Parramatta Eels CEO Bernie Gurr has said that the club won’t rush into re-signing coach Brad Arthur and star players Mitchell Moses and Clint Gutherson.

This comes following the Eels’ 64-10 humbling handed to them by the Storm over the weekend.

“There is a timeline around (negotiations with Arthur) - there is a timeline there and that hasn’t changed,” Gurr told The Sydney Morning Herald.

“There is no stipulation around a certain number of wins or anything like that. The club and Brad are comfortable with where things are at.”

Gutherson has been rumoured with moves to several other clubs after being reportedly given a poor offer by Parramatta.

Gurr maintained that the club would stick to its timeline regarding the signing of players despite some worries from the fans.

“There is a process in place and despite all the media talk around it (general manager of football) Mark O’Neill has been in constant dialogue with Gutho, Mitchell and their managers,” Gurr said.

“Everybody involved in the process understands that there is a genuine commitment to get a deal done but we have to be realistic and realise that there needs to be a reasonable result for both parties.”

After the humiliation against the Storm, a new contract will not be at the forefront of Arthur’s mind.

“We went from a tough performance last week and in the space of seven days to our softest performance,” Arthur said in the post-match press conference.

“You’re only as good as your last game and that was rubbish.”

The Eels will look to bounce back against the Cowboys on Saturday.


  1. my mates always joke as parra being the basket case of the NRL and I am starting to beleive them. How this powerhouse in the the heart of Western Sydney is in this position is beyond me. I wish I could put my hand up to run this club. Why on earth are we still reading about contract negotiations week in week out. Give Gutherson and Moses your final offers and move on. The club is bigger than any One Player – If these 2 players were marqueer players I would understand the long winded negotiations but seriously this is poor work. And dont get me started on Arthur – They signed this bloke with No NRL coaching experience and what has he achieved in the near 6 years in charge? 2 x wooden spoons and a 45% win record. Please. Heads at Parra need to roll. What is this head of football doing seriously.

  2. Kenny I agree, a big club in a big area should hold some posture within the league, but we are a basket case, a big club needs a big name coach!
    What other clubs would be held to ransom by the likes of Mitch Moses or Clint Gutho. I really like Gutho’s passion and style of play, but he is outpricing himself, for a bloke is yet to complete a season.

  3. I disagree. There’s nothing wrong with Parra’s current management, and I think they’re doing a good job.
    Parra has stated, on numerous occasions, that they are working to a timeline, and that timeline has been communicated to all parties concerned.
    They are making fair offers, and prepared to negotiate within reason, and I’d bet they have plan B’s and C’s to cover anyone that opts for better deals elsewhere.
    The “drawn out” negotiations re Gutho’s contract has nothing to do with Parra. The constant media reporting has nothing to do with Parra. The way I see it, Gutho and/or his agent are trying to get the best offer possible (and fair enough too) and by doing so very publically, put extra pressure on Parra through the media, but Parra aren’t taking the bait.
    He has a final offer from Parra, and he/his agent seem to want to keep playing the media game. Personally, I don’t mind if he leaves the club for a better deal (good on him), but I’m getting to a point where if it drags out much longer (and I’m talking days to a week or so) I’d rather we pulled the deal and moved on from him.

  4. it seems all the player managers and media with an axe to grind (see: Kent, Rothfield) are pushing the agenda for a quick resolution.
    If you believe what players and the club are saying, they are all aware of the timeline and strategy.
    Gutho has been given a take it or leave it option – they have agreed $$’s but not term, gutho wants 4 yrs, club 3.
    For once in recent history, the eels are actually staying firm in what they need to achieve and not bending over to pay overs or do a deal which always favours the players.
    For this they should be congratulated imho – if they players don’t want whats on offer and what is fair, then find some other sucker.

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