AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - FEBRUARY 06: John Olive of the Rabbitohs offloads during the 2016 Auckland Nines match between Rabbitohs and the Storm at Eden Park on February 6, 2016 in Auckland, New Zealand. (Photo by Simon Watts/Getty Images)

The Bulldogs have continued their lucrative signing spree, securing Gold Coast flyer John Olive effective immediately.

The 21-year old winger inked a two-year deal beginning next week.

Olive made his debut for Souths as an 18-year old in 2018, before signing with the Titans, where he made a dozen appearances.

The Bulldogs, today announced the signing of Olive, who once played in their junior competition.

Gold Coast coach Garth Brennan spoke highly of the injury-riddled outside back.

“John has been offered an opportunity to return to his home city of Sydney and knowing how he feels when surrounded by family and friends, I didn’t want to stand in his way,” Brennan said.

“He’s still a young kid who could have a long career ahead of him. I wish him all the best for the future.”

Olive is Bulldogs’ second signing, in just several days, with Moses Suli agreeing to a three-year monster deal.


    • Why would you want him back?
      He left us in the Lurch and for the money,
      We have Alex Johnston, Campbell Graham, Marwene Hiroti, Tyrone Taukamo, Richard Kennar, Jacob Gagan and Jesse Arthars, all who are much better players

  1. I am really confused about how the salary cap works. Just recently the bulldogs had to release some players to get cap compliant and now they sign Suli and Olive.
    Maybe the salary cap increase played a part.

  2.  Moses suli and now John Olive? .
    And how the hell can the dogs afford them? Didn’t they shred players to be cap compliant?
    No cap at the dog’s again.

    Where are the auditors?

    • “shred players” Kelpie? That’s a bit harsh, isn’t it? Perhaps they were trying to hide the evidence from the salary cap auditors?

    • It’s called second tier salary cap. Chase Stanley has left and he was on a decent bit of money. Suli is only on $90k for this year and there will be a few players on big money moving on. You’re a Roosters fan, you’re the last person who should talk about the cap..

      • Suli was reported to have signed a 3yr $1.3 contract. So you are saying first yr he’s getting $90k and the following yrs $600k. If I was a player I wouldn’t agree to that and tbh that logic doesn’t make sense to me.

        I think the cap was a beat up, Doggies had players that are heavily back end contract and hopes to push them out before having to pay. Poor form of you ask me

  3. It certainly makes you wonder why then they didn’t keep Reynolds, Suli and Olive together their contracts would have kept him, you would think.

  4. From what I can gather Eastwood is not going to retire, the Doggies were at their salary cap prior to this signing and Suli, so I can only assume they are shedding a player or two.

    Rumours were getting around re Morris to the Bunnies, but I suspect the Doggies would have to partially fund that, so it probably wouldn’t fix it entirely.

    Maybe there’s a few more trades before the end of the month, across the board, not just at the Doggies

    • The situation was a tad murky regarding the Morris Twins.
      The Dogs approached the Rabbitohs as they wanted to offload them.
      The bottom line is that Seibold wanted young players for the Future and we couldn’t risk losing our Young Junior Rep Players like Graham, Hirote and Taukamo.

      I doubt that the dogs wanted to pay any of the freight anyway so it was never ever going to happen.

  5. Helps having your former CEO as the NRL CEO. Ruber stamps everything without a worry as he has a rather large broom when it suits his agenda.

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