ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 29: Latrell Mitchell of the Roosters looks on during the round 16 NRL match between the Sydney Roosters and the Melbourne Storm at Adelaide Oval on June 29, 2018 in Adelaide, Australia. (Photo by Daniel Kalisz/Getty Images)

Brad Fittler remains hopeful that Latrell Mitchell will remain in Sydney, while several board members are believed to think the flashy centre has played his final match for the Roosters.

Mitchell’s signature is the most talked-about topic of the off-season, with his future with the two-time reigning premiers is in doubt after the Roosters retracted their two-year $1.6 million contract from the 2021 season.

The Tigers, Bulldogs and Cowboys have all shown a strong level of interest in Mitchell while Fittler believes his best option is to remain in Bondi.

“I hope he stays at the Roosters,” Fittler told the Herald. “It’s a great club and he’s already won two premierships there. I hope he stays with them.”

While Fittler urges Mitchell to remain with the Tri-colours, the Herald has found that members of the Roosters board already believe that Sydney’s grand final victory over the Raiders will be his last game with the club.

The NSW Origin coach – who did not want to discuss Mitchell’s omission from the Blues’ Origin II and III squad – labelled the centre’s season at club level a flying success.

If you look at his season with his club, you’d have to call it a success,” he said. “He won his team a premiership with that last pass in the grand final and now he’s won two premierships there. Personally, I wish him all the best.”

Teammates of Mitchell’s from both Sydney and the NSW camp have looked to check-in on the stars welfare over the off-season, according to the Herald. 

Former NSW coach Laurie Daley joins Fittler in hoping Mitchell remains in the red, white and blue, with Daley publicly throwing his support behind the Roosters star during a difficult season off the field.

“That could put more pressure on him,” Daley said on his radio show, The Big Sports Breakfast.

“Everyone responds differently to different situations and if you’ve got a guy that’s got plenty of talent that can lift other people and inspire other people, that would be a good move.

“I just think where Latrell is at the moment, he’s better off to stay at the Roosters, in that system. And then, in two or three years’ time … he’s still only 25 years of age … then if he wanted to take the money, take it.”

Both Wests and Canterbury remain the best suitors for Mitchell if his relationship with the Roosters fails to make a mend.

A move to North Queensland remains unlikely despite the Cowboys strong interest, as Mitchell would be most comfortable closer to Taree where he receives personal support.

Tigers coach Michael Maguire did not shy away from answering questions surrounding his sides pursuit for Mitchell.

“You look at every player, that’s my job to make sure that you look at potentials and what could be in your team, so in time we will work through those sorts of things,” Maguire said.

“As a coach it’s my duty and [as] an organisation we have got to look at whatever is available at that moment in time, and also too can it actually fit in your [salary] cap?”

The Tigers and Cowboys both hold the $1 million cap space that would exercise interest from Mitchell and his management, with a seven-figure salary likely meaning the end to his tenure with the Roosters.



  1. I’m sorry for being so harsh … he’s shown his colours .. they’re not red,white and blue.
    see ya Latrell, good luck, with whoever you choose..

  2. Harsh? That’s not harsh.
    I think most of us would agree that Latrell is now a mercenary in our eyes.
    Turning up to training in a 250k car and immediately in the news?.. give me a break. That has manipulative agents all over it. Nothing but mind games to make sure everybody knows that Latrell is here for money.
    I sincerely look forward to a foolish team overpaying for him, hanging all their hopes on a guy who is just a little bit too much like Jarryd Hayne and his wishy washy level of interest in playing.

  3. Typical sombreros all crying because he wants to be happy and instead of thanking him for his great contribution and wishing him good luck for the future, they persecute and rubbish him.
    Talk about a club with no integrity and dignity.
    Explains their pathetic membership which will now deteriorate even further.

  4. Well 21, Latrell could have easily been super dooper happy on 800k a season extension with the chooks. Add Origin and test matches and he probably earns close to a million….. Latrell and his muppet manager are being greedy now. He wasn’t exactly low balled by Politis was he??

  5. Funny twatty one….I thought you said latrell would join soufs for 750k rather than stay at the premiers asking for a million. Has his asking price at the vermin just gone up 50k? Where DO you get your info?
    He’s NOT going to your pile of excrement club twat… with it.

  6. chookDung
    November 8, 2019 at 2:23 pm
    “I don’t think Walker will give him the ball ……do you Steph?”

    Not while he’s too busy scoring himself.
    Latrell wont mind.

