MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 21: Sharks coach Shane Flanagan watches his team warm up during the NRL Preliminary Final match between the Melbourne Storm and the Cronulla Sharks at AAMI Park on September 21, 2018 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

Cronulla coach Shane Flanagan is under investigation after it was discovered that he communicated with the club during his 2014 suspension, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Flanagan was suspended for 12 months following an investigation into the club’s supplements program and was to have no contact with the club or its staff, including players, during that time.

The same investigation saw a $1 million fine handed down to the Sharks, with $400,000 of that suspended.

Reports say that emails and texts were exchanged between Flanagan and the Sharks concerning the 2015 season, when Flanagan would be free to coach again.

If Flanagan is found to have broken the rules regarding his suspension then he may face another ban, with the Sharks facing another large financial penalty.


  1. Hey give the guy a break, the rules don’t apply to Flanagan – just ask him. Seriously is anyone surprised. Needs to be banned for good – along with his club for the sake of the sport.

  2. Things seem pretty bad for the sharks at the moment.
    Maybe they should relocate to Perth before they go the way of the bears.

  3. I hope the NRL grow some stones and punish the hell out of them!

    The Carlton Blues were the last club to cheat the salary cap in 2002 the AFL crippled them! so no other clubs would try the same cheating scam, Carlton are still suffering.

    The Essendon Bombers are the last club caught cheating with enhancement drugs the AFL have punished them so harsh (even though players still believe they’re innocent) so no other club follows down the same path.

    AFL professionals!!

    NRL amateurs!!

    • You’ve got a point there chop. Make the punishment so bad that no one tries to pull any dodgies or they’re screwed for years to com. Yet in league teams get of with a slap on the wrist. Dogs get done rorting – win a title 2 years later. Storm caught rorting – win title 2 years later. Sharks get done doing drugs – win title 2 years later (even if it was gifted to them on a platter by the league) Anyone see a pattern here? Almost makes you wish your team would go and out, screw up (read cheat) and get caught so you can be guaranteed a title in a couple of years. This one area we actually could emulate the AFL in.

      • I don’t think the storm got a slap on the hand, and I can’t see them trying to rort the cap again! but it did not put the fear in the other 15 teams. And the way the NRL looked after the Eels in 2016 why wouldn’t clubs push the boundaries.

        Since the NRL don’t have draft picks maybe they should be kept at the bottom of the ladder of the duration of the contracts that put them over the cap, do not allow the club’s to break contract agreements so they a cap reliant, and give them a massive fine.

        • Deduction of points from the next season, along with massive fines, multi year suspensions for those involved and a reduction in their salary cap for a number of years (depending on the indiscretion and it’s severity) would be the best solution. They just need the organisational strength and integrity (read balls) to do it.

  4. I believe it is exactly like Sam Burgess and the Face Book scandal where he claimed somebody else used his account. But wasn’t you Angryeagles47 claiming this scandal would be so big that Cronulla would lose their 2016 premiership over it. BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA🤣🤣🤣😁😁😆😂😆😂😁🤣
    WAKE UP 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  5. Can we please send these turkeys to Perth or reserve grade. The stanch of this club reeks!

    Strip them of their only premiership and ban Flanno for 3 years.
    Harden up NRL!!!

    • That premiership was garbage anyway, they had it handed to them. That’s about the only call Gus Gould has got right in years that that premiership was a soft one. Half their team should have been serving a drug suspension, fatfita should been suspended for the Kieran Loveridge thing and the refs (as usual) were rubbish.

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