SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 12: Joel Thompson of the Dragons looks dejected after a Bulldogs try during the round 14 NRL match between the Canterbury Bulldogs and the St George Illawarra Dragons at ANZ Stadium on June 12, 2017 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

The Manly Sea Eagles have announced the signing of Joel Thompson on a two-year deal.

A quality player with a tremendous work rate, Thompson has played 174 games in the NRL for the Canberra Raiders and St George Illawarra Dragons, featuring at both back-row and centre.

Head Coach Trent Barrett welcomed Thompson to the Club.

“Joel is a player I have admired for a long time. I coached him in the Country team a couple of years ago,’’ Barrett said.

“Not only is Joel a terrific bloke and a terrific leader but he is extremely competitive and very tough. He is a professional.

“Joel has played plenty of first grade and his experience is something I thought our squad needed.  Not only will the team benefit from it but also a lot of our young individuals will benefit too from having someone like Joel around.”

Sea Eagles CEO Lyall Gorman said Thompson brings a lot to the Club both on and off the field.

“Joel brings a strong passion and commitment through not just his on-field performances but also his off-field contribution in the community,” said Gorman.

“His dedication to adding value across the community is an area to which our Club is genuinely committed and one for which Joel was recently recognised through being the well-served recipient of the NRL Ken Stephen Medal for Community Service.”

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Manly Sea Eagles 2018 Player Movements

2018 Gains
Lachlan Croker (Canberra Raiders, 2019), Jack Gosiewski (South Sydney Rabbitohs, 2019), Trent Hodkinson (Newcastle Knights, 2019), Toafofoa Sipley (New Zealand Warriors, 2019), Moses Suli (Wests Tigers, 2019), Kelepi Tanginoa (Parramatta Eels, 2019), Joel Thompson (St George Illawarra Dragons, 2019)
2018 Losses
Lewis Brown (retired), Pita Godinet (Wests Tigers), Blake Green (New Zealand Warriors), Brenton Lawrence (retired), Jesse Martin (South Sydney Rabbitohs), Steve Matai (retired), Nate Myles (retired), Brett Stewart (retired)
Manase Fainu (2019), Addin Fonua-Blake (2022), Darcy Lussick (2021), Brad Parker (2019), Jorge Taufua (2019), Frank Winterstein (2019)
Off Contract 2019
Jade Anderson, Lachlan Croker, Cade Cust, Brendan Elliot, Manase Fainu, Tevita Funa, Reuben Garrick, Jack Gosiewski, Trent Hodkinson, Albert Hopoate, Sean Keppie, Semisi Kioa, Apisai Koroisau, Luke Metcalf, Brad Parker, Lloyd Perrett, Toafofoa Sipley, Curtis Sironen, Moses Suli, Kelepi Tanginoa, Jorge Taufua, Joel Thompson, Corey Waddell, Dylan Walker


  1. Wow I expected this signing a long time ago, did the salary cap breaches stall negotiations? And can they get Hodkinson now or what?

  2. Wow I thought this deal fell through, great signing by the club. While he’s no Cordner or Gillett he is still a quality backrower with plenty to offer. Its pretty obvious we dont have the strongest backrow in the comp, Winterstein was good but nothing special and Sirro had his moments particulary before he was injured he was hitting some great form and has developed a good combo with Cherry down our right side. Strengthening our left side should be our main focus with signings, Thompson fills the backrow down that edge which will help the left edge in attack and defence along with his experience. The right is one of the best in the comp but our left was another story in 2017. Very weak in defence and the attack down that side was inconsistent but still solid enough. Hopefully another off season under kellys belt and Jorge Taufua having a full off season of building the combo down that edge will help. We still dont have a six locked in but its sounding more and more likely it will Croker who is apparently having a blinder of an off season.