  7. All the experts agree Fittler, Gallen, Guyer, Alexander, Thurston, Daley and Gould for starters including Soufths management that the best place he could be at 22yrs of age is staying in a great environment at Sydney Roosters.

    For Mitchell to continue to grow and learn off his great coach he will evolve into a player that one day, every club will be willing to pay his asking price.

    If he leaves now this will beyond doubt jeopardize his entire career.
    So the bottom line is exactly what Gallen and others including myself say. If he chases money he will give up success. Its crunch time now. For 200k per season extra…..maybe…. (no firm offers of a million as yet)
    Or become an extraordinary player with other brilliant players around him to get the very best out of each other. Its a team sport not what Mundine tries to plant in his head, to chase money and walk out on the club that has made him what he is up till this point in his very young life and career.
    Stay and learn from the experience, don’t run away because the same thing will always follow him. Confront this like a man and stay with the organisation that has his best interests at heart. Time is running out the longer it continues then too much water under the bridge will wash the bridge away.

  8. Mitchell likes roughing up opposition players and then states with joy what happens on the field stays on the field. If he comes to his senses and admit he wants to stay at a club that respects him and his culture and are prepared to pay him what he really is worth, which is a generous 800k contract per season. Then he will have to implement that same strategy, of “what happens around the negotiating table stays at the negotiating table” then swallow his pride and get on with enjoying a happy winning culture club for another crack at a premiership.

  9. Well I think this whole thing is an orchestration. Roosters will resign him for a purported $800k per season. He’ll probably be paid under the table about $1.2m.
    Anybody who says he’s not worth it has their head in the sand or trying to make themselves feel better. Heaps of clubs would pay considerably more than $1.0m for him to play fullback if they had the money. He’s a much better player than Holmes at fullback and cowboys are paying him $800k.

  10. Geez… Chickens – It hurts to lose a fav player…. lol…
    As long as he leaves the chickens all league fans will rejoice… doesn’t matter where he goes…. LOL

  11. Some of the comments from roosters supporters here are more than a little ridiculous. Company A will pay you $100k and company B will pay you $150k. Who are you going to work for????
    Anybody who says company A doesn’t support a family or had too much money to start with.

  12. All these desperates here explaining the garbage why he should stay at this dump is comical.
    He just doesn’t fit there plus he hates the joint.
    It’s obvious.
    The underlying concern is the further loss of members with his departure.
    The sombreros will be lucky to reach 12000 members next year and that’s being generous.

  13. Just another dunb0 comment from another Ninny soufths fan. Butters the.clown is your typical sleep walker. He has been on the open market 8 full buisness days and not one offer over 800k. Go put yoyr noggin back in that rabbit burrow.

  14. Look at the sore losers like brown.eye.rabbit.
    Happy to see any back to back premiers player leave.
    It doesn’t matter if we lose 10 players, Sydney will still finish the season above that hopeless team just south of Sydney that stole a large chunk of the Roosters junior teams.

  15. If I were a roosters fan, I wouldn’t want him to stay.
    Turning back 800k so he could play fullback at a bottom eight team for 200k more.. come on now. He’s lazy at centre, what is going to happen when he is having to run way more in a game?
    Just another Hayne. Only interested when he can be bothered. Too much success for him, too early.

  16. Back2Back2Back already the season is just starting to simmer down from Two magnificently superb seasons after back to back premierships. Henceforth the Mighty Rooster fans are gathering once more to sign up for memberships and in record time have reached 11202 as of today ready to blitz last season memberships of 16.5 thousand.

    As we know Russell Crowe buys 15 thousand non game day ticket memberships and hands them out generously to the disadvantage Soufths fans each year, within their neck of the poor suburbs in Souths unpopular pauper rabbit districts. Which are many, going by the poor home ground crowds they attracted in 2019 of only 15k to the Roosters 17k. Way behind the World Champions Sydney Roosters and current back to back Premiers.

  17. After 2 diabolical sham premierships which resulted in the dismantling of the MRC and standing down of refs, the fans have had enough of the NRL controlling sombreros.
    The stripping of 3 premierships will be the undoing of this member shy sham of an organization run by a second hand car dealer.

  18. How funny are the sombreros wombats on here?

    They all pop up around the same time every day, make stupid comments, spend 20mins agreeing and complimenting each other and then disappear till around same time again next day.

  19. This guy fittler is so full of He is biased and in bed with club Broosters big time. Mitchell should never listen to this bias.ed person.

