2019-04-20T09:35:00Z - WIN Stadium
2019-04-20T09:35:00Z - WIN Stadium


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14/4/19BulldogsW 40 - 4
7/4/19KnightsW 12 - 13
28/3/19BroncosW 24 - 25
21/3/19RabbitohsL 18 - 34
16/3/19CowboysL 24 - 12


13/4/19KnightsW 18 - 26
6/4/19RabbitohsW 13 - 12
30/3/19WarriorsW 46 - 12
23/3/19RoostersL 18 - 26
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Sea Eagles

Matthew Dufty 16'
M. Dufty 16'
Mikaele Ravalawa 77'
M. Ravalawa 77'
Brad Parker 32'
B. Parker 32'
Daly Cherry-Evans 58'
D. Cherry-Evans 58'
Timoteo Lafai 18'
T. Lafai 18'
Daly Cherry-Evans 59'
D. Cherry-Evans 59'
Timoteo Lafai 8'
T. Lafai 8'


  1. Jezuz kriste what is wrong with these two thalidomides pretending to be 1st grade referees? Could they do anymore to keep manly in the game?

  2. Ha!! Don’t make me laugh, that last decision was a shocker but that evens it up from the other 90% of the game where those two clowns kept your team in it at every opportunity. Not to mention Parker should have been in the bin for tripping. Whinge all you want champ but your mob wouldn’t have been anywhere near the dragons without those muppets in the middle ruining the game.

  3. Yeah sure champ as you say, there were 50/50 calls for both teams, but the last call decides a game. I’m not concerned manly loosing, dragons are all but full strength and we are nowhere near and dragons at home and needed refs to get across the line.
    But hey you need that to get through this night we’ll take it dragons won, but they won’t win much more in that, cant get the calls every week

  4. Don’t make me laugh you halfwit. How often do you see an away team win the penalties 10-6, the majority of them rubbish, one of them leading to your first try. And tell me how the last one decides the game. Princess cherry either has to kick one from the sideline on his less favoured side or you have to score a miracle try. See you didn’t mention Parker not going to the bin for tripping, but hey why facts bother a manly supporter?

  5. I’m not a manly fan and i did tip the dragons… But didn’t the Refs Fu#k up that last call. That dragons player should of been Panelised He changed Direction and took out Manly’s winger. It’s bullsh#t they keep getting away with these bad calls.


    there’s way 2many forward passes getting let go. Sh#t IV seen some bad one’s this season. Staggs to Macca’s in the Bronx game, one the storm scored off last night the cook’s one couple of weeks ago and a hell of a lot more these arent just a foot forward they R 3metres forward with the games as close as they r these days ONE bad call can cost a team there season.

  6. Nothing will ever change in this game until the bunch of amateurs running it at the top are dislodged and sent to the bin where they belong

  7. Obviously you are bright enough to have a conversation or speak to people normal so this is the last comment.
    Winning an away penalty count 10/6 not a big deal, which penalty wrong? The leg pull on Parker?? The very stupid and obvious flop from latimore?? Where the refs yell don’t touch him Tariq your 4 meters off side and then he does??
    I didn’t see a penalty wasn’t warranted…
    The very minor trip which easily can be Parker turning isn’t a sin bin in any world, but in the refereeing again, they went to the bunker in that play, which IS against the rules as it wasn’t ever a a chance of try or a penalty try. Bunker can only be used in the act of scoring, but hey as you say don’t let facts get in the way of your story…
    So if your 2 points down and should have a penalty from out wide do you rather have a shot at goal or be denied a chance at that??? Ummm maybe a shot so yeah that decided the game, but again as you say don’t let facts stop you. Dragons were lucky with the last call and also there last try, Aitken misses that ball by a whisker going for it then it falls to the winger, and as you Cleary aren’t smart enough to have a conversation with someone don’t write back as you just somehow making yourself look even more stupid

  8. Haha, nice try genius but leg pull on Parker? Try Parker thrashing around like an idiot trying to milk a penalty. Latimore’s flop? The way those two tools were refereeing and the fact that Hunt only had one hand on the player with the ball can you blame Latimore? The tackle had only just been affected anyway so I fail to see how it slowed down the game. Then there was that tool Munro gifting you guys a penalty every five seconds for non existent play the ball penalties, but they somehow couldn’t see your blokes lying all over the tackled player. And don’t get me started on the ten, your mob stood offside the whole night. Marty Tapau stripping the ball ring a bell? Then you guys get the penalty for it? Please. And if there’s even the slightest chance Aiken could have scored, then they have to check it. Love how you try to minimise Parker’s “very minor trip”. What happened to a deliberate attempt at tripping landing you on report. Nice try at arguing but it actually helps if any of your facts are correct. Oh you might want to learn how to spell “clearly” genius. There vs their? Helps in an argument if you can actually spell.

    Oh and by the way Manlove78, good to see your usual gibbering as an attempt to get a point across. But tell me, who walked away with the two points?

  9. Try playing or even getting to a game and then you may understand how it works. But I know it’s so much easier to sit sit at home and make yourself look stupid or pick at minor spelling. My comments were fact and those penalties were very obvious ones for all to see.
    Lastly no they don’t check penalties, for in order ref to use video ref there has to be a chance of scoring and if ref sends upstairs needs to be as potential penalty try which they clearly never, because with or without that trip he gets nowhere near the ball…
    But I know you don’t understand that as you don’t play or get out of the basement but trust me that’s the rules. But again as you say don’t let your facts get in the way. Champ

  10. Ha ha I just got an email form zero tackle asking me to stop making brissydragon look not so bright ha ha, it’s hard but I’ll stop now.