    1 T Trbojevic
    2 Taufua
    3 Walker
    4 Kelly
    5 Uate
    6 Croker
    7 Cherry-Evans (c)
    8 Lussick
    9 Koroisau
    10 Taupau
    11 Thompson
    12 Sironen
    13 J Trbojevic (vc)

    14 Brown
    15 Perrett
    16 Winterstein
    17 Fonua-Blake

    • The Sea Eagles would have been better served making a big play for Jake Friend instead. Manly are in greater need of a quality hooker and dummy half that can play 80 mins. Api is good for impact off the bench but is not a run on 60 plus min hooker IMO. Pethaps you could give DCE a go at dummy half instead since Api proved he could do a better job in the halves than DCE in any case. 🎣

      • Sorry SSTID but like all Eagles fans I wouldnt swap Api for any Hooker. One of our best players last season and one of the better hookers in the comp. His minutes are usually 80 but occasionally 70 which Im still happy with and he hasnt hampered our team one bit, only improved it. We are a better team in attack and defence with him in our side, he gives 100% and loves the club. As for Friend very overrated in my opinion and also doenst play the 80 he plays 60 to 70.

        • Oh I was hoping the Rabbits could reclaim Api. Nevermind. So it IS you holmsey. Welcome back. You’re just in time for ZT Christmas celebrations!

  3. So will like Sims take the starting second row at the dragons meaning that Host or Latimore will take his place on the bench. Possibly even Jai Field

  4. Also I think Hastings will get the 6 jersey, move brown to 16 pushing Winterstein out and making room for Crocker as number 14 do he can add a spark to there attack when he comes on

      • Seriously, Lewis Brown is still at Manly? I thought he was jettisoned into space along with Nate Myles and his planetoid head before the Millennium Eagle jumped into hyperspace… oh wait, that’s the Millennium Falcon. Too much Star Wars lately, sorry.

  5. This signing sits nicely for the Sea Eagles in my opinion. Firstly being that Thompson is a very admirable footballer, and seems person, based on what I have read regarding his community commitments. I think he’s an asset to any club, he has come a long way. Secondly, I think natural progression for Frank Winterstein is to be come the extra middle 3rd player off the bench. If he can get more consistency at less minutes his output will be large asset once first changes are made.

    6 is a massive question..

  6. He will be a good addition to our left edge. That would be our spending done I think and believe Hastings will be getting first crack and I think deservedly so at our number 6. Also is a good goal kicker.
    There were rumours of brown leaving early so hopefully that is either true or Barrett isn’t keen on him now and plays in reserves.
    Think manly can run with 4 forward on the bench and let api okay 80 and use Sironen or something if an injury appears in backline for the game.
    If we can have a bench of
    I think that’s pretty awesome to be honest.

  7. How can they still make signings already being over the cap? They have even looked to shred players for next year. Only departure has been Caremon Cullen but he left because he wanted too and I’m sure losing 1 gaining 1 doesn’t mean they somehow go under the cap?

  8. Scum Thompson. Why would we let him out of a contract early, it’s not likes he’s not one of our best forwards. Hopefully Leilua steps up and Allgood.

  9. Whats other eagles fans on the site opinion on Hastings. I want him to kick on and he played well off the bench in 2017. Its obvious he has had attitude problems in the past Id like to see him start as he would solve our problems, he is a great goal kicker and an organising half. He just seems out of favour, hope Im wrong and he does get a start he is an excellent talent and could be a long term option at the club in the six jumper.

    • hastings is a bench player , we don’t need , API is a reasonable hooker if he turns out in 2018 like he did this year then I’d go as far as saying he’s on his way , Cullen should be given an opp, Uate should be moved on whilst the gloss is still there ( only just) would have liked Parcell and Burher personally added to squad , our biggest prob is DCE lack of leadership and apart for Darcy everyone did zero when he got slapped( speaks volumes) we need a Kingie up front , we haven’t found a replacement and it shows , Manly have a competitive side but lack edge when facing sides that finished in 8 this year , yes we beat a few during season but not when it counted

      • Cullens gone mate… As for Cherrys leadership, I dont see a problem with it, please elaborate as Id like to see your view on it but so far Ive loved his captaincy and passion but I would also like Jake to be promoted alongside Cherry. Cherry isnt a loud captain if you know what I mean, he doesnt get fired up unless its a big moment, its just his way similar to Smith, neither are aggressive captains but you can see the passion when it matters. Jake is the opposite and he takes every error and every missed tackle like he has shot someone, he gets so disappointed, every loss hurts him, thats why Id have him with Cherry as a co captain. We also have a young side so give it time, players with experience like Thonpson will help.

        And mate we can match any top 8 side on our day, the problem is we were very inconsistent in 2017, hopefully we can improve that in 2018.

