Former Brisbane Broncos player Jamil Hopoate has been charged with supply large commercial quantity of cocaine and using a vehicle to avoid apprehension and is now facing prison time.

As reported by 7 News, the 26-year-old was arrested on Tuesday after emergency services were contacted on multiple occasions amidst an alleged pursuit near Sydney' Port Botany.

NSW Police's Organised Crime Squad reportedly had a truck under surveillance that possessed 514kg of white powder in what is a reported $155 million cocaine drug bust.

It is understood that Hopoate allegedly looked to flee from police in a truck containing cocaine before continuing on foot.

Hopoate will face court on Wednesday and is understood to be one of three people charged.


  1. It would be easy to criticise Jamil Hopoate after his latest crime(s), and it gets me thinking: does he have demons in his mind? Is he an unhappy person? Is he a bad person?
    Having spent time in jail before, you would think he had learned his lesson, but it appears that he hasn’t. Like other people in our society who have given in to the temptation of making easy money from the drug trade, Jamil Hopoate has done himself a great deal of harm if proven guilty.
    The drug trade is a scourge on our society and I believe it is responsible for a lot of the crimes that are committed nowadays. If anyone wants to involve themselves in this big cesspool of crime, murder and filth they can do it easily.
    At the end of the day, if you lay down with dogs, you wake up with fleas.

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