Justin Holbrook

St Helen’s smashed rivals Wigan last weekend and the 32-10 result saw an emphatic response from the fans.

At full time all you could hear was “Justin Holbrook, we want you to stay” amid the rumours of his potential move back home.

The Super League leaders are 10 points clear with only two losses all season and are shaped to take home the title if current form is anything to go off.

However, the Titans job back home could be a more enticing offer for the former NRL player despite his 80% coaching record in the UK.

“I’ve got no update from the other day,” the Saints coach said after the match.

“I appreciate the fans and it was great to hear them singing my name after the game, it gets me a bit emotional after the game, that’s for sure.

“I’ve got no update, so we will see what happens over the next couple of weeks.

“I don’t get distracted at all and I don’t think I ever will to be honest. I love what I do, I love the position I’m in and I’m always going to enjoy it.

“It’s great [to be wanted] and I’ve got the players to thank for that because of how well they are playing. They make my job easier.”

Averaging just under 34 points a game even after losing star man Ben Barba before the season, the coach is in high demand for struggling NRL clubs.

If the offer is right and the Saints don’t take home the cup this year the chances of Holbrook leaving could rise however right now it’s believed he will see out the year.


  1. i feel sorry for the titans. they seem cursed. They have a squad which has a lot of potential but who can get it out of them? Only the footy gods know

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