        • That’s enough to convince me you are the genuine Holmsey, so welcome back mate.

          Whatever you do, or whoever you pick to fill the 6, surely the most important / fundamental consideration has to be someone that suits DCE, and someone that will be around as long as, or very close to, DCE.

          You’ve got DCE for the next 5-6 years (barring major injury) like it or not, so the way I see it pick a suitable young guy, develop / fine-tune his style to compliment DCE, and hold him. I’m not sure that’s Hastings, not because of his ability, as he seems to a good young player, but I can’t see them getting on at a personal level.

        • Eels,
          Your right, manly do need to try get a young fella in and partner up for a while with dce look long term.
          Prob is atm dce needs and organising half, we have Croker and Metcalf both whom are rated as very highly impressive halves with massive futures. My thinking though is Lerner dce with Hastings this year and let the other 2 run reserve grade and let them learn how to run and organise a team that aren’t 18 years old and go from there next year. Maybe get some bench time in 1st grade this year to each also…

        • Cullen left to go back to the gold coast. And can everyone please drop the DCE has an ego thing if it were true I think it would have a bit more publicity.

        • Holmsey DCE is no leader , he is a selfish person his omission on his 2016 performance shows exactly that , it’s why he will never ever play SOO again

        • Probably the least selfish player in our lineup mate, his friends, family and teammates will tell you that as will former and current players. Your a hate affair with him doesnt change that and when drop your tyrade you will be happier for it.

        • His former team mates can’t stand him , Killa refused his captain dinner because of the upheaval DCE brought to the club , your understanding of the Manly Rugby League side is limited , you couldn’t name the sponsor on our 1980 Jersey , DONT start your high and mighty BS again , so had a sook last time and left , you forget ? And what if DCE statement re his 2016 season ? Is that leadership? The highest paid player in our club and on more money than cam smith and that’s his attitude, your making a fool of yourself Holmsey

        • Holmsey, he does have an ego, but so do any number of other players in professional sport.

          My comment, re Hastings / DCE was more about is Hastings the right guy to partner him for the next few years, and I don’t think he is.

          The ideal partner for DCE has to genuinely look up to him, and in all honesty I’d go a tad further to albut borderline worship him (they have to be prepared to play second fiddle, full stop). To me, that’s not Hastings, even now, let alone for the medium term.

          I think DCE can be a team player as long as everyone accepts it’s “his team”. That’s why, a big part of why, he’s the captain.

        • Beleive what you want mate but ill stick to the truth instead of your claims. Good luck on your personal tyrade but your one man army aint winning no war. Its honestly ridiculous so lets all just move on from this little war of words.

        • eelsalmighty sorry I misread your comment, I completely agree with your comment regarding DCE in your last comment, Hastings is a player with a big ego and he has obvious attitude problems thats why I would prefer Croker being alongisde cherry for 2018.

        • No dramas Holmsey, you guys just need to find the right young player to partner DCE.

          That probably won’t be an expensive player, but it will require a switched on talent scout.

          As for you and MW, you two have differing opinions. That’s it. Don’t take it personally.

  10. Looks like win-win situation, with JT getting a longer contract than he would have at the Dragons, who now have a chance to rebuild their three-quarter line.

    • That’s weird logic, we wouldn’t need to rebuild it if we didn’t let him go early. What’s the effing point of a contract then? We were stupid enough to let Morris out early and I couldn’t care less about his brother playing elsewhere.

      The worst of it JT only just finished denying the rumors and said he was staying put.

      • I’m with you daffy. I just don’t understand it & disagree with letting people go just because they ask nicely.

        If Saints need a three-quarter then buy him as part of the 30 man squad. Since we had the squad set I would say that the management were happy with the 30 squad balance.

        It is failed logic to justify letting him go

  11. That’s a shame as Joel is a quality player on the paddock and a quality person off it. But I understand….the NRL is cut throat and careers are very short. All the best to Thommo Andy thanks for the service.
    I think big Luciano will have a good year. Like his brother, he has the ability to wreak havoc but needs consistency. By all accounts he is quite quick for a big fella and very skilful. Speed is still the dragons issue. Would love to see Dufty and/ or Jai Field really step up in 2018

  12. Big loss for the Dragons – good pick up for Manly. Dragons seem to be losing a few forwards. I don’t rate then high for 2018 – not in my top 8.

