SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JULY 29: Adam Quinlan of the Dragons runs the ball during the round 21 NRL match between the Canterbury Bulldogs and the St George Illawarra Dragons at ANZ Stadium on July 29, 2016 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images)

Hull KR have signed St George Illawarra Dragons fullback Adam Quinlan on a two-year deal.

The 24-year-old Australian will join relegated Rovers ahead of the 2017 season.

“It came as a bit of a shock to me to hear they had been relegated but from what I’ve heard I think we’ve got what it takes to bounce back,” he said.

Hull KR head coach Tim Sheens added: “Adam’s speed will be really important for us as well as his experience out the back.”


  1. Hey guys tell me if you agree with these Panthers ratings (70-75 not a first grader, 75-79 has potential to play first grade but isn’t ready yet, 80-82 are fringe first graders, 83-85 are solid players who do the job but aren’t the best, 85-87 are SOO quality or will be up there for selection for SOO, 87-89 are SOO mainstays, there the level that should be picked for rep footy for as long as they are healthy, 90+ are the best of the best and the real superstars of the game)

    Moylan 88
    Mansour 90
    Whare 85
    Peachey 86
    Watene-Zelezniak 85
    Maire Martin 84
    Cleary 84
    Latu 84
    Wallace 85
    Tamou 90
    Yeo 83
    Cartwright 86
    Merrin 87

    Browne 81
    Campbell-Gillard 83
    McKendry 81
    Rein 82

    Akauola 79
    Blake 83
    J Cartwright 79
    Fisher-Harris 81
    Hiku 82
    Kikau 78
    Leota 79
    C Critchon 77
    D Nicholls 77
    C Harawira-Naera 76
    D Edwards 78
    M Watene-Zelezniak 75
    Oldfield 80
    S Langi 78
    S Luke 77
    T Satini 78
    T May 77
    Dockar-Clay 78
    C Waddell 75

    • One more for Moylan, two more for Whare, one less for Miare Martin (only had a handful of games), two less for Tamou, two more for Merrin, two more for McKendry.

      • Who is Mary Martin? Te Maire Martin, or “Tia Maria” to his friends… cause it’s a girls drink! LOL
        Btw, Moylan is 80 at best, surely? 😉

        “In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the Panthers sleep tonight. A-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh”

    • @mickov

      Are you referring to Adam Quinlan going to Hull KR? sharkattack isn’t a fan of player trollz ratings poll (which btw is for RL Live updates, and he is 16 so context is important).

      @sharkattack, Just a thought, if my team had just won the premiership I would skim over ZT and be busy watching the replays of the GF! My 2014 premiership DVD got a real work out around this time in 2014 I can tell you. I got to double figures before New Year! LOL

      • “a fan of player trollz ratings poll…” OR “a fan of trollz player ratings poll”

        No, trollz isn’t “a player” and I’m not dyslexic. I just suffer from the occasional attack of spoonerisms! “Don’t pet the sweaty things” (Don’t sweat the petty things)

  2. With regards to Adan Quinlan, i always thought he had some potential but maybe a few too many mistakes for first grade, really carved up the NSW cup though and will do well in the UK

    • It’s hard to make an impression in the NRL (unless you are an exceptional talent) when you are just 173 cm and 80 kg. I agree he looked like he had potential that was never realised. From memory he looked to be in his best form playing in the halves with Widdop when Widdop had just joined the Dragons and they went on an undefeated run early in the season. Not sure why, given the current situation with the halves at the Dragons, that he couldn’t have been given another opportunity.

  3. I agree with mickov and SSTID_1970’s comments, but the Dragons need to sort out the situation with their halves as top priority. Unfortunately for Adam Quinlan he wouldn’t have been guaranteed anything if he remained in the NRL. No club seems to have an obvious fullback problem, so he’s probably better off in England with a 2 year contract and a decent coach.
    IMO Shaun Nona should be given first crack at halfback in 2017. He reminds me of a young Cliff Lyons and could turn out to be one of those players who blossom later in their career. If Josh McCrone is to be a serious contender he needs to put a lot more variety into his kicking game, but knowing how McGregor works, McCrone will probably be given first crack at halfback.

    • Are you a Dragons supporter budgielegs?

      I wanted to see the Illawarra Cutters halves together again in the NRL but Hutchison’s injury has killed that idea. Now it looks like Widdop and Nona but I would have liked to see Widdop have a crack at FB (at least in the pre-season). What about McCrone and Nona in the halves, Widdop FB and Dugan centre. Bad idea or worth a try? Looking at Widdop in the four nations confirmed he has no idea how to play in the halves. He looked absolutely lost! Luke Gale looked equally lost and was rubbish. The only decent half in Englands squad was George Williams and he was only used in the last game! My point being if the Dragons are intending to rely on Widdop in the halves they are in trouble!

      I can see signs of what you mean (re Lyons) but if you want to see a modern day example of Cliff Lyons just watch Cody Walker. Very similar IMO.

  4. Yes, I am a Dragons supporter. Like most other supporters, I am frustrated at how they get themselves into some of the situatons that have arisen. At least now they are keeping hold of their good young players, but what a blow to lose “Hutch” before a ball has even been kicked for next season. I don’t think Gareth Widdop will be moved out of the halves, because he is the best number 6 in the club and has quite a bit of international experience. There have been suggestions that Kurt Mann be tried in the halves, but he hasn’t established himself as a permanent first grade player IMO, and what previous experience does he have in these positions?

    In the past, one of the regulars on this site who goes by the name of Devout Saint has said that he would like to see Dylan Walker and William Hopoate wearing the Red V jersey. If you are out there DS what would you suggest to solve the halves problem at the club?

  5. I want to see Mann given a crack at 5/8 and move Widdop to half. Give that 6-8 weeks to gel and if it doesn’t promote Nona to first grade. Mann has to be in the team though even as a winger, which means there is no room for Nightingale IMO.

    • daffy

      Given what I have heard about him, how he played for the Cutters in the GF and his style of play, I think Nona should be brought into the halves ASAP and then figure out who will partner him. Like Cody Walker he is unpredictable and will add a spark to your attack. From what I have seen from Widdop this year and especially in the four nations, he does not belong in the halves. He has no idea and can’t play off the cuff at all. His kicking game is also average at best and he might do the trick at FB as I have said in the past. Either way Nona is a must IMO.

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