SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 12: Jayden Nikorima looks on during a Sydney Roosters NRL training session at Moore Park on April 12, 2016 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

Sydney Roosters utility Jayden Nikorima is facing an uncertain future after allegations he has twice testing positive for illicit drugs in the last 12 months.

The Daily Telegraph is reporting that under NRL regulations, NikorimaΒ faces a 12-week ban.

Former Cronulla Sharks fullback Ben Barba was handed a mandatory 12 match suspension for his secondΒ contraventionΒ of the illicit drug policy following the 2016 Grand Final.

Nikorima is set to appeal the finding though, with claims he has evidence that will clear his name.

There had been reports in the past few weeks that the Roosters had been looking to offload Nikorima to clear cap space for the signing of Cooper Cronk.

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This news also follows the sacking of Shaun Kenny-Dowall and Paul Carter by the Roosters earlier this year.

Carter pleaded guilty to supplying cocaine at a Sydney nightclub to ex-teammate Kenny-Dowall in court last month, with the matter adjourned for sentencing on November 29.


The Roosters and the NRL have refused to comment under the strict NRL and ASADA protocol.


  1. Amazing. Roosters needed cap space for Teddy, release 2 players for drug offences. Now they need more cap space for Cooper and Pearce and Nikorima will more than likely be let go. Amazing how it always seems to fall into place for the Roosters.

    • Maybe they put something else in his brown paper bag….

      What are your thoughts on the possible return of Hayne mate?

      • I’m obviously not FF, but to answer your question, definitely not in 2018.

        If he is looking around now, and I went into some detail on a Hayne article yesterday if you’re interested, then NO, a second opinion would be NO again, and so on. If he sees out his contract, plays for his team, shows so,e leadership etc. then maybe for 2019.

        I hate writing negative things about Hayne, and I’ve backed him until very recently, but we’ve moved on, and have got a loyal player group, a bucket load of very talented young guys that give 100%, a strong united team throughout the club, and if Hayne is playing silly buggers (if) then he doesn’t fit. He exercised an option (his choice), he owes the Titans, and he said he isn’t looking around. If it turns out he exercised his option (for the big pay day), starting looking around (the Titans will have to wear the difference), denied looking around (if he is) etc. then he belongs in our past, and just for MW, like our 13 SPOONS.

      • I don’t want him in the team or even near it. I also didn’t want Moses but I now admit he was a very good buy and will hoping only get better. Just proves that if footballers aren’t happy they just won’t do it on the field.

        If they do sign Hayne it has to be 1 or 2 year contract at 400-500k and centre.

      • E47. Thinking about all of this Hayne media I’m going to put my tin foil hat and say it’s all an elaborate ploy by Gould. Here we all discussing a ‘possible’ Hayne move instead of the real big NRL story…Mat Moylan.

        Moylan was signed and annointed as Penriths future, last year I think, and a year later is being pushed or jumping out. What’s going on? What’s turned so bad??

        Put it this way, why would Hayne take the option and then ask Titans to sign Knowles and others to only walk away

    • Maybe the sent Paul Carter around to help them clear some cap space?
      He was apparently the common denominator in SKD and other issues.
      On a serious note, it’s very strongly rumoured that T-Rex has returned to the club on a low value contract – arrives tomorrow for training so it goes. How does that sit? If on a low value it could work, but I’m not convinced.
      Also, a lot of things point to JH having signed on for 600k, one year with options in the clubs favour, not his.
      I’m in two minds – he played his best at the eels, he won a Dally M under BA, he has to prove himself to get an extension, happy and settled in a known environment he plays his best. There’s a lot going for it – but recent times suggest there could
      also be a lot against.
      There’s also fair bit of cap space available and him signing for 600k certainly leaves enough for a quality forward to come onboard.
      Interesting times to say the least.

      • I bet Carter was dressed in black MIB style! T-Rex mate, really? Are the eels that desperate that they are interested in digging up the past? Leave fossils where they lie I say.

