n Penrith = Panthers of course.
    “Eels” must die .. sorry guys.
    Manly n Newy = relocate to newy and Knights to hold their name.
    NSW Country = Raiders
    QLD Country = Titans
    PNG or Perth or ?

  3. I can’t agree with Joey. Reduce to 12, what’s next – 10, 8, etc. Kids aren’t taking it up, clubs in the country and regional areas are closing and schools aren’t participating. There are so many areas that can be improved, but the NRL or ARL or whoever just keep making excuses and appointing politicians who are professionals at deflecting responsibility and ignoring the public.

  4. Wow really with the talent around now … maybe the eccy he last took affects him …..it’s not there’s no talent some clubs can attract players some can’t … with the youth around we have enough players what we need is an out and out reserve grade …..

  5. If you build it, they will come! Surely if junior development and expanding the strength and viability of the bush are the focus of the NRL the participation pool size and thus talent will grow. Then a strong competition and a realistic chance of expansion wull be the result. Shrinking the competition will shrink interest and be a recipe for disaster….take a leaf out of the AFL books and see the number of schools playing Auskick to see what direction should be taking place.

  6. Oh FFS, let’s bring back the superleague. What a muppet and we know which teams he’d want to cut. Can’t believe someone has resurrected this crap after what happened last time. I still will never forgive those superleague scum teams.

  7. If you down size to 12 teams, how does that help the future of the game? Then you lose all of the supporters who don’t want to support a combined team .
    Another team in Brisbane doesn’t seem to work either . How many times does just down the road at the Gold Coast struggle. It’s folded several times before.
    Getting existing clubs to actually put in to build junior competitions & support other areas, is one way to help league. Penrith is working at that in its junior areas, but also putting in for coaching etc in Western Division. It has players , coaches go out there also.
    If a club like the Roosters for example is going to be of any value, without many of its own juniors at all . It should be putting in more to supporting & to build junior depth in another area of the country. More than just having your reserves as the Wyong Roos. As they can afford it.
    That goes for many other clubs as well. How about adopt an area that each club can assist to build their junior league competitions & senior competitions?
    That doesn’t mean Blacktown Workers Manly. Their actual club is bigger than Manly Leagues. They don’t need your help.

  8. Lol. The sage has spoken so the NRL must act and march rugby league off the cliff into oblivion. /clap /clap. 3 cheers for Johnsie

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