GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA - JULY 08: Ryan James of the Titans passes during the round 17 NRL match between the Gold Coast Titans and the Brisbane Broncos at Cbus Super Stadium on July 8, 2018 in Gold Coast, Australia. (Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images)

Titans captain Ryan James could be the secret weapon Gold Coast need to secure the contract of in-demand star Latrell Mitchell, with the pair both featuring in the All-Stars’ week-long cultural camp.

In preparation for their upcoming clash against New Zealand Maori All-Stars in February, the Indigenous All Stars have spent time together connecting with their ancestral ways of life, with James admitting he spent some of his time away as a recruiter to lure Mitchell to the Gold Coast.

“I think everyone was trying to get in his ear,” James told the media.

“It would be great to have him, he’s one of those once-in-a-lifetime players.

“He is his own player but he does remind you of Greg Inglis.

“He’s a goalkicker too and they’re invaluable because he guarantees you two points after a try.

“Those players that can score the tries and (convert) them, especially coming off last year when he had 200 or something points … it’s amazing what he can do.

“If he was to come up here it would be pretty great.”

While Mitchell gave away no indication on where he will land in the off-season, he has admitted he is keen to join a side that can give him and his family the greatest support.

If that falls to the club with the biggest pockets this year, the Titans are likely going to miss out on the front-rower, with Wests Tigers having the biggest war chest for 2020.

If Mitchell looks to fancy playing alongside a host of indigenous stars, he may choose the Gold Coast, joining James, Tyrone Peachey, Nathan Peats and Leilani Latu as the club’s biggest signing in their history.

That chance remains sturdy, as Mitchell’s pride for his family and cultural background is a key motivator in his game and most likely his decision.

“Coming out of the camp last week he told us how much this game meant to him and what it is to represent your people,” he said.

“Just what it means to him and his family being indigenous.

“He’s one of the brightest stars in our game and whatever decision he chooses will be the best for him and his family.”


  1. Latrell Mitchell is staying at the Roosters. He is contracted for 2020 and has an entire season to impress those that matter to extend his contract long term. Nothing to see here. Move along and if you would like to see Latrell in action live next season, then indeed purchase a Roosters membership and three Origin tickets.

  2. True Mark, like I said previously…and beleive me I know 100% beyond any doubt that Mitchell will be a Rooster player next season and beyond.

  3. Is he going to play in the front-row ? That would be interesting.
    Just commenting on the part that says,’ the Titans are likely to miss out on the front-rower ‘.
    So telling a player that their club is withdrawing any offer for them. Then , telling them that they’re not required at the club. That usually makes them want to stay long term! 👍

  4. Adamhubcap December 14, 2019 at 9:52 am
    “True Mark, like I said previously…and beleive me I know 100% beyond any doubt that Mitchell will be a Rooster player next season and beyond.”

    The desperation and severe trauma Latrell’s departure is having the wombats constantly reassuring themselves.
    Media finally aware and reporting whats been going with Latrell looking more and more at Souths next year despite that bitter Souths obsessed Danny Devito look alike Politis trying to keep Latrell from where he wants to go.
    Typical roosters inferiority complex that will forever have them in our shadow.

  5. TwentyOneDecember 14, 2019 at 11:09 am
    “Typical roosters inferiority complex that will forever have them in our shadow.”

    AHA. You have finally been caught out 21 as being the “Shadow”. Duplicate alias. LOL.

  6. To the cry baby sombreros on here how many times do I have to tell you……
    Mark.mywords December 14, 2019 at 8:39 am
    “Latrell Mitchell is staying at the Roosters.” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Adamhoward December 14, 2019 at 9:52 am
    “True Mark, like I said previously…and beleive me I know 100% beyond any doubt that Mitchell will be a Rooster player next season and beyond.”🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. From the Daily Telegraph