  13. Finally some good news but no one seems to want to play with dce in the halves .. or is it trents fault ? We aint got the $$ to buy someone decent anyway.

    • Trent’s not the one that came out and said I didn’t put the effort in during 2016 season, your spot on no one wants to play next to DCE , he has limited abilities, General kicking game no existent, positiononal play poor , he gets slapped and no one bats an eyelid , he isn’t a man of his word , on the bright side he articulates himself like a well drilled politician 😂😂😂😂oh how gross

      • You really sound like a broken record…
        Dce came out and had a bad 2016… he came out and admitted it then dug in last year and had a ripper of a year and showed what he can do, so dce has played what 6-7 years with manly and had 1 bad year behind a team and pack that were well beaten…
        HE skills in league others dream of, can definetely do things others can’t.
        And with soo he prob will never play again for qld, but that isn’t through lack of ability. He has never been given a fair go, and that qld team play that much together when one is out it all fails, when someone else plays differently to there system. And besides look who it is calling the shots in qld. The biggest bunch of cheating dirty dirty players, Smith, slater, gronk. All grubs, so if dce don’t fit in, well I say that’s great…

      • Just don’t put Walker there. Really not sure as to why Manly didn’t offer Green a longer contract especially with JT now signed to stiffen the defense on that side.

        In my eyes Manly don’t currently have a half to compliment DCE anywhere in their squad and probably no longer have the money to buy one.

        Should have bought Benji

        • Green is too old to offer to long too, would of been good to keep him his year, but that’s it. We have great young halves that just aren’t ready yet but will be next year or one after. Hastings can do the job, otherwise manly could still afford Hodkinson I’m sure, wouldn’t be on much as knights would chop in heaps.

        • Crowy why would Knights through in anything at all??? They sure dont need him off their books and he stay and help develop the young guys in reserves.

          Almost every half in U20 at all teams is a gun and very few cut the mustard but good luck with yours.

          I agree Green is getting a bit old but he worked with DCE and that’s what should matter most

          I’m not Manly bashing but it might be a tough year ahead for you guys. Manly went into games as underdogs and surprised many, might not happen this year

        • FF
          Knights would kick in cause they know he is prob 5/6 choice and on 600k season, that’s what they have done every year and just stack there money or front end some others, Pearce is there future not what Hodkinson says.

      • Manlymatt,
        “We aint got the $$ to buy someone decent anyway.” That could turn out to be a bonus.
        You’ve got DCE, and if there was any truth to the rumours you were looking at spending your remaining cap on Carney or Hodkinson.

        How long long can Carney play, forgetting all else, and how high a risk is Hodkinson given his recent form / injuries? As per my comments above, you’ve got DCE long term, and he’s the most expensive player in the entire comp, surely you’d want to find the perfect long term partner for him, and lucky for you, that’s likely to be a young relatively inexperienced (so cheap) guy keen to learn of / play with a mentor.

        • eelsalmighty I hope we do go with one of our young guns long term. As you said plenty of money to be saved to put into other positions and Cherry could teach a younger player. Weve got Metcalf, Cust, Wright and Croker to pick from and one will kick on.

          And Crowy I love your comment regarding DCE, its truthful and honest. It was excellent mat good stuff😀

        • Holmsey, from what I can gather if you don’t go through with buying an established half it is because you don’t have the room under your cap for next year (because of previous breaches), but as per the comment above, that could probe to be a bonus anyway.

          If you do go with a young half, as is likely to be the case, the key will be the right half, and not necessarily your best young half. I believe you just recruited one, but I don’t follow Manly that closely (for obvious reasons), so you’d have to hope / expect that was what they are doing.

        • Luke Metcalf, very promising junior who has played of rep footy at just 18 years of age and in my opinion he will be the long term six.

