Blake Ferguson Parramatta Eels

New Parramatta recruit Blake Ferguson has celebrated the turn of the new year in hospital, after suffering a foot injury on Christmas Day.

According to The Daily Telegraph, the 28-year-old checked himself into a St George hospital after sustaining a cut on his foot, and was diagnosed with a serious foot infection.

However, the winger is set to return to training when the Eels come back from their festive break, with the club confirming to The Daily Telegraphย they expect Ferguson to quickly overcome the setback.

โ€œThe clubโ€™s medical team is monitoring the situation closely and at this stage we expect [Ferguson] to recover in time for the start of 2019 training,โ€ the Eels told the Daily Telegraph.

Ferguson is getting set for the first of three years at Parramatta, after signing a three-year deal from the Roosters to join the Eels back in July.


  1. Another article without South Sydney Rabbitohs being mentioned…just typical of the NRL’s agenda.

    Fergy will miss Easffs coach Cooper Cronk’s input into his game next season. Nick Politis you like got rid rid of another discardment, very unfair reward for winning the Preliminary Final for Easffs against the robust South Sydney Rabbitohs.

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