BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 16: South coach Anthony Seibold speaks to media during a press conference after the round 23 NRL match between the Brisbane Broncos and the South Sydney Rabbitohs at Suncorp Stadium on August 16, 2018 in Brisbane, Australia. (Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images)

Incoming Brisbane Broncos coach Anthony Seibold has hit out at Wayne Bennett for the drawn out saga surrounding his future.

Bennett held a press conference on Friday to announce that he would be seeing out the final year of his deal at Red Hill, while the Broncos were intending to unveil Seibold as their new coach earlier in the day.

Seibold was told by Rabbitohs officials that the swap would happen immediately, and has felt frustrated after serving his dues as coach at the first month of pre-season amid the uncertainty.

The Sunday Telegraph obtained an email Seibold sent to Rabbitohs chief executive Blake Solly, detailing his annoyance.

“I have had a gutful,” Seibold told News Corp Australia.

“I’ve been sitting here for four weeks and feeling like a punching bag.

“It’s not acceptable and it’s not fair.”

The reigning coach of the year added that the saga had affected his family and personal life.

“I told my wife and three daughters we’re leaving. We’ve told the kids twice we’re moving and then twice that we’re staying. They’ve been in tears. We’re trying to sort out their schools. It’s really taking its toll on them.”

Seibold also whacked Bennett for “playing games” and contacting Souths players.

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“He’s been ringing up the Souths boys but then tells his press conference he hasn’t spoken to anyone,” Seibold said.

“That’s absolute bulls**t.

“He’s rang Damien Cook, Alex Johnston, Sam Burgess. It’s all gone too far and has to be sorted out.”


  1. This is totally unacceptable if true. Bennett should have nothing to do with the Rabbits if he is still at the Broncos. This has situation has been one of my concerns if the swap was not to occur until 2020. Again, if this is true and there is hard evidence this has occurred, then the Broncos need to do themselves and Souths a favour and terminate Bennett’s contract effective immediately. And if Bennett has been leading the Rabbits to believe he will be there in 2019 and then done a complete turn around, then the Bunnies should tear up any contract they may have with him.

      • What happened to you Penso, have you been brainwashed?
        Your comments these days are so illogical and Left-Field.
        SSTID, REG Russ Crower are all getting to you mate!

        • SSTID, REG and Russ Crower would all need 3 hats too 🎩🧢⛑ but you don’t, because you need 3 hats for each of your 3 heads!

          Bahahahahahaha 😂😂😂

        • So seriously 3hats, you can’t be happy with the way Seibold played Souths for suckers and made fools of everyone. The “Angry Eagle” claims to have proof that Seibold was in talks with the Broncos since April this year and he knew by May (round 10) that he would be at the Broncos in 2019. That is why he kept stalling on his contract extension.

          I don’t remember you giving us the heads up on that one either mate. Looks like you were blindsided by this like the rest of us.

          While we are being serious and relevant to the discussion at hand, are you optimistic like penso about Souths’ chances under Bennett or worried that this will derail the Rabbitohs premiership chances like chalky and myself?

          It just seems hard to get your opinion about whether something will work or not until AFTER it has already happened. And then of course, we find out that you knew all along. 😉

    • Frankly I would rather Souths have a captain coach who at least cared about the club than this selfish, manipulative, resentful grub eating at the club from the inside like a termite.

      Well, too late now. It’s been announced that the b@stard is on his way to Redfern for 2019. Heaven help us!

      And to ALL ZT in regards to my character analysis of this geriatric stick insect over past few years… I TOLD YOU SO!

  2. He has no right to whinge, considering they are both still contracted to there clubs for next year. It’s easy to sort out, Broncos just have to terminate Bennet’s contract and pay him out. Which is what he wants or to finish his contract at the Broncos. As for ringing the players, I’m sure they wouldn’t tell seibold if he really did. Anyways let the circus continue.

  3. Bennett calling Johnstone, cook and Burgess is grounds for instant dismissal by broncos with no remuneration and for rabbithos to tear up his contract.

    • That sounds like a fair point to me screaming. Too late now though.

      What will Bennett do now while at Souths I wonder? Both to sabotage the Broncos and attempt to steal their talented young players and also to Souths’ young junior talent to free up room for “Bennett’s baby Broncos”?

  4. You poor thing seibold, my heart bleeds for you, Bennett is doing the right thing by the Broncos, he said he would honour his contract right from the beginning, which is more than I can say for you seibold. Wake up to yourself seibold, you don’t have any respect for South Sydney at all. I hope they sack you and you don’t have a coaching role for 2019.

    • Glad to see dramas elsewhere and not at my club for a change.
      🤞 both clubs implode and their 2019 seasons are a write-off 😂😂😂🤡

      • Don’t worry billy boooiyeee. Souths have no interest in taking your spoon off you. As long as Damien Cook is still at Souths in 2019 the Rabbitohs will make the final at no worries. Enjoy your 15th 🥄

        • You seem excited and confident now that Papa Smurf is on his way to implode the rabbit hole💥💥💥🐇🕳 Soufths are in massive trouble now that Bennett is confirmed of his arrival tomorrow. 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😀🤣🤣😁😂😂😆 Going to be a great season watching the free falling rabbits crash and burn. Woody’s prediction for Bennett is. The only coach to be sacked back to back in League History😂😂😂😂😂😁😁🤣🤣🤣🤣😀😆😂😂💪😎👎❕

        • You’re enjoying this a little too much for my liking Woody. I can always bribe Nurse Ratched to give you an ice water sponge bath. 🛁

  5. Hope someone at Souths ensured the door smacked him in the back of the head on his way out… grub !! (this is obviously directed at Seebags)

    • I’ve heard talk that when the Broncos were “rumoured” to be talking to Seibold back in round 10 and it was dismissed by Seibold out of hand everything was already decided back then, between May and July. No one can prove that is true but IF it is… your four-letter word fits!

      • wouldn’t surprise me at all. bud… we’re old n cynical…. his exact words were “I love the bunnies”….

    • My first concern Kev is that Souths don’t lose Damien Cook, any of the Burgess boys or juniors like Cam Murray, Campbell Graham and AJ! Then let’s see where we go from there. What a bl00dy debacle!

  6. What did seibold expect after agreeing to coach the broncos in 2020?
    Did he really think he would be coach of souffs in 2019 after shltting on them?

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