SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 10: John Sutton poses during a South Sydney Rabbitohs NRL media opportunity at Redfern Oval on September 10, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

South Sydney Rabbitohs veteran John Sutton has revealed that he wants to play on in 2020, as reported by Fairfax Media.

The 34-year old is coming off one of his best seasons, playing 27 games and forming an elite combination with Cody Walker and Inglis on the left edge.

Sutton will become the first player in Rabbitohs history to reach the 300-game mark in 2019.

“I can’t wait to rip in every day, play my best footy and whatever happens happens,” Sutton told The Herald.
“But I wouldn’t say this is definitely my last year.

“I felt like I had one of my best seasons, we had a great year and despite a disappointing finish, all in all it was a good year.

“I was confident I’d be back. Halfway through the year we started talking about playing on, and I was happy to kick on another year.

“I’m not worried if next year is my last year or not. But don’t rule it out. It’s not off the cards.”

Sutton was keen to learn from new Bunnies coach Wayne Bennett, even showing an interest in coaching after he retires.

“When I did my pec in 2016 I started doing a course a couple of days a week, but it was boring me so I didn’t do the last exam and brushed it,” Sutton said.

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“I’ll probably do something again next year.

“I’m coming towards the end end of my career and would like to do something with the club and coaching in the future. It will be great to learn from him every day. It might lead to something else.”

Sutton also said the Inglis’ fullback experiment could be a sucessful one next season.

“‘AJ’ [Alex Johnston] is a great fullback, but GI is GI,” Sutton said.

“It will all depend on his body and if he wants to play there or not. He’s been happy, I had dinner with him last week. He’s in Bali now so he’s really happy.”


  1. Take it year by year, how you feel today may not be the same in twelve months. I would love to see Sutton play as long as he can make the grade but I would hate to see him embarrass himself.

    • Sutton is so old that he thought the two years Soufths were booted out of the comp for not being a good enough side and on reentry collected a couple of spoons🥄🥄 Sutton thought he was actually clocking up games for Soufffths 😂😂😂😂😂😆😁🤣🤣😁🤣

    • “Hasn’t he already played over 300 games?”

      Yes. Actually, Sutton played his 300th game twice in 2018! At least the celebration lasted two weeks. Thankfully Souths won his second 300th game or Sutton might have been the first person in the history of the game to celebrate THREE 300th games in succession! 🥂🍾

  2. Good on you sutto ….play as long as your able to and are able to give the team what it needs…’ll know when the time is right to pull the pin. Your form in 2018 was better than most backrowers from other clubs including the chooks & eagles and your experience around the younger players is invaluable

  3. All Easts supporters please stop showing how jealous you are. Souths have 21 premierships you will never catch Souths NEVER. You get round caps. Lets face it what other team can buy Cronk and Tedesco in one season. Then have enough to steal Crighton as well. Now Flanagan is in your sights. How come you didnt buy Johnson. There is no cap for Easts. You may have won comp last year but it was set up for you. Souths lost all hope when we got Melbourne in Melbourne. We were battered from that game and were never going to recover. Anyway next season we will turn up and it is up to you at EASTS to play catch up. 21 Premierships and you will never catch us. ALWAYS in our SHADOW. And why are you always on souths threads,

  4. Well said Bob
    Don’t worry about wood chook he only talks garbage anyway ……Souths will get number 22 soooooon

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