  2. So another roosters player gets done for coke just when they need cap space.Just hypothetical.I wonder if fans started boycotting games(there fans already do) where roosters play would the NRL get the message that fans are fed up with the seemingly bias treatmeant.They have no juniors,no crowd,dont even attract good tv ratings but they have corperate support. WOW as that is great but they still get funding from the nrl.Theres too many teams in sydney an i think we all realise something has to give at some point but we are meant to swallow this crap knowing that no matter what roosters will be safe.I love the Eels with all my heart thru goo an bad.(alot of bad over the years) but for the good of the game i can swallow one day theres a high chance we will have to cheer along with doggie or penni supporters.Just going to be very hard to swallow if roosters are still there.I dont think i could.

  3. Eastern suburbs should have been relocated many years ago, they only add to the frustration of clubs best juniors going there, if it wasn’t for them, we would probably have exemptions for juniors playing for there senior club which should happen.

    • penso, THAT is why both the Roosters and the Bulldogs raced to claim the “Sydney” title when the SL war was on. They saw the writing on the wall and thought the Sydney name would save them from being relocated, merged or becoming extinct. Had Kerry Packer been sitting at the table with George Piggins talking to Nick Politis instead of the other way around things may have turned out differently. Fast forward to 2017 and now James Packer and Russell Crowe are at the table and South Sydney are no longer friendless or without means.

      The Roosters cynically claimed the title of “Sydney” ignoring the fact that unlike Souths they never had Sydney as part of their name to begin with (i.e. South Sydney). It also did not matter that South Sydney are 3 kms closer to the Sydney CBD than the Roosters and therefore more accurately deserving of the title.

      Redfern to Sydney CBD: 3.6 km via Chalmers St
      Bondi Junction to Sydney CBD: 6.6 km via Cross City Tunnel

      Historically the Roosters have had no junior competition of their own and have relied on the South Sydney junior competition to support them. They have a fraction of the supporters that the Rabbitohs have and they have about half the premierships that the Rabbitohs have (remember we are talking about 2 separate entities, when they ABANDONED their former title they abandoned the premierships that went with it):

      21 premierships (South Sydney Rabbitohs)
      11 premierships (Eastern Suburbs Roosters)
      02 Sydney Roosters

      Despite all this, because of Nick Politis’ political machinations inside the NRL and the Roosters corporate support and financial backing, the Roosters are meant to be one of the safest of the 9 Sydney teams in terms of being off the radar in terms of being squeezed out of the competition. Why? Because they stole the title of Sydney? What a fallacy! The sporting equivalent of George Orwell’s “doublethink”. Hey NRL, it isn’t “1984” any more!

      • “they have about half the premierships that the Rabbitohs have”

        21 premierships (South Sydney Rabbitohs)
        02 Sydney Roosters

        Souths have 10 x the premiership titles compared to the Roosters.



        • Ss 1970 if you want to split hares πŸ‡ since they changed the comp and made it national in 1998

          Roosters πŸ” 2 titles

          Rabbitohs πŸ‡ 1 title


        • Nice try sunshine but that is more an example of the Roosters “creative accounting” to avoid the salary cap than the actual true figures now is it? Can’t blame you for trying though because there is no other way that the Roosters will catch Souths for number of premiership titles. Even IF the premiership titles from Easts counted (and they don’t) and even IF Souths had not returned to the competition at the turn of the millennium (after Politis and the ARL/NRL conspired to have them removed), that would still leave the chooks with 13 premierships to Souths 20 and almost 20 years to over take this target.

          I’ll give you a point though (not a premiership) for the “split hares πŸ‡” gag.

          Good to see you taking this in good spirits as repartee rather than Trump vs Kim Jong-un. It is also education to remember the history… if only the chooks did not rush to claim the “Sydney” title that rightfully belonged to the Rabbitohs then you could count the other 13 premierships! πŸ˜‰

          And to laidleyroosterfan33… were YOU one of the Roosters fans that Marched for Souths? The TRUTH now… IF so thanks (and know that I would have done the same in return had the Roosters been axed (though that was NEVER going to happen). For all our differences and enmity towards one another Roosters fans, at least BOTH clubs were on the same side of the SL war with the ARL (along with Sea Eagles, Eels, Dragons/Steelers, Tigers/Magpies, Knights and teams now sadly consigned to history!)