  20. By the way TwitOne, did that big mouth trouble maker feet.sniffer Mundines D0ClLE son sign up with soufths like you was bragging about last week??????????????

  21. Mitchell just said he will honor his contract with the Roosters next season.
    Easts said they are willing to release him for next year.
    Should be an interesting pre season.

  22. This has all the makings of the next reality TV show.
    The winner is the biggest loser.
    At $700-$800k p.a on a 3, maybe 4 year deal, most clubs would want him.
    But from there the value curve takes a mega sharp decline as the price goes up and/or the term gets longer.
    I’m glad we’re (Parra) out of the (potential) race.
    I think the Roosters are getting this 1 very right, and could come out looking like geniuses if they can be so bold as to get away with attaching a payment/swap clause into an early release.

  23. BenHudson
    November 8, 2019 at 7:43 pm
    “By the way TwitOne, did that big mouth trouble maker feet.sniffer Mundines D0ClLE son sign up with soufths like you was bragging about last week???????????”

    Yes I was bragging about it last week before it was made official.
    Guess what, he has signed.

    And guess what else I am bragging about before it is official?
    Latrell is coming to Souths.

    Rabbitohs Sign CJ Mundine for Seasons 2020 and 2021

    Officially announced tonight members first announcement and brought to you on ZT.

    Anything else Hubcap?

  25. Hey bennie …. looks like whose s’e.x change pi.lls have stopped working …. you might need to double the 🤣

  26. 21, so you’ll have Mitchell (on top dollar), Walker (not happy) and “son of Mundine”.
    I’m not saying that’s bad, but it doesn’t look good.

  27. Mitchell said he wants to explore his value after the 2020 season and Sydney got insulted during the off season of 2019. Nobody can contemplate or recognize his over priced self value. Perhaps Mitchell will come to his senses, perhaps Sydney will fly Nick back to Australia and offer the same deal one last time. Perhaps there is light at the end of the tunnel. Perhaps Gutherson and Parramatta had a similar disagreement. Perhaps Mitchell may stay a Rooster and become an immortal.

  28. busta
    November 8, 2019 at 9:51 pm
    “Mitchell just said he will honor his contract with the Roosters next season”

    He said he is contracted to play with the roosters next year and will look at 2021 when the time comes. Big difference.

    Latrell will be at Souths 2020.
    Jared Wairea Hargreaves will be at the Warriors 2020 signed for 3 years.

  29. eelsalmighty
    November 8, 2019 at 10:13 pm
    “21, so you’ll have Mitchell (on top dollar), Walker (not happy) and “son of Mundine”.
    I’m not saying that’s bad, but it doesn’t look good”

    No, Latrell signing for $800k.
    Wants to play at Souths but was willing to stay at the roosters for 1m take it or leave it.
    The roosters made out 800k off the table to save face in the media.
    Latrell wasnt even there. His manager was.

  30. 21, if you’re right, and he signs on for 4 years or less, you win/won. As per above, I think every club would have done that deal.
    I’d even go 1 step further to say if he signed, with any club other than the Roosters, at $800k p.a for 3 years, you/ they got a real winner, but I don’t see it happening.

  31. Walker is a flop and his replacement young Mundine son of the big mouth 3/4 white bloke Anthony will be a bigger flop.

  32. I think Latts has done his dash..
    The Chooks will cut him free..
    He’s 22 going on 15….
    Let someone else go through the grief.. It’s all too hard

  33. Wherever Mitchell goes he won’t have the brilliant 5/8 Keary giving him bulk space to run. Even if he plays fullback he still needs the best 5/8 to run off as he chimes into the back line.

    Talking about 5/8’s and fullbacks, I noticed the “dodgy” player agent Mario Tarak has been banned by the NRL after doing his last dodgy deal with the big mouth Mundine’s dud mopop son and Soufths.
    Bwahahahahahah… Bwahaha….haha

  34. butters
    November 8, 2019 at 4:01 pm
    “Some of the comments from roosters supporters here are more than a little ridiculous. Company A will pay you $100k and company B will pay you $150k. Who are you going to work for????
    Anybody who says company A doesn’t support a family or had too much money to start with.”
    This is a very IGNORANT statement butters!
    I earn in between the figures you quote above, and have a sizeable family to support. I’ve had quite a few opportunities for jobs earning a LOT more $$$, but have weighed up the work/ life balance and found those ops not suitable. Money isn’t everything! Especially when you are looking for fulfilment and happiness in life. Slimey little MAGGOTS like mundine would have you chase the almighty dollar at all costs, and I’d hate to think latrell (who seems like a fairly decent young lad), end up being a greedy, self absorbed little pr**k like mundine is. I hope whatever Latrell chooses to do, it’s for the right reasons, not for $$$ alone.
    Go the mighty chooks- trifecta in 2020 baby!!

