2019-03-17T05:05:00Z - Panthers Stadium
2019-03-17T05:05:00Z - Panthers Stadium


Team News: Jack Hetherington replaces Villiame Kikau in the starting side, with Tyrell Fuimaono and Hame Sele on the bench. Winger Maika Sivo and five-eighth Dylan Brown debut for Parramatta, with Shaun Lane. Junior Paulo returns in the front-row after a stint with Canberra, and Blake Ferguson shifts from the premiers to the wooden spooners on the wing.

Prediction: The western Sydney rivalry will be on full display when Parramatta travel to Panthers Stadium as they try to distance themselves from the unwanted kitchen utensil they picked up last year. Penrith haven’t made any significant recruitment moves, where as the Eels have brought in premiership winning winger Blake Ferguson, former blue and gold prop Junior Paulo and back-rower Shaun Lane. Dylan Brown has huge wraps on him as he debuts in place of Corey Norman, but he won’t be able to just take off from the get go. It’ll be the experienced Blues halves that grab the game by the scruff of the neck. This match-up looks like the most one-sided of the round according to Superbru, with 83% of our pool backing a home win. Panthers by 8.

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14/9/18SharksL 21 - 20
8/9/18WarriorsW 27 - 12
31/8/18StormW 16 - 22
24/8/18WarriorsL 36 - 16
18/8/18KnightsL 12 - 20


1/9/18RoostersL 10 - 44
24/8/18CowboysL 44 - 6
17/8/18StormL 20 - 4
11/8/18DragonsW 40 - 4
4/8/18TitansW 28 - 12

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Wayde Egan 54'
W. Egan 54'
James Tamou 64'
J. Tamou 64'
Marata Niukore 14'
M. Niukore 14'
Michael Jennings 24'
M. Jennings 24'
Reed Mahoney 44'
R. Mahoney 44'
Michael Jennings 76'
M. Jennings 76'
Nathan Cleary 56'
N. Cleary 56'
Nathan Cleary 65'
N. Cleary 65'
Mitchell Moses 45'
M. Moses 45'
Mitchell Moses 77'
M. Moses 77'


  1. Great start to the season from the Eels but i wouldnt get to excited about it.A win is a win so cant complain but no way is that the reel panthers.Parra could easily lost that one and with how panthers played you would be worried.I know panthers had a tough past month but they should be able move on from it unless rumours true and theres more mud coming.Wouldnt be suprised if the old age rule dads shouldnt coach the kid is a bit of an issue arising here

  2. Yes, but don’t get too negative either.
    We’ve got a pretty young side, especially our spine, so they will keep improving. There were some very positive signs from our squad too.
    I think it’s fair to say the Panthers made too many “little” errors, and they’ll fix that pretty quick I’d imagine, and we took more chances, even though some of which were “what are you thinking ones”, but they were the biggest differences today.

  3. It was a good first round hit out from a young team. I too was impressed by the willingness to chance their arm a bit, which is different to the past few years, even if a few of them did shorten my life expectancy a bit….

    I was impressed with the forwards too, especially Niukore and Lane on the edges. Add to the fact that Brown went off the field, and Paulo, Mau and Terepo weren’t there, they all did a good job setting a platform for Moses and Brown.

    Definitely not getting carried away though, it will take a much better performance than that to worry the top teams, but a round 1 win is always a good thing isn’t it?

  4. First game and was heaps to like about the boys effort Almighty.Just keeping it in perspective.I doubt Penrith will be dishing that up to often.Was looking forward to having a good read on 1eyed but for some reason its saying its having issues.Even with the rain you cant beat a sunday local derby out in gods country.haha.Was great arvo only complaint i have is the reffs could of let Maika run the field before calling him back.He is gunna keep everyone on there seats,good and bad much like Semi at first.Just wish we had Roosters not Dogs next week to put it all in perspective.

  5. Yep. We’ve all been Eels supporters long enough not to get too carried away.
    That said, there was a real energy out there. When we were down to 12, and the Panthers attacking hard, based on history, that would have been enough to hand the game straight back, so the fact that we didn’t, and the boys really stuck together and dug in, was my biggest positive from that game.
    I agree with your comments on the forwards Eels, and good to see you back BTW. Brown’s definitely going to be a big loss, but at least we have some depth in the forwards, albeit I didn’t expect to be testing it so early.
    Depth in the backs, aside from the wing, is a major potential problem with we get some injuries there.
    We’ve still got cash, and a few months to spend it, so we may be able to firm the side up a bit prior to June 30.

  6. Depth in the centres is a massive concern. Will be interesting to see if Salmon comes straight in to centre, or if BA persists with Taka. That said, Mennings has been charged for garde 2 careless, and looks likely to miss a week, unless he fights and beats the charge.

    In the forwards Paulo comes into prop I guess with Tepai moving to lock. I imagine Kaufusi was close to playing too.

    I am sort of back. I do check the site most days, but only comment from time to time now. To much garbage clogging up the comments now. Trying to comment on The Roar a bit more though. That site has its issues too, but seems to generate more footy talk.

  7. Agreed.
    This 20 trillion add/pop up per article on ZT is getting to me too. I’ve been checking the roar out from time to time and have seen a few of your posts, as well as a few other familiar writing styles, albeit with new tags, like Papa smurf and ae47.

  8. Parra fans should be confident that the2017 team mentality has returned now that the game throwing gangster and his gangster gambling syndicate has been shown the door and infected Saints. Parra will make the eight this year.

    Defeating Penrith in the local derby at Penrith has displayed their ability and if they had of kicked the penalty goal which would of given them a 16-0 lead then the pink panthers would not have scored appoint against Parra. The pink panthers only scored their 12 points while Jennings was in the bin.

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