2019-04-05T08:55:00Z - Panthers Stadium
2019-04-05T08:55:00Z - Panthers Stadium


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30/3/19StormL 2 - 32
23/3/19KnightsW 14 - 16
17/3/19EelsL 12 - 20
14/9/18SharksL 21 - 20
8/9/18WarriorsW 27 - 12

Wests Tigers

31/3/19BulldogsL 8 - 22
24/3/19WarriorsW 34 - 6
16/3/19Sea EaglesW 20 - 6
30/8/18RabbitohsL 51 - 10
23/8/18Sea EaglesW 22 - 20

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Wests Tigers

Dylan Edwards 78'
D. Edwards 78'
Corey Thompson 30'
C. Thompson 30'
Ryan Matterson 50'
R. Matterson 50'
Nathan Cleary 79'
N. Cleary 79'
Nathan Cleary 14'
N. Cleary 14'
Nathan Cleary 83'
N. Cleary 83'


  1. What an absolute bludger of a game. No way on God’s good earth should the panthers have won that game. Gonna be a long season for both teams supporters.

  2. I agree that it’s going to be a very long & poor season for both teams.
    Don’t know why people say Wests deserved to Win so much though.
    According to Nines stats, Wests had 58 % of possession , ran for about 150 metres less. Kikua actually did score & the ref didn’t look at it.
    Wests had far more chance near the try line & could only score from two grubbers. The first one Farah should have been penalised for knocking the ball out. Then they had another set from an Edwards knock on that never happened. So they wouldn’t have scored from all that possession there, that they never should have had.
    There surely will be changes at the of the year if not before at Penrith.
    Still stick with Aetkins for fullback & young Brian Too for centre . No more Whare & seen enough of Mansour to say he’s not first grade standard any more.
    A good winger would have scored the first try in the corner easily. Would have taken the easy pass from Cleary, in open ground. Then run away to score in another chance. Not fumbled it , to re catch it & fall over. So another winger is needed there.
    It will be the end of Maloney in Aus at the end of the year. Luai for 5/8th. At least he brings some youth & pace.

  3. Wests were better . Refs made sure Gus the gobs channel 9 Panthers were still a chance in the last 10 minutes . 2 stripped balls were knock ons . And what about the forward pass . . Maybe Penrith need a bigger centre off excellence . And ain’t the tigers glad Ivan the lier is off the bus . Well done tigs good times ahead for you’s guys at least.

  4. What a load of crap.
    Forward passes? At least the Panthers were called for some. Two of which weren’t even forward. That’s according to the commentators , not me.
    If you can stand to watch the game again? Take a look at virtually all the passes that Robbie Farah passes out of dummy half. They are all forward.
    When’s he called for any of them?
    The crowd wasn’t booing when he passes because they don’t like him!
    Wests started the season well. The last two games they’ve been as bad as any one.
    Where’s all of this great attack from them? Even when they get more possession . Last week they won the penalties at home 8-4 . That’s the only reason they were able to get to 8 points in that game.
    I was shocked to see a player who was fit , slim & fast last year in Robert Jennings. He came out last week & I wondered who the hell that was in the centres? He’s big , fat & lost his pace.
    No one else can help it if their goal kickers suck either.
    So can’t see how Wests look so fantastic ? They’re in a very similar place to Penrith.
    When Farah retires ( he’s old ) , who’s the hooker?
    When Benji retires ( he’s old ), what magnificent attacking 5/8th have they got?
    Dream on any way I guess. 👍

  5. Nah, the tigers were better but only because the panthers were deplorable. The tigers have it everything they had but they just don’t have the troops. When your halves are brooks and the Grub and you’re forward pack is more of a backwards pack, you’re not going to be in the running for much. The panthers though were disgraceful. I thought some of them must have had footytab on the tigers 1-12. The only thing that got them home was some questionable decisions and Cleary’s boot. (As well as Marsters boot, just not in the same way)

  6. I didn’t say either team played well. But questionable decisions got the Panthers home?
    I think you lost in your betting.
    Kikau did score, as showed after the game & the ref just said knock on & didn’t look at it.
    Don’t really need to say more than that. As that try makes them even on the score board.at that time.
    Wests had three shots at field goal. Like their goal kicking. They couldn’t get one.
    Maybe Wests had a bet against themselves?
    Again, with more possession , they ran for less metres, created less chances to score . They scored just twice from kicks.
    Penrith ( as bad as they were ) had four chances to score. Mansour stuffed up two of them. Kikau did score & it wasn’t allowed & Edwards did score.
    Again, for Wests first try . They got the ball from Farah stripping it. Then they got a penalty. Then they got the ball again from a knock on, when clearly Edwards didn’t knock on, as per the replays.
    The other try Wests scored, they had at least two penalties in a row to get them down near the try line.
    So when it comes to refereeing decisions, Wests benefitted mightily .
    I think the only thing they did well, we’re the little kicks into the in goal to give themselves more time with the ball.
    But the refs helped keep them get them near the try line.
    The playing better was just a mirage.

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