      • So crowy you can sing his praise but don’t dare his faults , that’s a fair call , face it he is on ridiculous coin and his results don’t match , Ricky Stuart , Alan langer , Tooves , Jason Taylor Stacy jones , Paul green , DCE isn’t good enough to tie there boot laces , Cliff Lyons at 60 has more skills and a better game than this politician

        • Of course he has faults, don’t you??? I do….
          But, why won’t you ever say something nice about the bloke??? He is the club captain of the very club that you are a paying member into….
          Doesn’t matter how much coin he is on, can only do so much can’t he, and if you can’t see he had a great 2017, well frankly dude sorry…. and come on Paul green?? Taylor?? Your taking the psss right…
          And well I guess cliffy must have plenty of cash and not need to play, cause imagine the money he be on if he could still run rings around our highest paid player.
          We would all love cliffy, beaver, snake, killer and boys back, but there not, so maybe just maybe we should follow he players we have and support them, end of the day, your paying memberships are paying dce salary, so your a contributor to that inflated pay he gets…

        • “We would all love cliffy, beaver, snake, killer and boys back”

          You’re right crowy. Wouldn’t we ALL love to see beaver again… and Cliffy!

  14. I’m not the highest paid employee, I’m not the one who demanded and played games between two clubs , I’m not the one who put so many colleagues off side , I’m not the one who got the coach sacked , I’m not the one who didn’t put in the effort , I’ve said he’s talented but not for the price he comes with

  15. I’ve mentioned those halves because they are examples of players who had complete abilities, DCE can throw half the cut out that Ricky could , can’t kick goals like Jason Taylor, dosnt have a short kicking game of a Paul Green and will never ever pass and play a ball into a hole like Cliffy did and can still , did you watch legends ? That my point , the million dollar myth , DCE

      • We dont agree with some of holmseys views, but If you try to bully and harass footy fans we are going to stick up for them this time.

      • Dce don’t claim to be a goal kicker, and runs rings around Jason Taylor with his laces ties together. Dce throws an awesome cut out pass that Ricky ( can’t coach anything) Stuart only dreams of. Can’t remember exactly on Paul green but dce has a fine shirt kicking game shown by this year of 2nd amount of drop outs forced behind green.
        See I think I’d rhe left footed field goal from dummy half on full time in 2012 and short drop outs when under the pump in 2014 and those things, yes he is on too much coin but he is what we have so I say support him…

    • In recent times, Manlys’ biggest problem is their inconsistency. One week they will match it with the best. The next week they will struggle with the cellar dwellers.
      Thompson is a good footy player but the biggest asset he brings to Brookvale is his attitude and work ethic. I am hoping this is contagious an everyone trys to keep up with him on the training paddock and the game day field.
      Welcome to the sea eagles Joel.

  16. MW47 December 23, 2017 at 10:56 am
    It’s disappointing that this sites security can be compromised, how anyone can take ones ID , handle is concerning, what other private info are they privy to , quite disgusting a breach of privacy , poor standard ZT

    • @ holmsey

      holmsey, you know me and can trust me and not this jelly fish.

      I am breaking my self-imposed ban to set you straight. I DO believe you had your profile hijacked just as MW47 and I now have. For the record MW47 now believes you as well. This profile you are talking to is a multi-headed serpent that is behind all of this ignore these profiles that have rarely made an appearance here (DON’T RESPOND TO THEM!) and stick to the familiar faces that you know and trust. Bear in mind if our 3 profiles have been hijacked then they can do this with ANYONE! The security of the whole site has been compromised.

      And for the record holmsey WHEN have you EVER seen me backed into a corner I could not fight my way out of? WHEN has ANYONE EVER gotten the better of me? No, this is the work of a low life tr0ll who was backed into a corner and couldn’t fight their way out so they resort to this. They burnt the site down last year because they also were backed into a corner and lacked the intelligence to argue their way out. Read their posts mate, they are FOOL and not here to participate in a genuine relevant discussion about the game. They are only here to make trouble. Don’t fall for their lies or their tricks!

      Have a safe and Merry Christmas mate and a Happy New Year. See you in 2018 when this has all been sorted.

  17. Recently Johnathon Thurston was presented with a Human Rights award.
    I am saddened that pair of ZT posters took this opportunity to attack his reputation and try to diminish his achievement. I know how first hand how much impact he has on the youth (of all back grounds) in this community. There is a ground swell of change in the area. Kids are choosing to stay in school and choosing to not commit crimes. When asked why they are making these choices they reply -because JT told them to.
    This recognition transcends sport and will sit proudly beside his sporting achievements.
    Most people know the incident years ago that these tr0llz bought up was, some consenting adults having a consenting encounter. When one of those adults was told that the night was over and that they should go home they became offended and made a false report to police. End of story.
    These tr0llz trying to use this incident to slander an Aussie hero is deplorable.

