The 2019 NRL season is set to be a “make or break” time for some coaches, with a number under pressure on the back of a poor season.

It’s also going to be a huge year for coaches looking to prove a point in their first season at their new club.

Here are five coaches who need to get their sides firing in 2019.


1. Brad Arthur (Parramatta Eels)

No coach will be under the microscope more than Arthur if their team is in poor form.

Arthur will be certainly feeling the heat after receiving his first wooden spoon as a coach and Parramatta’s 14th, especially after guiding the side to an impressive semi-finals berth the previous year.

The Eels’ once potent attack whimpered last year without their Fijian flyer Semi Radradra, scoring fewer points than any other team in the comp.

Into his sixth year at the helm, ‘BA’ needs to rectify their old razzle-dazzling ways to get the Eels faithful back on their feet again in their brand new stadium.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – JULY 28: Eels head coach Brad Arthur looks on during the round 21 NRL match between the Parramatta Eels and the Brisbane Broncos at ANZ Stadium on July 28, 2017 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)


  1. Finally, McGregor makes it on the list and yet the idiots in Dragons management are already negotiating a new deal before the season even starts.

  2. Buzz Rothfield has tipped the Dragons to win the comp and reckons that McGregor is the sleeping giant of coaches.

  3. Surely, Brad Arthur, wont see out the 2019 season, Griffin is waiting in the wings, hence the reason he has not gone home to QLD and is residing in a very comfortable residence in Castle Hill, awaiting the takeover of the reigns at Parramatta.

  4. Yeah saw that too. Poor old Buzz, god love him, is obviously losing the plot. Unless he thinks the premiership ends in April of course……

  5. You can add the names of each of the other 11 coaches to that list. All it takes is a bad start to the season and/or finishing lower than expected, and the merry go round starts again.

  6. Buzz has clearly hit the cans way too hard down at Northies over the summer…. But I am confident Saints finish higher than the fillet of fishes, they are on the slide this year out of the top 8

  7. We are talking about September now aren’t we? You were all so confident of same last year, drag queens finishing ahead of Cronulla etc and what’s any different? The mergers roster certainly hasn’t been strengthened. Not a marquee signing in sight and it’s still poor old Mary at the helm again. Remember the bloke you were all calling for to be axed after the inevitable annual failure. Come on ….you know it, we all know it, that infamous choke is coming again. One of the hilarious highlights of the year. I don’t know how you lot can put yourselves through the pre season optimism thing for the same result time after time………

  8. IMO BA is under the most pressure he has until round 10 to win At least 7 games or he’s gone, simple as that!

    I’d be going after Shane Flanno

  9. Pretty good coming from someone who team will be lucky to make the 8. No marquee signing? What do you call Norman? Can’t wait to see Johnson flop and lead the league in missed tackles.

  10. Did you really want to ask that question, “what do you call Norman”?
    I’m not having a crack, as I rate Norman very highly, as long as he is motivated and allowed to play his natural game.
    I hope the move works, and I honestly think it will, but you have to admit it’s still a pretty big gamble at this stage.

  11. BA is definitely under serious pressure, and I’d agree that a decision will be made, one way or the other, before mid season, but if we (as a club) have a number in our heads, like min. 7 from 10, I’d be extremely disappointed with management, but I doubt that will be the case.
    I’m still backing BA, with head and heart, but I’d also admit he needs to deliver (somerging that demonstrates his coaching ability) this year. By that:
    A lot went wrong in 2018, and BA has to wear a lot of that, re combos not working, game strategies etc. BA took responsibility for that, but at the end of the day those are just words, and I’m glad he did (as opposed to trying to pass the buck), but that alone doesn’t/won’t make him a good coach.
    The way he handled 2016 and our 2017 performance, along with player rentention etc is why I still back him. To me he has shown ability (albeit he’s still learning), character, professionalism, loyalty, and the list goes on, so why do so many people base their judgement on 2018 alone?

  12. P.S, did I miss something?
    Isn’t Flanno de-registered, and my understanding was not for any period as such, but wouldn’t a year be a tad early?

  13. BA biggest problem has been he’s recruiting
    With the likes of ageing players who are over it and spending overs… example Watmough, B Scott, D Gower.. there’s been no attention to our Jrs over a long time now, there’s been some young players who have gone to other clubs, because BA was to focused on signing ageing over the hill players looking for a quick fixed, which has back fired on him, now hes been told by head office to start looking at Our Jrs, with plenty of talent coming thru in…. Mahoney, Kaufusi, Stone, Brown, Schneider, Parry,
    Now we pretty much have to start all over again and let these guys develop
    But IMO BA time is just about up, he has to round 10 to get this group firing..

    Flanno might be available next year but if not I’d be looking at Geoff Toovey as the 2nd Option
    Or go for a rookie coach like Jimmy Dymock

  14. Haha, sure you’re not a bit biased there eels. If I were an eels fan I’d be off Norman too considering the effort he put in for you guys but I think this is one of those cases of a change of team will make a world difference. Besides he’s on his last chance. At his age and with his rep, he blows this no one will touch him ever again. His talent has never been in doubt so while it’s a gamble, I wouldn’t say it’s a huge one.

  15. Hmmm..let me chose now, Corey Norman or Shaun Johnson?……You’ve got to be kidding. Good luck with Norman pal baahahahah……

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