    “Latrell Mitchell eyes Rabbitohs switch but would have to take a pay cut
    What’s the Buzz: Bunnies decide on Burgess replacement
    Latrell Mitchell hasn’t given up hope of playing for the South Sydney Rabbitohs next season, even if it means him taking a substantial pay cut.
    The Sydney Roosters discard will not commit to the Wests Tigers and their $1 million-a-season offer until his manager has explored all options … which includes the Rabbitohs.
    Mitchell is extremely close to Souths five-eighth Cody Walker and centre James Roberts. The trio were spotted sitting together at the Tim Tszyu-Jack Brubaker fight last week.
    He also loves the indigenous culture that has been such a rich part of South Sydney for decades.
    No official talks have taken place at this stage because the Rabbitohs have prioritised the signing of an elite middle forward to replace Sam Burgess.
    They will then look at finalising their roster. Souths have a number of ways to squeeze Latrell into the salary cap.
    There will be money left over from Burgess’ $1.2 million, there are many third-party options for Latrell and the Roosters would no doubt contribute to his 2020 contract.
    For a number of reasons the Rabbitohs are Latrell’s best option. For starters, there is Wayne Bennett, who has a long and proud relationship with indigenous footballers. Mitchell could stay living in the eastern suburbs. He also has Greg Inglis on staff.
    The problem is the money. The Rabbitohs cannot match what the Wests Tigers can offer. At the Rabbitohs, he would have to accept probably $200,000-a-season less.
    It would, however, be a wonderful thing to further inflame the ugliest rivalry in rugby league history between the Roosters and the Rabbitohs.
    His presence would sell thousands of extra tickets when they meet in Round 3 at ANZ Stadium in a Friday night blockbuster.
    The Rabbitohs are aware of Latrell’s preference to play at Redfern and are desperately trying to sign the Burgess replacement (Jai Arrow or David Fifita) to move on to Latrell.

    The tele obviously has the same insider information as some of us do.
    Couldn’t have worded it better myself.
    He wants to do it for his Souths adoring family, his people and for himself.
    Welcome home Latrell and good riddance to the rednecks.

  8. Latrell never belonged at the cap burglars and everyone could see this year he wasn’t happy there.
    Under Wayne Bennett he will rise to new heights and on a path to being our next Greg Inglis who has become very close to Latrell not to mention his brothers Cody and James.
    No more cirque du soleil clown suits for Latrell and will be wearing the famous red and green with the bunny on his chest.
    Membership predicted to hit 35,000+ before 2020 season.
    What does it tell you about the soul of a club when a great is willing to take a pay cut to be there?

  9. Mark.mybutthole December 14, 2019 at 8:39 am
    “Latrell Mitchell is staying at the Roosters. He is contracted for 2020 and has an entire season to impress those that matter to extend his contract long term. Nothing to see here. Move along and if you would like to see Latrell in action live next season, then indeed purchase a Roosters membership and three Origin tickets.” 🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇

    Haven’t stopped laughing all day. Time for another nic change from the embarrassment . See ya later Wombat.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Hope you haven’t bought your $20.00 roosters membership yet BWAHAAAAHAAAAAHAAAA!!!!!!!!

  10. I’m told Souths Junior Josh Ado Carr keen on joining his brothers Latrell and Cody at Souths as well.
    Very close friend of Alex Johnston as well with whom he grew up playing at La Perouse from the age of 8.
    Welcome home Fox.
    Will be meeting with the Storm this week to ask for release.
    Russell Crowe and Souths working to make it happen.

  11. Looks like TwentyOne has a larger inferiority complex than his wife penso.
    Nobody is interested in your six comments above answering to yourself All the false stories you write, trying to convince yourself that the Roosters will let Mitchell walk. And walk over to Souths. Stop drinking your cheap plonk goonies and go to bed you silly fool.

    TwentyOne when you awake in the morning remember through your hangover that Latrell is a Rooster signed sealed and delivered for 2020, All he has to do is play seven or eight good games before round 10 and there is a five year extention awaiting our Rooster Champ. In the meantime you just keep dreaming on buddy.
    Hahahahahahahahaha. Hahahahahahahahahaha

  12. “TwentyOne
    December 14, 2019 at 11:47 pm
    Mitchell is extremely close to Souths five-eighth Cody Walker….”

    Yet not close enough to pass the ball hence ruining their Origin aspirations..

  13. On queue the 3 stooges popping up together and obviously a little behind with the news.
    Hey girls, get over to the sookpen and grovel with the rest of your le coque pansies 😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪

  14. All the panic and paranoia at the sombreros knowing Latrell wanting out and joining Souths.
    The sombreros will have to release him to Souths for 2020 rather than spending a year in an already toxic environment.

  15. Oh 21, or should I say Shadow master of the copy and paste.
    Souffs have signed up a mob of Neville Nobodies so far, best by the name of Goodwin.
    Meanwhile, you have a broken down halfback, pintsize Ticker-less forwards, overpaid greedy five-eight…
    21…tell us what the mighty Souffs have achieved in the past four years…

  16. I can sum all souths acheivments up Choostir in one word.


    In fact Souths have won only
    1 purchased premiership
    1 WCC
    In 48 seasons. Hahahahahahahaha.
    Pathetic effort indeed.

    Any wonder why Emperor of Fools TwentyOne and his manwife penso are always on the Roosters case.