  11. Wow what a game . Tough and fast . Unlucky decision at the end the refs missed but it was the refs that kept the game that close in the end anyways . . Dragons deserved to be winners . 4 on the trot bring on woodchooks chickens on Anzac day for a reality check for us .

  12. It was a good very fast game, and yep there were 50/50 calls against both teams all night. The inconsistencies of referees are killing the game, a bad call is one thing, but to use video refs for 1 team and not another is just plain cheating.
    But yes dragons deserved the win, manly had there chance to score more before it came to this last play..

  13. Congrats Saints !
    The refs got it right in the end.
    Can’t have the CHEATS winning much this year since they’re still paying fines for cheating.

  14. I didn’t watch the game so I can’t comment on the ref’s, but I’ve enjoyed the comments (above) about it.
    Bob(Holmsey)Fulton, “Obviously you are bright enough to have a conversation or speak to people normal so this is the last comment”, I’m not sure that’s exactly what you wanted to say to brissydragon.
    But seriously, how do you conclude “dragons are all but full strength and we are nowhere near”, when they are missing K.Simms, Widdop, JDB and you’re missing Turbo, AFB, Walker?
    P.S, I’ve thrown the “Holmsey” in your tag because I still think you are one and same, but if not, your posts can be extremely similar at times

  15. Eels,
    No mate told ya before not Holmesy, he’s be blowing up way more deluxe over this game then I am.
    I never thought of jdb missing and yes Widdop is out, Simms don’t count as he’s useless, and personally Widdop out has made the dragons a lot better team so not really a loss either, dragons looked terrible and unorganised when they were trying to fill that 5 man spine.
    Turbo and afb are massive losses for us atm.
    It was actually a good fast game with some poor refereeing decisions both ways, which resulted in a very bad one at the end.
    Truth be told we should of scored another try earlier and put the game to bed and then it takes these refereeing calls out of the decision making anyways…
    But manly be back, like your eels are probing people and other teams wrong so far this year

  16. Seriously how can they call it a professional competition when you have clowns like these to and Perenara refereeing 1st grade matches.
    All up it doesn’t really matter. Like my Eels, I can’t see either of these two teams making the top 8 and if they do they will just be canon fodder for the roosters and storm.
    It is a two horse race this year and it will be these two teams contesting the GF again.
    So glad it is an even comp and the talent is evenly spread amongst all 16 teams.

  17. Well said eelsamighty, at least a few people on here have at least half a brain. Once again you fail at everything bozo. Simms useless, yeah that’s why he carved up his former team in his first game for the dragons. You wish you had a forward like him (that’s why we sent you Thomson and promoted Tariq into his spot) I think that worked out pretty well don’t you? For us anyway. I forgot about De Belin? Gee you thought your argument out well didn’t you. Like I’ve said to other low hanging bits of fruit on this site, don’t argue with the adults son. That requires thought – something that might cause you a brain injury.

  18. Rd 14 at our home ground why don’t we catch up and watch manly v dragons,
    Would love to meet the tough keyboard warrior.
    Just because people don’t agree with you doesn’t mean they’re arguing, but hey I understand your being tough through your computer, I’m sure it’s back to being picked on at school soon for you

  19. Also did you seriously just make out Simms is a better player the Thompson. That’s gold. Besides Thompson has more ability/work ethic/ likeable
    He actually played every game and isn’t suspended 6/7 games a year, oh and did I forget to add on half the salary, yep you got a great deal there

  20. Did someone mention WoodChooks❓❔❓❔🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓.. Should be a great contest as usual on ANZAC Day dra01. Always is. We don’t know if Keary will be playing. 💪🐔👉——–🤣😂😆😁

  21. A few years back now young Kevie, a team called Parra burst onto the scene with a stack of young players who were just starting out, and even though there was no salary cap back then they were a bunch of rookies on low wages until they won a comp or two then they demanded an increase in pay. That Parra side went onto win three comps straight with low paid rookies just starting out to make a name for themselves in Steve McKenzie, Paul Taylor, Brett Kenny, Steve Sharp, Steve Ella, Peter Sterling, Eric Grothe, John Muggleton, Peter Wynn.

    See the majority of those players debut for Parra and first grade around 1979/80 so they would be making a name for themselves as unknown rookies who clicked under a master in Jack Gibson.

    The same thing has been repeated over the years with other teams under the salary cap in the modern era. The Sydney Roosters for example did a similar thing with a few rookies just coming through on low income who had not yet made a name for themselves and therefore big money was not required to be paid as they were rookies. Latrell Mitchell, Joseph Manu, who had their contract upgraded last year early season before they won a premiership and before they played rep footy are still on relatively small incomes to what other club fans claim. Others on not so lavish incomes were Liu, Radley, Matterson and Tetevano

    See its only after a team wins a premiership and get picked for rep honors like Manu for NZ, Keary and Mitchell and Tedesco did and all made their test debut and then fans from rival clubs say how can they possibly afford the team that they have stacked with internationals.

    The same thing happened in 2002 with a few rookies in Crocker, Flannery, Cusack, Hegarty, Lomu, Minichiello and Hodges. All on low incomes and won a premiership played rep footy after winning the comp and fans ask the same question how can they afford them❓❔❓❔. The simple answer is they were on the bottom scale of income. Sure when their contracts needed to be upgraded only one stayed at the Roosters all the others followed the cash.💪🐔👍

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