BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 09: Jack De Belin of the Dragons passes during the NRL Elimination Final match between the Brisbane Broncos and the St George Illawarra Dragons at Suncorp Stadium on September 9, 2018 in Brisbane, Australia. (Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images)

Dragons star Jack de Belin has pleaded not guilty to sexual assault charges in Wollongong court and is set to line-up for the club’s round one clash against North Queensland.

De Belin and friend Callan Sincalir were both accused of sexually assaulting a 19-year old woman. The pair entered not guilty pleas and the matter has been further adjourned to April 17, five weeks into the NRL season.

It is understood that the St George forward is free to lineup for the club’s first five games of the season.

The Dragons released the following statement on their club website regarding the issue:

“St George Illawarra player Jack de Belin appeared in Wollongong Local Court on Tuesday in relation to the allegations made against him in December,” the statement reads.

“De Belin entered a plea of not guilty and court proceedings were adjourned until April.

“Lawyers made application to vary his bail conditions to enable de Belin to fulfil his training and playing commitments, which was approved.

“The club will make no further comment as this matter remains before the courts.”

New details have emerged regarding the seriousness of the issue, via the Illawarra Mecury.

The publisher is reporting that de Belin encouraged Sinclair to participate in the act, saying “come on, have a go”, while the victim was crying the bed.

De Belin has spent the last two months reporting to Wollongong Police Station twice a week.


  1. He & his tagteam mate are obviously guilty & should be treated accordingly as the sex offenders that they are. Lets see if justice prevails in line with the Barba case.

  2. For a large cut of his contract it looks like his mate just might get him off by taking the wrap for De Belin. There needs to be a Toovey style investigation. How can somebody on a serious sexual charge who has to report to the Police daily have the hide to plea not guilty. Unless of coarse his mates bank account has been propped up by half a mil.🔍

  3. Where the would the Illawarra Mercury get the comment from in the first place>? This case will come down to a he said / she said / he did / she did where the lies and BS will be hidden between the truth. Sexual assault is a very serious issue but as far as i’m concerned the 3 of them are all idiots for getting into a situation that involves to much booze, 3.00 am rendezvous, and JDB who cant think past his missus and kids at home…C0ck*ead!

  4. read the story Dh!, ***De Belin has spent the last two months reporting to Wollongong Police Station twice a week**.

  5. Not sure if “obvious”. However, after the alleged assault, the girl told a friend and went to hospital for treatment. The hospital recorded injuries to her legs, neck, lower abdomen and shoulder. So there may be some good evidence to support the claim.

  6. This grub looks like he’s in it deep. Medical evidence as well as the “she said – he said” Looks more like a case of “he did” Where’s old mate Brissy? Still clinging to the “nothing in it except t00ling around on his partner” champ? Yep, he pleaded not guilty. So did Ivan Milat. Hopefully when he gets found guilty he gets rubbed out for a very long time. Just goes to prove there is no club immune to scandal no matter how holier than thou some fans think they are. Bye bye Jack….

  7. Yeah, but I wasn’t intending to have a crack at any club as such, but more there seems to be a theme of 15 out of 16 people think “guilty”, no matter who it is/what they’ve done etc.
    The Bunnies was only because I thought Cookem was a Bunnies supporter, and absolutely nothing to do Burgess, or any other Bunny player, or the club etc. That said, I did start thinking after I posted it, I may have got that wrong (Cookem being a Bunnies supporter), and if I have, then it looks bad, like I’m actually having a crack at the Bunnies, which was not/is not, my intention.

  8. Your not from the Vatican St Peter calling old Woody a profanity, You ought to be ashamed of your self. Firstly you need to get on your Catholic knees and kiss the popes ring. Then report back to me twice a week to see if your cured.😆😂😁🤣💪🐔👍 I forgive you Apedero.

    St Peter he is a deadest goner. Police have got all kinds of evidence. Ever heard of DNA.

  9. I’ll remind of this when he gets off. I’m your mother pleaded not guilty as well when someone pointed at you and said “who does that belong to?” As far as this supposed DNA evidence, that doesn’t mean they didn’t bump boots. What do people think this chick went back to a unit with two footballers for? Change of clothes my ar$e.