    • Attack his reputation 😂 , JT was at Coffs , no mention of what occurred just the fact he was there , now cowgirl how is that attacking his reputation? And if it was a none event the Dogs sure got rid of him in a hurry , even Inglis has a past , you can’t hise from that now can you

      • Really??? So, why mention it then…that JT was there precisely at that time? Coz you just found that interesting in a completely non-consequential way?

        “Cowgirl?” You trash, or as you yourself would prefer to put it when applied to you – ATTACK – someone’s username to question their credibility in a way that has nothing at all to do with their post? Someone calls you out so they must be female? Or at least make them feel inferior with such a seemingly embarrassing accusation?

        Wtf does Inglis have to do with this other than ANOTHER opportunity to dish dirt on an influential figure who actually has absolutely NOTHING to do with any of this?

        Like I’ve been told many times here: I’m waiting for your responses to all of those questions.

        • “….how is that attacking his reputation? And if it was a none event the Dogs sure got rid of him in a hurry..”

          How is your comment NOT an attack on this person’s reputation with that not so subtle segue?

        • I’m not going to treat you seriously , you have never ever shown interest, posted anything interesting about this or any sport ! Further more I don’t like English , literature, despise Victorians and bottle blondes make me ill ,
          Your wasting your time , if which I’m humbled

        • I have no idea why you have raised “English, literature” and have equally no idea why you are sharing your hatred for Victorians, or “bottle blondes” with me. Nor so I have any idea whatsoever of what your last sentence means.

          Getting back to those questions…questions asked based on YOUR NRL related comments. I’ve shown an “interest,” as you put it, but you don’t appear willing to reply.

        • Back to NRL: I am deeply and genuinely saddened that your team’s new acquisition is my team’s loss. Great player and good score for you guys. I will cringe when I watch THIS JT play for you as he has for us. Poor form on our part to let him go.

      • For whom would I be digging two graves? That’s a little bleak & more than a little unrelated to anything this NRL focused article has to offer, wouldn’t you say?

    • His dedication to living life as a successful indigenous tertiary graduate from a particularly difficult upbringing, while finding opportunities to be actively involved in local youth issues and present as an ideal role model for kids in a similar position to that which he was once absorbed in, is especially admirable. His work with local kids around Dragons neck of the woods will be sadly missed. But, good luck to him – he deserves it.

      You should read up on him, MW47. You will be even more impressed …& joyous…when/ if you do.

        • I should forward my very genuine sentiment to “Australian media” (?).

          Why? Where do you think I got all that from? I don’t know this bloke personally.

          I don’t understand who/ what you are “simply quoting” in any of this. You didn’t make that clear. Be careful, MW47, there are all sorts of new rules around here for declaring one’s references as evidence! You could get hauled over the coals for not referencing your source for that quote…wherever it was.

  18. My factual statement on ones past has angered you more than the NRLs decision to allow a violent (towards woman) man to play in 2018 season, need a shovel ?

    • Whose “past”? Mine? That’s amazingly intuitive of you…or just a stupid of combination of words you just threw together & thought it sounded good.

      “…has angered you more than the NRLs decision to allow a violent (towards woman) man to play in 2018 season.” – are you again referring to Thurston? I have no idea who this “violent (towards woman) man to play” next year is in this context. Inglis again?

      Or are you suggesting I have been a victim of physical violence at the hands of a man and am thus responding aggressively towards you? If that’s the case, I suggest you scroll back, not so much over my comments, but more so YOURS, to see just how wrong you got that.

      Go on. Scroll back to find where i made any comment about my victimisation or that of another woman. .

  19. The majority on ZT protested at the recent Brincos signing , you would know because your not interested in RL “factual statement on ones past “ re JT , you need a backhoe

  20. If I had dropped the C bomb you would have gone bananas, your silence on that recent post speaks volumes for your hypocrisy

    • Not so long ago, you accused me of someone feeding me responses to specific NRL-based questions .

      This post of yours – given all your other posts this morning…such as what I can only presume to be about your preferred breakfast and alike – seems more than a little out of place, wouldn’t you say in retrospect?

