SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 04: Kane Evans of the Eels is sent off by referee Ashley Klein during the round 20 NRL match between the St George Illawarra Dragons and the Parramatta Eels at WIN Jubilee Stadium on August 04, 2019 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

Parramatta will be without Kane Evans this Sunday, after the NRL Judiciary upheld his one-game ban for a high tackle on Brad Parker.

Evans was hit with a grade two high tackle – careless charge for the incident in the 68th minute.

He’ll now miss his side’s elimination final against Brisbane this weekend.


  1. Should have stayed at the Roosters. At least then he would have got let off at the judiciary last night.

    Seriously throughout of the three high shot charges his was the least brutal.
    JWH only got off because he is a rooster and if Evans hit was worth a week Taupau should be out for 8- 10 weeks for his dog shot
    Different rules for different clubs.
    No wonder this sport has gone down the toilet.

  2. Spot on Kev!
    If you play for a team from the West you’re copping a suspension. If they challenge the suspension, they can get an extra week. Just as the last two Penrith players to challenge suspen

  3. I thought JWH’s tackle was worse than Evan’s tackle. Evan’s I thought was more a chesty hit.
    However I didnt think JWH’s tackle deserved suspension either as Knight was falling into the tackle.
    Despite all the conspiracy theory’s out there we need to remember that the game is played at pace and everything looks worse in slow motion, you simply cant pull out of a tackle in a split second.
    I do not believe players go out to deliberately maim other players, accidents happen in contact sport.
    The NRL has created this problem and the NRL need to fix it up before the start of the 2020 season.
    No mad Monday for them. Fix the game and make it equal for all players and their fans.

  4. Once again the discussion is on Kane Evans of Parra …. but the usual clown have got to discuss the Sydney Roosters ..
    ADD, look it up guys….. it may be treatable

  5. The NRL is so bloody corrupt and they don’t ever care that is so obvious, only the player from chooks, storm and broncos get away with what ever foul they do, agree with Kev if Evans was still at the roosters he would of got away with it.
    The proof is last night the outcome of the cases heard.
    The raiders player got suspended for 8 weeks however when one eye jack (McGuire) use to play for the broncos never got suspended for the same foul.
    The present NRL administrators are so corrupt they are killing the game

  6. The player at the judiciary with the worst offence in the view of most was the one that was let off.
    Well done MR Buettner, Chairman of the MRC, on the judiciary panel and by the way, an ex North Sydney Bear, the Sydney Roosters feeder club in the Canterbury Cup.

  7. Rogue’s comment “I thought JWH’s tackle was worse than Evan’s tackle”
    Rogue, its the opinion that has been expressed by many bewildered fans on various forums.
    Something not right with the MRC and judiciary.
    Tuesday night pushed that over the line and questions regarding credibility and conflict of interest with with the MRC, the judiciary and the Sydney Roosters have to be addressed.
    Not accusing anyone but who is Michael Buettner?

  8. You can’t always use the fact the player is falling into the tackle as an excuse. He was falling before JWH even started swinging. He knew what was up. He should have copped the week.

  9. I have to agree with Kev about Taupau,. Not only should he have been suspended for longer he should have also been sent off. His reaction after the tackle said it all – he thought he was gone.

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