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Interim Cronulla coach Jim Dymock has put his hand up to take over the top job should Shane Flanagan’s ban be upheld.

Dymock was appointed the club’s deputy mentor alongside John Morris while Flanagan considers whether or not to appeal his proposed suspension.

Flanagan must make a call by January 31, and should he fail to overturn the ban and the Sharks require a new coach, Dymock thinks he is the right man to take over the reigns.

“I think the perception out there is I don’t want to be a head coach because I’m pretty laid back and I don’t push my own boat, but I have ambitions to be a head coach,” Dymock told The Sunday Telegraph.

“I showed my hand last year at the Bulldogs when I wanted the job after Des [Hasler] left, I didn’t get the result.

“I didn’t want to stay because I think they thought ‘We’ll give the job to Dean and Jimmy will stay as assistant coach’. That’s why I left, I wanted to make sure people knew.

“It’s a privilege for me to be involved in rugby league. I’ve spent 30 years in rugby league as a player and coach. It’s not my right to be a head coach, but it’s my ambition.

“I’ve been under some really good coaches, Des Hasler, Shane, Gus Gould, Warren Ryan, Chris Anderson, Kevin Moore, Ricky Stuart, so I’ve had a lot of coaches I’ve learned from.

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“I’ve picked up bits and pieces from them and I’ve got my own spin on it.

“There’s a lot of Polynesian boys there that I think I can help out, I know how to deal with those kids because the situations they’re going through is exactly what I went through with their parents.”

After missing out on the Bulldogs’ top job in favour of Dean Pay which lead to his move to Cronulla, Dymock is keen to become a head coach.

But Dymock would still like to see Flanagan return to Cronulla in 2019

“Shane has that right to appeal, we don’t know what’s going to happen, until then the club is still hamstrung a little bit,” Dymock said.

“I debuted in 1991 at Wests with Shane, when I went to Parramatta he was starting off as a coach there. After my football career I went to the Roosters and Shane was there, I was the Jersey Flegg coach and he was one of the assistant coaches there, and then we went with Ricky Stuart to Cronulla together and were assistants together.

“I’ve known Shane for a long time, the situation is very hard. When I vacated my position at the Dogs he gave me a lifeline.

“He’s a good friend of mine and hopefully everything goes well with the appeal. First and foremost I hope he’s doing well and handling the situation.”


  1. He would have been one of my choices to coach Souths had the Bennett/Demetriou appointments not gone ahead. It would be good to have had a Souths junior coaching the club again.

    • Can’t remember Dymock ever playing in Souffths colours, I suppose it’s like heaps of players Anasta included. Why play for a second rate organisation when he could play at club that was almost up to the professionalism of the Rossters high standards. Ahahahahah

        • Merry Christmas to you also, however if I wish you a happy new year then that is all it will be. A wish, with Bennett running the show at Souffths, your going to need all the wishes you can get. Ahahahahah

    • I’m pretty you’re right Chalky about Dymock being a Souths junior. I think was part of that outstanding group of Souths juniors in the late 80s (Terry Hill and Jim Serdaris being others, Brownie too?) who ended up at other clubs. Not sure, but I think Dymock played for Zetland.

  2. Yes give him a go. He has served his apprentiship under some premiership winning coaches. I think it’s his time to be introduced to the NRL coaching world. Peaople like Trent Barrett hit the scene to early while others are assistant’s then go to England and gain head coach skills there and come back as brilliant coaches like Trent Robinson. I really believe Dymock is ready for the Sharks job.

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