  21. 😂😂 “cowgirl” is enough to get you going , yet you sleep through the C bomb , maybe it’s more to do with who than it’s content , yes your due for your “annual “
    But please don’t take the site with you this time 👍

    • Seriously – you think I had the power or interest in taking this site “down” when I was contributing here long before you? In fact, I still remember when you first joined us here & you, in no uncertain terms, told your now best mate to stay off your posts, or words to that effect. If my memory serves me correctly, you proceeded to accuse this person of having no life. & then you went on to establish the deepest of friendships. I’m very happy for you that you both reached that happy ending.

      “Cowgirl” is more than enough to get me going because to, for no reason whatsoever, question someone’s identify/ sexuality is infinitely more offensive than to resort to a vulgar term for the hell of it. I don’t like the term – i don’t use the term myself – but, like your mate accused me of once before – I “swear like a drunkard sailor” – so it takes a little more than a ugly monosyllabic term – even with it’s sexist connotations – to offend me.

      I’ll wait for you to ‘dial a friend’ on that one again before you reply.

    • Tax return? Council rates statement? To what are you referring? C’mon…you post this stuff…It’s well & truly about time you were made to explain these ongoing absurd comments/ accusations/ hissy fits of yours.

      I’m waiting. My annual WHAT?!

        • You got me there! Marked by the re-emergence of that same emoji.

          To your credit, you are improving: you’ve now reached a 9:6 word to emoji ratio. Well done.

      • Funny , you post a tirade then report yourself so it disappears 😂 not fast enough , I’ve saved it 😂😂😂😂

        • I didn’t post those words in combination – you just did.

          & no, I didn’t report myself, genius. Wtf would I do that? I’ll leave it to you & your mate to manipulate this site to your own whim.

    • Well, you are wrong there. Your mate blasted me for blasting others for their expression…so I stopped. He no doubt didn’t realise that I fully agreed & held my tongue from then on. It was silly of me to seek to destroy someone’s argument based on expression alone. It was quite wrong of me to attempt to silence others on that premise alone.

      It therefore annoys me NO END to see that this same person routinely does this to others. Did I read somewhere in the last few hours that someone wrongly spelled “awaken”/ “awoken” – I can’t remember now – & this same person went & had a go at that alone? For EXACTLY the same reason he had a go at me for. I learned from that. He didn’t even learn from his OWN criticism.

      • Oh, look – we have something in common. & that “something” is pretty precious to me – I’m proud of being “first gen migrant” in your terms…which actually makes us both “first gen” Aussie. You are so so off course with your completely unfounded accusation there. Again, you’ve clutched at so many straws, I’m surprised you have any left…equally surprised you still have any diesel left in that backhoe of yours you mentioned earlier.

        • Charming.

          & i never told YOU that before because i never found it relevant to anything.

          Except, actually, i did tell you…when you & your mate were firing the ugliest of insults at me in Greek on ZT, much to your own amusement. I told you I knew what they all meant…not that my heritage gave me that insight, but my education did. You still plugged away. Like you do.

        • Your festive wish for me? I’m touched:

          I ask that you learn to take some responsibility for your complete lack of respect for others, in particular your illogical abusive treatment of your own fellow Manly fans.

          I’m hoping I “shall receive,’ and you’ll start thinking at least for a nanosecond about what you post.

        • What I do is my busines, keep your back yard clean “lady” il take care of mine , furthermore broaden your persuit of morale justice and defend woman kind nextime the C bomb is dropped , unless your gender neutral

        • Festive wish , unhappy ness 😂, misery , poor health , personal grief , from the bottom of my heart and not all at once

        • My “backyard” is nice & tidy, thanks for asking. Again, you really need to accept responsibility for your own comments and scroll back from time to time. YOU invited me to “ask” and said i would “receive,” so I did the former…waiting for you to fulfil the latter.

        • Love it: “Festive wish , unhappy ness 😂, misery , poor health , personal grief , from the bottom of my heart and not all at once.”

          Must be approaching empty on that backhoe…I’m sure the shovel is giving way by now too…

          Your select words among those…i should go back & reference them for the sake of these new rules around here…but i really can’t be bothered.

