2019-04-25T06:05:00Z - Sydney Cricket Ground
2019-04-25T06:05:00Z - Sydney Cricket Ground


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19/4/19StormW 20 - 21
13/4/19SharksW 16 - 30
4/4/19BroncosW 36 - 4
29/3/19EelsW 18 - 32
23/3/19Sea EaglesW 18 - 26

St George Illawarra

20/4/19Sea EaglesW 12 - 10
14/4/19BulldogsW 40 - 4
7/4/19KnightsW 12 - 13
28/3/19BroncosW 24 - 25
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Latrell Mitchell 15'
L. Mitchell 15'
Angus Crichton 31'
A. Crichton 31'
Siosiua Taukeiaho 76'
S. Taukeiaho 76'
Zac Lomax 47'
Z. Lomax 47'
Matthew Dufty 52'
M. Dufty 52'
Latrell Mitchell 16'
L. Mitchell 16'
Latrell Mitchell 32'
L. Mitchell 32'
Latrell Mitchell 77'
L. Mitchell 77'
Zac Lomax 53'
Z. Lomax 53'
Latrell Mitchell 3'
L. Mitchell 3'


  1. Can anyone remind me of one 50/50 call that went against the roosters today as opposed to 9 big stuff ups by the refs that cost the dragons dearly.

  2. When is the nrl going to audit the rorters they are 3mil over the salary cap cmon nrl show some honesty you know the rorters are over the salary cap…

  3. The rorters and the nrl must be in partnership thats why the nrl wont do an honest audit on this rorting club they are not called the rorters for nothing…they are over the salary cap and the nrl know it.if they win the premiership a protest/audit should be done straight away dont let the rorters rort the nrl/rugby league…

  4. No but plenty can remind you of the better than “rub of the green” the mergers got against Manly last week. Swings and Roundabouts champ. Chooks probably should have had it dusted by half time. Merged mob should have gone down last week.

  5. McGregor very careful not to be fined 10,000 but said enough and the smirk at the end said it all.
    Wish he did and expose the bias the refs dished out today.
    There were 6 more obvious stuff ups that he could have raised.

  6. Will get worse I suspect if Gould gets to run the NRL.
    With that, Politis on the NRL Committee and Schubert as the cap auditor, make up your own minds.

  7. I think the Dragons lost the game rather than the Roosters winning it. I don’t rate Norman at all. Graham played better as a first/second receiver.

  8. Someone once suggested if refs performances cost teams an even chance of winning they should have their match payments withheld.
    What they didn’t take into consideration is they could be making a lot more elsewhere.
    Just a theory.

  9. Schubert retired years ago……………….
    Nick hasn’t been on the NRL committee since 2011…………………….
    Facts in the way of hate?
    Gould could replace Skeletor? 🙂

  10. Shadow, seriously?
    I get it, and I’m sure we all do (maybe even the Manly fans, just kidding) you think the Roosters are over the cap. You’re not the Lone Ranger there, based on the number of comments about it, but that doesn’t make you right.
    You call for an audit, and state as fact they are over, plucking an amount out of thin air ($3mil ) etc. but how do you know?
    How do you know the ‘audit’, being the NRL player registration process, isn’t right?
    How do you know they are “over the cap”, and an audit will prove it?
    How do you know “roughly” by how much they are over?
    I know your answer will be along the lines of “look at their squad” and/or “I’ve added their salaries” (incorrectly if you have) etc, but what do you actually know?
    I’m obviously not a Roosters supporter, but comments like yours are bad for the game.
    As per my first sentence, I’ve got your message, but as per the rest of this post I still think you’re wrong, and posting it as “fact” doesn’t, and won’t make it right.
    IF the Roosters are over the cap, IF (but it’s obviously possible), it won’t be (and I’d be 99.99% sure it won’t be), through the total value of registered player contracts (unless it was extremely minor), but you’d still probably claim you were right (irrespective of it being for totally different reasons).

  11. Had to watch the replay to try and find 50/50 call that went against the roosters.
    Can anyone tell me one and when it happened as I obviously missed it.

  12. Proud of the effort today from the red V. Roosters are a tough side and there was not 1 50-50 call today that went to Saints.

    Friend was the difference today, he was fantastic but geez I reckon I saw about half a dozen of his passes from dummy half that were questionable at best…. not 1 pulled up.

    Tedesco shepherd from 10 m out, runs upfield 70 meters. Part of me wishes Dufty and Lomax don’t catch him and it goes to video ref. Definite Saints penalty back down the other end.

    Spilt bomb 1st half by the chooks magically turns into a penalty to the chooks, even Anasta said “ what’s the issue there “ Aitken pass to Lomax called back!!! Cmon hard to swallow when you have 30 % of the ball 1st half but the guts shown by the team keep them in the game.

    Big occasion yips got the better of the back 3 1st half but much improved 2nd half. Hunt was a bees di** away from scoring the winning try with 10 to go ( Friend knees the ball out of his hands ??? )

    Hard to grill Dufty at the end there, he nearly won us the game in the 2nd half and the boys were spent with 2 to go when Sio scores. Overall just a typical Anzac Day special that goes down to the wire

  13. Yes, based purely on the last call (lack of a call re the shepard) the dragons “were lucky” (it didn’t give Manly another chance).
    I didn’t watch the game (only the highlights) but from some the comments on this site a lot went against the Dragons too, that MAY of been a reason Manly was still in game for that last call to be relavent.
    Just from highlights (as I didn’t watch the entire game) you could also argue Manly was only still it because of Lafia’s kicking.
    Maybe the Dragons deserved to lose it, but did Manly deserve to win?