  17. chookStain December 15, 2019 at 11:29 am
    “21…tell us what the mighty Souffs have achieved in the past four years…”
    How about what mighty Souths have achieved over 102 years?
    You first 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Make sure you include no of Premierships, member support, grass roots junior development, no of Souths internationals etc compared to the french copied cirque du soleil lollipop coloured shadows.

  18. Perhaps ZT could consider having one permanent topic stream for the few Souths and Easts contributors to post their repetitive, boring and childish comments and insults so that the rest of us can make on-topic comments?

  19. chookStain and mark.mybutthole is that the best you cap burglars can come up with?
    4 YEARS???? when the game of rugby league has been around for over 100 years? How convenient.
    Just like b grade pop singers who come up with 1 hit wonders every now and then and disappear into the shadows.
    Comparing Souths to the chicken stains is like comparing Muhammad Ali to Paul Gallon.
    BTW, Latrell will be a 🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇 in 2020, deal with it 😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪

  20. Barry Beath good point.
    Can we stick to and focus on the subject of Latrell Mitchell’s latest update on his passionate desire to rid himself of the roosters and go to Souths asap?
    Thank you.

  21. I think we can safely say that Mitchell won’t be at the ROORTERS next year. It’s done and dusted if he has to I see him sitting out a year to come to Souths a club where he belongs. He has all his mates at the club has been hanging around with the likes of walker, burns,jet and Reynolds for the past couple of months went to the Kosta zyau sons fight the other night with them, spent a week at the indigenous camp with them and he has a very close friendship with walker. I see Souths putting a $1.2m deal a year as part of a two player deal. I see them announcing before Christmas that they have signed Mitchell and arrow. Both for different reasons Mitchell will come to us because of our very close affiliation with the indigenous people in Redfern and also two letters GI. He wants to be the new GI and how would he go having his idol there every day for him to learn off on how to make the swap from the centres to fullback. When we announce his signing I am saying Doueihi will play fullback for the first 10 rounds and Bennett will than push Mitchell to fullback just as Maguire did it got GI. It is a club that’s got everything that Mitchell needs to be able to play his best football. With arrow it all comes down to his partner she is a model and her agency is telling her that if she wants to go further in her modeling career she needs to move to Sydney to open those doors for her, also he will finally get the chance to play in the finals something he hasn’t been able to do at the titans I mean no disrespect towards the titans but they won’t make the finals for a few years yet.

    So to end my yarn I see definitely Mitchell at Souths next year and 99% sure we will announce the signing of arrow all before Christmas

  22. Love your optimism Killa24 but I can assure you it wont be for $1.2m a year.
    More like 800k with some added TPA’s the club are finalising which dont affect the cap if through corporate sponsorship.
    Whats very embarrassing for the few decent rooster supporters is the exposure of the obsession and paranoia of Politis and his cronies.
    A player who has given great service to the dump wants out and instead of wishing him well and granting him a release, they place a condition will do so providing its not Souths he goes to.
    No wonder this mob struggle with membership.
    Who wants to join a soulless club that makes it blatantly obvious they lack dignity and honour.
    No doubt when Latrell goes will plunge the rooster membership to even lower depths of despair already suffering at the hands of their arch rivals.

  23. Wow look at TwentyOne, he has got himself another login name. He is also the clown killa24 who talks the exact same talk. Hahahaha.

    Wake up TwentyOne! Its so obvious killa24 is you. Ya goose.

  24. Killa in my opinion you’re pretty much spot on. Although I know as much as everyone else who has an opinion about the subject in my view the longer this has dragged on and the continual denials from rabbitoh officials it was pretty obvious the wheels were in motion. Not there yet and anything could happen but this is looking more and more likely. I’m sure I’ll catch hell from certain posters and if I’m wrong I’m wrong it’s not the end of the world but I’ve been feeling this for a while.

  25. Can’t see the roosters stopping Latrell going now.
    To keep him there under sufferance will only create disharmony amongst the rest of the playing group and will be toxic.
    Wont help their image amongst fans either.
    Just release the kid and move on.

  26. SHADOW / TwentyONE / Killa24 / Penso / brisbaneunny, I’m guessing, after painfully reading all your diatribe, there are only 6 teeth in this ‘gang’ of 5 … ie ShadyONE24 & Punny.
    See how many of your predictions ring true at off seasons end…. and just share the ‘humble pis’ between the two of you …. not 5

  27. Stands out a mil, even blind man Freddy can see the T.W.l.T TwentyOne is killa24 and the other clown penso has made up a fake ID in an attempt to put us off his trail that he is a rabbit living in another city with the dumb name brisbanebunny. Hahaha.

  28. But like I have been telling those Souths n.i.t.wi.t.s…… I have it on good authority that Latrell Mitchell will be at the Roosters for a long time.