          Thank you for your Xmas cheer, I’m enjoying you fall apart…endlessly.

        • Endless supply of earthmoving equipment, family one of the biggest developers in Australia , and have fuel card 😂😂😂

        • Seriously? That’s your best attempt at adult humour? You are an absolute joke around here…you strike a bizarre chord with one lonely reader yet you can’t even manage to gel with the fans of your own NRL team.

      • In common 😂😂😂 that just made me feel dirty il remind you , your chicken loving sidekick dropped C bomb and you lambast me over cowgirl

        • & i told you, that I simply don’t care enough to respond.

          My “sidekick?” Unlike you, I don’t profess to maintain ANY personal relationship with ANYONE on this site. In fact, I don’t know a single soul who even reads this website.

          I see you’ve acquired a new term – “lambast” – and are particularly fond of it. Always good to expand one’s vocabulary.

    • If you have something to say to somebody do it , leave me out , you attacked my engwish and you know it , now an answer? Why ?

      • Attacking your “engwish” – I thought we went through that already. Perhaps you should scroll back.

        Why what? Why answer you now? Because you asked.

      • @ MW47

        As you know I don’t correct other peoples english, however that does not extend to produce 🍍 with a salty attitude who seek to correct others instead of making a positive and relevant contrubution to this site. As the “busted” empty piñata now understands “don’t start nothin, won’t be nothin'”. Same goes for Pineapple Head.

      • “I don’t correct other peoples english, however that does not extend to produce 🍍 with a salty attitude” – I did suggest much earlier that you read your own words before you hit that magic “post comment” button.

        What on EARTH is all that nonsense SUPPOSED to mean?

        • What on earth , you don’t get it dan because you don’t research and you never been able to keep up with sstid.
          Talking about a tr8ll called pineapples that took a swing and got KO’d !

        • I can’t keep up with your idol who is SSTID? Oh, ok. You do realise how silly you sound when you reference him as though we all bow to him like you do…except we don’t.

          Wtf does this other reader have to do with me?

          Shall I do some “research” as you & he put it to dig up previous posts of others? Give me about 15 seconds…that’s about all it should take for me to find an example of your shared utter hypocrisy – something the pair of you have your own patent on.

    • Pure genius.

      I once thought the pair of you shared a brain…now I’m leaning more towards the both of you sharing a single brain cell.

      • How many times have you been reported to ZT for your utter stupidity and sheer bigotry?

        You’ll no doubt claim this a totally innocent question – with your infantile wisdom – or did someone hack your profile AGAIN? Really, why would anyone bother seeing you make a good enough job of playing the fool on your own?

        I’m sincerely hoping your persistent bigotry sees you resort another alternative username… yet again, silvertail.

    • You said you had a nice backyard 😂😂😂😂.
      Wots the front like 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Odd you should ask but I’m happy to tell nonetheless: “Santie Clause” just saw to it that my brand spanking new 25 metre concrete pool was completed today. You provided me with not so interesting distraction this morning while it was all going on & the tradies were coming together to pull it off.

      The first swim was just FANTASTIC. What more could I ask on Xmas Eve?

    • Not really a gift though as I paid for it myself. But, I’m endlessly grateful nonetheless for that little gem of a “Chrissy” present.

      Is there a reason you are asking? Were you expecting me to enquire in kind?

  22. Hey “angry eagle” I didn’t realise you were having a private Christmas party this year. So far there are 85 posts between you and your special guest. You will have to change candles and order more ice soon. Clearly someone is watching “Home Alone” this year by the looks of it.

      • Not at all, as long as you are both enjoying yourselves. Just watch out for “the wet bandits” who might rain on your parade.

        As for knowing “how to treat em”, from what I have observed the plan is to let them do most of the talking!

        37 = “angry eagle”
        48 = visitors


  23. Ok here goes , for what it’s worth after all I am religious, Merry Christmas to all , and I sincerely mean that ,
    Including you Danielle, but not bucket boy cause they are disgusting, hope you have lots to eat , lots of family and friends to share the day , enjoy my positive demeanour cause it will only last 24 hrs ! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY

    • It’s goodnight from me, and goodnight from him! Merry Christmas all, stay safe and Merry Christmas to all. At least I cracked my piñata open before Christmas, too bad it was empty! Bahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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