        • You use a Roosters website as proof you wally? What did you think they would say. Official records will say what Politis wants them to say but for me they changed their club identity and broke with Easts name and therefore their records. They did it save their asses from being cut during the SL war. The Roosters made their bed and now they have to lie in it. They can’t have it both ways. The Dragons records got wiped so now they only have 1 premiership. Same thing.

          Two separate entities. Two separate records.

          What a bitter little person you are that you would side with our greatest enemy just to win an argument with me. You are showing your true colours now. So one of your 3 hats is a Roosters cap. Turn coat.

        • So now that you are finally out of hiding 🎩🎩🎩 and you tried and failed to deliver on your promise to “give it to me with BOTH barrels” (let’s face it a little pee shooter only has one shot and you missed!), so please enlighten us on the confusion around Angus Crichton. Is he staying at Souths or is he leaving and if so to which club? You said you have “very good inside contacts” so this should not be too hard.

          The clock is ticking ⏰ Rooster boy!

        • Also, I have never called supporters of any club (even the Roosters SCUM). Show a little more respect to a club”s supporters you are trying to ingratiate yourself upon. They aren’t dumb and they aren’t going to be fooled by your feigned gesture of support. Many have already seen I am half in jest in any case and can even come back with a joke of their own (i.e. “if you want to split hares πŸ‡”). Something yo are clearly incapable of.

        • I have never called supporters of any club (even the Roosters) SCUM. – punctuation makes a world of difference!

  4. Reading these comments has at least given me a real chuckle, you numskulls have no idea what you are talking about, You Souffs supporters didn’t mind when a lot of Roosters fans (Yes I know there were thousands from other teams too) marched down George Street to get your team re-instated.
    Say what you like about the Roosters but we are still there and with the team we will have next season I don’t see Souffs making the 8…..
    But listening to you experts beats Friday night television πŸ™‚


  5. Sstid 1970 do your homework goose roosters 13 premierships and the no 1 crowd pulling sydney team this year you may have more members but we have more supporters that turn up to games suck it up

    • No, 11 to Eastern Suburbs that title and those premierships were abandoned in a title grab to stay in the game. Sydney Roosters only have 2.

      Still even 13 iis almost half of the premierships that the Rabbitohs have
      anyway. For a club that joined the game at the same time that South Sydney did that’s quite an under achievement!

      It’s fun catching πŸ“ supporters, they run right up to you. Again and again and again… πŸ˜‚

      “How many chooks could a Rabbitoh catch if a Rabbitoh could catch chooks!” Bahahahahaha

      Don’t worry uncle Nick has already given you guys the best 2018 that money can buy! Dream Team, dream draw, no excuses anymore. πŸ˜‰

  6. Wouldn’t be shocked it Nikorima gets sacked or released from the Roosters whether he is guilty or not and ends up back at the Broncos next season (as their back up half) on a reduced or supplemented contract.

    • Not shocked, no. Very “convenient” though for both clubs. Well 2018 is looking bright already for the Broncos and the Roosters… 2 x $1 million dollar men at each club, 2 teams of rep players taking unders topped up with undisclosed TPA’s and a DREAM draw for 2018 (Broncos at least for the first 9 – 10 rounds!)

      That’s just the sort of “luck” that money can’t buy… ???

  7. NRL draw: Winners and losers – who prospered and suffered?

    Rank in difficulty: 16 Sydney Roosters

    Who they play twice: Wests Tigers (14th), Knights (16th), Titans (15th), Sea Eagles (6th), Dragons (9th), Bulldogs (11th), Rabbitohs (12th), Warriors (13th), Broncos (3rd).

    Who they play once: Sharks, Panthers, Storm, Cowboys, Raiders, Eels.

    Games against top eight sides: 9

    Games against bottom eight sides: 14

    Where life gets easy: The Roosters face back-to-back games against top eight sides just twice in 2018, and their opening eight games sees them face only one top-eight side (Sharks). The Roosters lucked out in the draw, and there is bound to be irritation from other clubs.

    “Luck” had nothing to do with it!

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