    I also have it on good authority that TwentyOne his wife penso and their love child EastOfTheDividingRange are a family of mopops. Hahahahaa.

  29. ….……..NEWS FLASH………..

    Penso is indeed the BrisbaneBunny…..lets look at his two separate logins and notice the exact same words used in this story by the same penso the clown individual.

    pensoDecember 13, 2019 at 8:54 pm

    “F.. off…..Turner is a solid player and I wish he was still there, but he is not”

    brisbanebunnyDecember 15, 2019 at 9:08 pm

    “Turner is solid player who can cover a number of positions”

    The evidence is overwhelming that penso is still in love with his sacked hero Turner both as penso and as the BrisbaneBunny. Hahahaha. Your busted big time Shadow/penso/brizyrabbit!!!! Haha

  30. The poor 3 sombreros 3 stooges (mark.mywords MO, Adamhoward LARRY and chookstain CURLY) on here struggling to keep up with the constant media updates on Latrell coming to Souths and as usual resorting to childish, silly insults.

    Back to the thread, just goes to show you what a great club Souths are that Latrell is happy to sign for the same $800k the sombreros offered him but not interested.
    Now we have The Fox seeking a release from the storm to join his brother Latrell at Souths.
    With the money available from Inglis , Sam B, George B, Sutton, Turner, Britt there is enough and some left over for all this to happen including Jai Arrow as I stated months ago coming as well.

    Everyone is asking…… are the cap burglars that desperate to keep Latrell away from The Rabbitohs (his true home) that they intend to make him stay for 2020 under sufferance?
    If this doesn’t confirm the long suffering chronic inferiority complex the sombreros and their fans have endured and will continue to then nothing will.
    Explains the dismal membership and until measures are taken to improve the dignity, soul and image of their club, will continue.

  31. ShadyONE24, I would hardly call the DT as ‘media’. … it’s a crappy tabloid aimed at Souffs supporters

  32. It’s painfully obvious that anyone who likes to rattle on & on about twentyone, penso etc,. , are wasting space . They’re all carved out of the same old , tired piece of Wood.
    I didn’t know old pieces of Wood could be so obsessed with things.
    Put another log on the fire. 🔥

  33. Adam. Your investigative prowess is absolutely genius as you have unravelled one of the great mysteries on ZT. Linking penso to 5 other fake IDs.. However in your haste you have overlooked his 6th and last nic (for now at least) of EastofDivide. Another penso TiTONE descendant for SURE.!!!

  34. Don’t be so Ropeable , you old WoodMarked Chicken minder.
    We all know you’ve been on here since before Adam was born.
    Before , you went on about me being a Penrith nutter. Now I’m a penso, twentyone descendant?
    You’re the only one signing in as Chicken minder! Knocker of all other non Chicken ZT story comments.
    Chicken Minder, so many aliases that he forgets who he really is?
    When you see that there’s other people , who are just themselves & sign in under one name. You can’t comprehend that. Surely if several people have a go back at me , they must be connected? Sorry to disappoint you Chicken Minder!
    What was that about being competition buyers Chicken Minder?
    Surely that’s a case of the biggest Chicken Pot calling the small kettle black?

  35. To all the sombreros on here who need a little fact injection.

    The NRL released the values of the 16 clubs’ third party agreements (TPAs) last week, and they raised plenty of eyebrows.
    But the figures – published on the NRL’s official website – only show what the clubs officially list as TPAs.
    Several clubs have found ways to funnel money to players by TPAs that are not on the books.
    One club, for instance, has a wealthy property developer as a benefactor and he builds apartment blocks, then sells units to star players for far less than market value.
    It’s not illegal (although somewhat shady) and the NRL even knows it happens.
    And then, of course, there is the best TPA of all – the renowned brown paper bag.

  36. EastOfDivide when are you going to realise woody and his 6 aliases are doing all to avoid the main topic here and are struggling to accept the inevitable?

    Latrell Mitchell will be at SOUTHS in 2020

  37. With the facts The Mole has uncovered re TPA’s there is talk the NRL will seek independent property valuations at time of purchase and the difference to be included as player salary.
    Which club?
    Hint. Decaf soy lattes.

  38. chookstain
    December 17, 2019 at 10:30 am
    “EastOfDivide … who do you follow on the footy field”

    Stop diverting.
    Latrell to Souths.
    Any thought?

  39. I figured as much, ask EOD a question, ShadyONE24 answers, another alias…
    You can have Latrell, he can join the silent choir

  40. Hahaha fell into that trap Onetit. You have confirmed to all of ZT you are all one person including EOD. LOL….

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