  14. Haha, manlove78 you’re and idiot. The she eagles were nowhere near the better team last week. Dragons went down today and there were some crap calls, but they evened out and I have to admit the rorters were the better team today. Both you and bare back’s knowledge of the rules of this sport wouldn’t be enough to fit on a postage stamp.

  15. Did you and that sped sushi forget about Norman’s performances of the past month. Way to view things objectively guys.

  16. Great contest between these two ANZAC day rivals and both teams put on a true example of this annual clash. Got my old body out there today and was not disappointed. Atmosphere was special. Saints still lead us 11-7 in the winning of this cup. Great effort by both clubs and my old ticker was beating hard right up till the Sydney Roosters last try. What a cliff hanger.

    Big concerns for the Roosters with five of their six wins this year, they have gone to sleep for a 15min window. This bad habit was evident in 2017 when the Chooks missed the Grand final by 1 game. Snap out of it Chooks.💪🐔👍

  17. Why the Roosters played three 2nd rowers off the bench and 1 prop is a mystery. Against good packs like Saints the Roosters really need to get their head out of the sand and rush Lindsay Collins and Poasa Faamausili two really hard runners and great metre eaters back in the squad. What’s going on Robo❓❔❓❔❓❔❓❔❓❔❓❔❓❔❓❔❓❔❓❔❓❔❓❔❓❔❓❔❓❔❓❔

  18. Blind freddy knows that the rorters are over the cap i read that the rorters missed out on that young shark braydke bailey or how ever you spell his name.the rorters need to be audited for rorting the game like i said on another post the nrl/rorters must be entwined in some business matters together stop rorting the cap rorters the nrl is a joke fact…

  19. Saints and the warriors were ripped off and were far the better teams…the rorters are rorting the cap they need to be investigated outside of the nrl because the nrl are useless.souths 21 premierships / rorters 14 premierships and the rorting rorters are 7 premierships behind souths lol@therortingrorters…

  20. To audit them properly will cost the NRL large sums of money.
    Not as simple as looking at the contracts with a $5.00 calculator.
    The structure in place for however they pay their players whether above board or not would be very complicated and well planned to make it a very costly and arduous exercise.

  21. Dont you realise despite Woodchip’s exaggerated and delusional reasoning behind his calculations that even the commentators state that the opposition supporters at every rooster game so far have outnumbered the rooster supporters by a considerable margin.
    There’s your answer.
    What’s his excuse why rooster membership is running at 3rd from the bottom in the NRL?

  22. 40,000 dragons . 300 rosters . But your calculation of a home ground average of 24000 haha poor woodduck is in denial

  23. No denial CLOWN 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 We are talking about home crowd attendances at the SCG for the Roosters. Saints home is not the SCG and as I was in attendance yesterday I would say that it was very close to a 50-50 crowd. But that is irrelevant. Even if no Roosters fans turned up. To attract 38,000 people from Wollongong to watch the Roosters play is really saying people want to see a great team deliver a entertainment fun filled day. The Bottom line is it is a Roosters home game attendance figure. And that cant be denied. 💪🐔👍
    rnd 1 24,527
    rnd 4 -9,304
    rnd 7 38,414
    —————-divided by 3 games = 24,081 per game on average.✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔

  24. Is that why we were denied 3 tries. Thanks Stevsyd, I was wondering about why the refs tried desperately to keep St Illawarra in the contest.🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  25. So was I. 50 -50 . Come on mate. I may have been dusty when I woke up and watched my recorded replay but attendance I would say 60 % saints 40 % Roosters. Tv viewing I would say 70 % saints and 30 % Roosters. And if anyone other than you disagrees I’ll admit my mistake .

  26. Round 1 souths. 24000
    Round 4 broncos 9000
    Round 7 dragons 38000
    See the pattern . 2 Sydney teams 1 Brisbane team . I think your 9000 usual average is more on the Mark. But hey good win buddy was a sorry drive home back to newcastle for me but your mighty Roosters won , you d man . .

  27. The pattern was Rnd 1 Rain, night game only 24k, Rnd 4 showers and slippery, night game only 9k , Rnd 7 Sunny day game 38k. Don’t worry dra01 I think saints have turned the corner and are on the right track. Might even be a top four team when De Belin and Widdop return.💪🎱👍

  28. I’m starting to think the Emperor of Clowns 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 p.e.n.z.0 alias ManWar69er is also the nutter 🥜🥜🥜🥜🥜🥜🥜 shadow. Both go on about total garbage regarding the professionally organised Sydney Roosters 🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓

  29. Clown Clown Clown clown clown🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  30. Oh Woody please enlighten everyone on ZT with the 3 disallowed tries to the chooks?? This is going to be good!!! Or as per usual your just making up garbage. I must have been off my head to miss the refs keeping Saints in the game ya fool…
    I can think of 1 disallowed try when Cordner was call for obstructing but I must be slipping coz I can’t think of the other 2 scoop. Maybe 1 of the 19000 chook supporters at the game yesterday can help us all out

  31. 19,207 for 50% Ms Lady in a redv13 dress. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 You just might have to watch the game again and see for yourself. If I told you the facts you will not believe me. See Ms Redv, Truth is dead and you, like the stuff Shadow writes and proclaims….. Fake news is real.💪🐔👍

  32. I was being kind when I said 50-50 but in reality it would easily of been 55- 45 Roosters crowd. I’d suggest you may of only thought you where there. When the tickets go on sale they sell them in sections for fans to be in groups together. Obviously watching it on TV when saints scored in the corner at the Randwick end that was a saints fans area bay 25-30 so on TV it looks as though there is only saints fans at the ground. Its an illusion. Easily 55-45 Roosters favour💪🐔👍 If anyone other than you disagrees I’ll admit my mistake. ✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔

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