  35. Twatty one-
    Q/who the frack is cj mundine?
    A/ Who the frack CARES!
    ….a no-name, ex-St George (hold on, soufs aren’t stealing other clubs juniors are they?) muppet- son of a big mouth, no talent ass clown….who’s most memorable moment was having the snot punched out of him by a big Russian in a world title fight! Wow, cody walker and another DH mundine in the same team….nothing could go wrong there. Hahahahaha

  36. Has the penny dropped yet?
    I stated over a week ago CJ Mundine was signing with the Rabbitohs.
    Latrell and Anthony Mundine together for a chat with the Bulldogs.
    Bulldogs withdraw offer to Latrell.
    Any more hints?

  37. timmah November 9, 2019 at 9:12 am
    “I earn in between the figures you quote above, and have a sizeable family to support.”
    Have to agree timtammy thats peanuts nowadays.
    Doesn’t hubby work as well to help with the budget that you juggle weekly sitting at the kitchen table every Sunday night?
    I presume on that salary you don’t rent in Sydney.

  38. Every time I log into ZT and greeted with that majestic Rabbitoh emblem it reminds me of how proud I am as a supporter of this noble and famous club.

  39. Chairman niick politis from the souless club easts with no soul should give freddy fittler a free brown paper bag full of cash to go get brain surgery freddy needs help and fast he is a perpetual dead brain on tv every time i hear him talk i burst out with laughter how dumb is this bloke he is screaming out for help cmon nick help freddy he needs you…

  40. The tide has turned, I have heard first hand Mitchell won’t be at Soufths, NQ nor Wests. Time away from things back in the country has his emotions and mind at peace. He is now realizing how much the Roosters really matter in his life.

    Latrell Mitchell will be playing next season for the Roosters and will not sign with any other club this off season. If he performs brilliantly during the first half of next season, it is now known the Roosters will renegotiate STARTING at the original offer.

  41. Just read an article about Latrell and the Mercedes.

    It raised many interesting questions.

    If, in fact, the Roosters have botched Latrell’s contract extension. That would be very dissapointing and not the way the “new” Roosters ethos is described.

    If, on the other hand. Latrell is being misled by some poor advice. I hope he and the Roosters can come to terms. As from the newspaper article and comments. He does enjoy being there.

    I think Latrell’s future, at least, for the next period of his career is best suited at the Roosters as he continues to develop in all facets of life and play.

    If either or both have become disgruntled. Maybe a clean cut and fresh start is best. I hope not. For both parties and for Rugby League.

    I remember quite a few years back “Jake Friend” was not the most popular with the Roosters, who showed him some “tough love”. He obviously took it on board and went on to quite an accomplished career.

    Contrary to some advice of “take what you can get” approach.

    Career happiness isn’t always determined by dollars.

    Whatever happens next for Latrell. As he takes care of his football. The rewards will take care of themselves.

    All the best Latrell.

  42. BenHudson
    November 10, 2019 at 12:01 am
    “The tide has turned, I have heard first hand Mitchell won’t be at Soufths, NQ nor Wests. ”

    What a load of vomit you clown, so Latrell in your good books again after rubbishing him.?
    You haven’t heard anything you dope. You read the sombreros patsy journos Phillip’s comic on the rooster family garbage.
    Love the bit about as long as he doesn’t go to Souths.
    That’s respect.
    Guess what , he’s coming to Souths.
    Deal with it you WOMBAT

  43. Twitone…What a load of vomit you clown.
    You haven’t heard anything you dope. You read the Soufths sombreros Crowes patsy book of fued’s comic on the “Running Hare” family garbage.
    Love the bit about as long as he doesn’t stay at the Backto Back World Champions Sydney Roosters.
    That’s respect.
    Guess what , he’s staying at the World Champion Sydney Roosters and current Back2Back Premiers.
    Deal with it you numbnutz NlTW1T.

  44. BenHudson November 10, 2019 at 12:01 am
    “The tide has turned, I have heard first hand Mitchell won’t be at Soufths, NQ nor Wests.
    Latrell Mitchell will be playing next season for the Roosters and will not sign with any other club this off season. ”

    “first hand?”
    Did you call Latrell or did Latrell call you?

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