  10. Yeah i get it eelsalmighty, couldn’t help myself, your a good fella who has a great insight in what goes on in the NRL, I personally hope Parra has a good year and like the fact that Moses did not want to go anywhere and to prove himself with Parra, he could be in for a good season, no way Parra wooden spoon , will keep teams honest i reckon

  11. I’ve stated before and I’ll say it again. If he is guilty then he’s going to jail where he deserves to be regardless that he plays for Saints.

    I’m trying to stay impartial coz I ain’t sticking up for Jack if he and his mate have done this. Everyone on this site regardless of who they follow have mothers, wives, sisters etc so really that’s what it come down too. This $hit slinging between different supporter bases is disappointing in a matter like this.

    The Aussie way has always been innocent until proven guilty so I think it’s best that ppl think before they jump up and down with all this crap cause at the end of the day 3 people were there and only these 3 know 100% what really happened that night.

    People also need to remember the massive $hit burger that was stuffed in Brett Stewart’s mouth too….

  12. 100% bbbj. As expected Precilla in denial mode as usual protecting his stain while going hammer and tongs against other clubs. You’re a joke. The Reports are saying he ripped off her clothes threw her on the bed held her down by the throat and sexxually and physically assaulted her. He is twice her size and she ended up with bruises all over her body from head to toe. Yet this fool prissy reckons she wanted it. Clown! 🤡

  13. Dear Zero Tackle. I posted some comments about this story and they haven’t appeared online. This has happened 3 times recently, and I haven’t made any insulting or racist comments or used offensive language.

    As Pauline would say “PLEASE EXPLAIN”

  14. Maybe I’m naive here but she probably didn’t go back to the unit intending to be forcibly held down by the throat while these gronks took turns on her.

  15. Correct mate. The bloke is twice her size and possibly has less than quarter of her IQ. Fueled on p*ss it’s a deadly combination. Don’t worry about Precilla’s arguments for the defense, if it was a sharks player in this exact scenario he’d quickly jump fence to the prosecution and be howling for capital punishment. He’s no doubt going to cover his bases as usual by trotting out the old “if he’s guilty throw the book at him” line but that just doesn’t cut it for mine. From the above comment on the girl’s motives his thoughts are pretty clear, (strange to be saying that) on what he thinks. Nobody has this knob convicted yet but the evidence, from reports is looking pretty ominous for him. Prosecution rarely misses when the ducks all line up.

  16. Hey budgielegs. It looks like you have been the victim of some extra censorship ZT put in place not too long ago when things were getting pretty out of hand. Unfortunately the word circ u mstantial doesn’t seem to be allowed anymore due to a certain 3 letter word hidden in there. I fell victim to this a while back too.

  17. The NRL have to be very careful with blanket bans such as this. Look at the backlash from the Brett Stewart scenario. I am not necessarily saying that you are wrong, but it probably isn’t that simple. For all we know there may not be a verdict on this for the best part of the season. Then, if it turns out the girl fabricated the story (I am not suggesting she did, just a hypothetical), we will turn around and smash the NRL for aver reacting and if they had done what you had suggested and kept JDB out of the game for that entire period?

    It is a very messy situation that is compounded by the fact that the media reports on it every day. I am glad I am not the one who has to make these decisions, but what worries me is that those who do also don’t have the required expertise and all decisions are reactionary and very rarely seem to be handed down based on the actual facts of the individual cases.

  18. Yeah I’d say naive is the right word. Your proof she was held down is where? You’re going to tell me she went back to a unit with two pissed footballers to change her clothes? Yep, naive is exactly the right word.

  19. Whatever the outcome, what the hell is JDB doing taking home a woman to his home in the first place? At the least, he should be charged with criminal stupidity. He had a wife expecting a child for god sake, so picking up women is a disgrace. If he’s found guilty he faces up to 20 years prison.

  20. I take your point Eels 47 though i don’t think Brett Stewart was actually charged by the police. however, if they are charged the police must have some substantive evidence to do so and I believe that where this evidence exists, and formal charges have been laid, that the player should be stood down.

  21. Brett Stewart endured nearly 12 months of court hearings and was initially charged. He was acquitted and later it was subsequently found that the girl’s father was a serial extortionist…

  22. And you weren’t at walkers incident either u knob pressy. So why won’t you give others the benefit of the doubt like you are more than happy to give your own stain. What witnesses saw walkers incident. Name them. Its just another report as you say. So until it all comes out in court how about u just shut your trap for a minute by jumping into YOUR cot and sticking your dummy back in your mouth the same one you have spat out on multiple occasions previoudly. Loser.

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