NEWCASTLE, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 29: Israel Folau of the Waratahs warms up during the round seven Super Rugby match between the Waratahs and the Sunwolves at McDonald Jones Stadium on March 29, 2019 in Newcastle, Australia. (Photo by Tony Feder/Getty Images)

Israel Folau won’t be returning to the NRL after his Rugby Australia termination, after ARL Commission chairman Peter Beattie closed the door on welcoming Folau back into the NRL on Thursday night.

After another Instagram post landed Folau in hot water, Rugby Australia decided that was the last straw and have begun to terminate his $4m contract.

Despite a number of NRL clubs potentially able to bring Folau back to the league, Beattie told The Daily Telegraph on Thursday he won’t be brought back into the NRL.

“Israel Folau fails the NRL’s inclusiveness culture which is a policy strongly supported by the Australian Rugby League Commission,” Beattie said.

“As a game, we have a clear position to be inclusive.

“From our point of view rugby union has made a decision that clearly rugby league would support.

“The ARLC therefore would not support his registration to play in the NRL.”

Folau began his NRL career with the Storm in 2007 before moving to Brisbane in 2009. He then signed with the GWS Giants in the AFL following one season as a Bronco, and hasn’t since returned to the league.


  1. If heaven is full of blokes like Folau I’ll be happier down under. He’s good at footy but that’s it. He’ll have plenty of time on his hands to preach his wisdom now.

  2. This country is FAR from free & run by cowards. If only those who sacrificed their lives fighting for this country could see how it is today, they would roll in their graves.

    • This world has dissolved into unimaginable madness. When the past closet dwellers rule this planet and our freedom of speech is now totally eradicated. It is quite clear, Humanity dwells in modern day S0d0M and Gomorrah

  3. What is the issue with drunks??

    My experience is they are either happy, angry or asleep.

    Chill Israel chill

    • If a person is drunk every day then sooner or later there is major dramas with abusive language or physical anger. One word sums up drunks. Violence 🎱

  4. i get told to go to hell all the time and its mostly by people who dont even believe in hell! we’ve had racists, drug dealers and women bashers play this game but a bloke who only said what he believes gets the brush from a bloke who has screwed over qlders when he was premier with all his b.s. it’s abit rich if you ask me…

  5. First of all Rugby League allows the gambling industry into our children’s minds and now they want rainbow warriors to control our game and nobody is aloud to protest against the like of that group the same like for like community.

    Since when is it a crime to spread the word of God in Australia and ask people to repent of sins. Is it a sin if somebody cheats on their partners❓ Yes, Is it a sin if you thieve of fellow humans❓ Yes. Is it a sin to tell lies❓ Yes. Is it a sin to get drunk and become addicted.❓ Yes. Is it a sin to be a Christian and not warn others of various life style choices that are not in line with the WORD of God. ❓ Yes.

    Israel Folau is trying to warn people of missing out on eternal life if they do not ask for help and seek forgiveness from the higher power that most of the World believe exists. 💪🐔👍 He should be allowed to play footy. The NRL stand down people for serious crimes until it is finalised in court. Is Folau’s looked upon by the NRL as more serious crime than bashing innocent woman❓❓❓❓❓❓

  6. Beattie “As a game, we have a clear position to be inclusive.”
    Unless a person disagrees with us. Then we will exclude and discriminate against that them

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