2019-04-06T08:35:00Z - ANZ Stadium
2019-04-06T08:35:00Z - ANZ Stadium


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29/3/19RoostersL 18 - 32
24/3/19BulldogsW 16 - 36
17/3/19PanthersW 12 - 20
1/9/18RoostersL 10 - 44
24/8/18CowboysL 44 - 6


30/3/19CowboysW 16 - 42
23/3/19TitansW 20 - 6
15/3/19KnightsL 14 - 8
21/9/18StormL 22 - 6
14/9/18PanthersW 21 - 20

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Marata Niukore 7'
M. Niukore 7'
Brad Takairangi 38'
B. Takairangi 38'
Michael Jennings 52'
M. Jennings 52'
Michael Jennings 71'
M. Jennings 71'
Sosaia Feki 26'
S. Feki 26'
Sosaia Feki 43'
S. Feki 43'
Mitchell Moses 8'
M. Moses 8'
Mitchell Moses 39'
M. Moses 39'
Mitchell Moses 52'
M. Moses 52'
Mitchell Moses 72'
M. Moses 72'
Kyle Flanagan 28'
K. Flanagan 28'
Kyle Flanagan 44'
K. Flanagan 44'


  1. Didn’t I tell you last week that after the Roosters battled tooth and nail to get a win, that Parra is definitely top eight material but could be a chance for the top 4 like they were in 2017.🤣😁😂😆🤣🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱

  2. Parra were a heck of a lot better last night than they were at any stage last season and deserved their win. On that showing, I would say they deserve to be top 8 though I doubt that top 4 is possible. Storm/Roosters will be one and which leaves just 2 places and there are at last 2 better teams than the Eels left out there.

  3. Will Cronulla and souffffths retain their top four positions of last season❓❔❓❔❓. Only time will tell but so far Parra has knocked off one of the candidates in Cronulla, soufffths have been exposed in my opinion as pretenders as Brisbane has, while Penrith are struggling big time. Wests were the better team and should have won but couldn’t kick any goals. Like I said its a long season but from what I have seen of Parramatta if a was a betting man I would have a grand or two on them making the four. 😁

  4. Hey Wood Rot .
    You were having a good laugh about Penrith juniors last week.
    Seeme your feeder club bears like them. Not only Kieran Moss as the reserve fullback. There’s Stephano Hala. He’s a Penrith junior, Australian junior rep prop. Was in The Penrith Squad start of last year, then they allowed Canberra to buy him. Now he’s at Norths.
    Think I’ll take a look at the rest of that team.
    As usual, you have no clue where any player’s from. Seems Penrith juniors are considered good at your Nuggets organisation .

  5. Yes and I’m laughing louder this week. Penrith got out played by Wests and should never of won that game, just a fluke so don’t get a BIG HEAD 🤗 So the juniors are not performing for your pussycats this year so far. I suppose it is due to old man Cleary’s inability to have a decent attack structures, the same problem he produced at Wests last season.

    As for Kieren Moss the Roosters never signed him from Penrith. He is a journey man and not a Penrith local junior, In fact this bloke was not even born in Penrith but in Sydney (Roosters) He played one junior year with Penrith in 2014 and then played 2015 with Parramatta then played in England for three seasons with Bradford, Hull Kingston Rovers who later palmed him off to York City Knights who still was not happy with his form and they palmed him off to Halifax. So don’t make me laugh EastRoosterOfDivide 😆😂🤣😁😆😂🤣😁 As for Stephano Hala again we signed him from the Raiders after they released him early after one season of a two year contract. Looks like we got a dud that Penrith did not want and neither did Canberra but under the Roosters great coaching staff they may be able to crack an NRL DEBUT unlike that their previous clubs.💪🐔👍

    Just proves what a fool you are Clown of the Great Dividing Range. (COTGDR) 😁🤣😂😆🤣 Why would the Roosters want to poach anyone out of the Penrith Juniors these days. Penrith has won just two comps in 52 years. Pretty dammed useless if you ask me. 😆😂😁😆🤣💪🐔👍

  6. I forgot to tell you your sacred so called world beaters local juniors have not assisted your imports to a grand final since 2003. That is 16 years ago💪🐔👍

  7. All your extra squibblings here are just White Noise Woodlouse.
    Your original , emphatic statement was that your Nuggets club had No Panthers in the Squad. So that was Wrong , as usual . Again showing that you don’t have a clue .
    Also pretty hard to be laughing about players from Penrith when the club you love is buying players from that came from that same club.

  8. By the way Wood Cloggs .
    The story here about Ponga’s $6 Million Deal.
    After that story you wrote about Pearce failing under pressure in Finals & he’s an alright club player.
    That’s exactly what I wrote , after the ‘ Who the NSW should have in their squad story , before the season start up.
    You were at that time calling for Pearce to be brought back to be the NSW half.
    Also saying that he should come back to play for the Nuggetts you love. After Cronk is gone.
    Now, you copied what I said about him. He sucks as a half back when under pressure in finals & for the NSW team.
    I think you’re losing your memory you turn coat.
    Good yet again , that you now agree with exactly what I wrote though. So much so that you copied it!!!
    🎁 See that. That’s your second prize!

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