As we approach the magic August 1 deadline, NRL rosters for 2023 finalise and become locked in.

Inevitably this play a role in deciding where players land for the next year and beyond.

It often leads to players suddenly becoming available also, which seems as if it could be the case for Roosters prop Matt Lodge.

He announced during the week that he would not be in the tri-colours for 2024, which should kick off a chase for his services.

Below are five potential landing spots for Matt Lodge.


1. St George Illawarra Dragons

I'm not breaking any news in stating that the Dragons need recruits to improve their side in 2024.

The Dragons engine room has routinely been run-over this season. Matt Lodge would walk into this starting line up and would instantly improve their rotation.

Francis and Michael Molo will line up in the middle for the Red V this weekend with Ben Murdoch-Masila running out at lock.

Blake Lawrie and Jack de Belin are missing but even if at full strength Matt Lodge can pretty much pick his positon and name his price.

The Dragons have a history of taking chances on players with off-season pasts so I don't forsee that even coming into the decision making process.

Shane Flanagan is shaping as the option as next coach at the Dragons. He built his Sharks Premiership side around two big, aggressive forwards.

Lodge fits that bill and I'd be absolutely shocked if he weren't in the Dragons sights. They certainly have both the spot available and you'd have to think the cap space.



  1. Matt Lodge is only just 28, so I’d think he’d have three good years (injury allowing) before his performance tails off. I know nothing about Warrington and Super League, so I’ll ignore them.

    Newcastle have been worse off for losing Klemmer, and Isuspect that they have already realised that letting him go was a bad move. I think that if they can scrape up the cap-space then Matt may head up the M1.

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