John Hopoate Source: Twitter

John Hopoate has been hit with a four-match ban and is expected to miss more time, after being charged with three other offences relating to incidents during a match in the Manly District Junior Rugby League competition.

Hopoate – who was playing for the Narraweena Hawks against the Forestville Ferrets – was heard abusing and threatening opposition players on the field.

The former NRL veteran repeatedly swore at players and told them he would “bash them”, before being sent off by the referee.

Hopoate was handed the four-match ban for punching an opponent.

He then stopped momentarily beside the Ferrets bench for another word, before being moved on.

The three other offences have breached the NSWRL’s Code of Conduct, and will be discussed by the NSWRL Conduct Review Panel on Wednesday night, to see determine the correct punishment, if any, for Hopoate.

“I am confident our Conduct Review Panel will deal with the matter appropriately,” NSWRL Chief Executive David Trodden told

“NSWRL will make further comment after the judiciary process has been completed.”


  1. Wow he’s really good with the young blokes … Is Hoppa Manlys next FG coach with Trent going back to Penrith ?

  2. Why do fox sports, re Matty Johns show, keep giving this guy oxygen, for them to have him appear every now and then makes out that he is a decent bloke, and of course he isn’t, I like the Matty Johns show and hope that they now realise that having him on the show is not a good idea, the guy is a mug, fullstop.

  3. What a great role model. Why would parents encourage their kids to play league with Neanderthals like this still running around.

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